The hard steady rain pounded against the roof as I stared out the car window. The lights of the house fading in the back ground as the man in the driver seat drove us away. Soft music from the radio filled the tense silence of the car, but that was okay with me because honestly his constant chattering would do more harm than good at a time like this. His knuckles were tight on the steering wheel, blue-gray hair hung limp in his tense neon blue eyes.

Looking away from the man I tried to swallow back the huge lump in my throat, clenching my eyes tightly shut I rested my head against the window. A single tear slipped down my cheek and dropped onto my clenched hands. Opening my eyes and looking out the window again, the darkness outside created a mirror effect on the glass. My gaunt reflection stared listlessly back at me. The black hair with red highlights was tangled and mussed, haunted dark chocolate brown eyes stared back at me with a frightened expression.

The dark circles underneath them stood out like a sore thumb against my pale skin. Blood and dirt coated my face, jugular, and chest. My black clothing was torn and ratty, singed holes showing patches of bruised and scarred flesh. Looking down at my clenched hands, I bit my bottom lip, the cool metal of the snake bites brushing my top lip. Glancing at the man beside me, I felt my heart clench painfully. He was so hurt looking. What have I done to make him like this? What have I done to deserve this?


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