Chapter 1: The Finals

"Welcome, one and all, to another exciting evening in the world of sports. This is Shiro Shinobi, reporting live from the Pro-Bending Arena for Republic City's #1 Radio Station, WYRC, so all you people who weren't lucky enough to get tickets can enjoy all the action that is sure to come. Well, folks, this is it—the match we've all been waiting for! This rivalry's a year in the making, and I'm sure we're all just itching to see what'll happen tonight. Welcome to this year's Pro-Bending Championship Final: the defending champs versus the underdogs; the old pros versus the rookies; THE WOLFBATS VERSUS THE FIRE FERRETS!

"I tell you, folks, the atmosphere in this arena is absolutely electric. The fans are just going crazy waiting for the teams to emerge. To tell you the truth, I'm having a bit of trouble hearing myself over all the shouting—I hope all my faithful listeners aren't too bothered. But as I was saying, the arena is just bursting with anticipa—AND HERE COME THE FIRE FERRETS! The fabulous Bending Brothers, Mako and Bolin, accompanied by none other than the beauteous Avatar Korra! They certainly do know how to make an entrance, folks. Mako sends a few fireworks into the air to kick things off, and now entering from the other side of the arena, the WOLFBATS, led by their superstar player Tahno! They've certainly pulled out all the stops this year for their grand entrance. Their costumes are flashier than ever, and the crowd just keeps getting louder. It seems that all the controversy from last year's match has already been forgotten, and the fans are eager for a rematch.

"With their big entrances out of the way, the teams take to their territories. The buzzer sounds, and both teams jump right into—WOW! The Wolfbats' Firebender was just sent flying clear off the platform by a quick joint attack from Korra and Bolin. Their timing has certainly improved since last year—having a peaceful year for Republic City has definitely let the Fire Ferrets focus on their training. I must say, folks, I've never seen a team this in-sync!

"But what's this? Tahno sends Mako skidding into Zone 2 with what's definitely a hosing foul, but knowing the Wolfbats, this will be ig—BUT NO! The ref has called the foul, and Tahno is forced into Zone 2 as well. Well, folks, with a change of heart from the Wolfbats, it seems that we have a fair game on our hands tonight.

"Unfortunately for the Wolfbats' Earthbender, the Avatar really seems to be bringing her A-game tonight. She's got a score to settle, and my, is she settling it! With an excellently timed Water Whip, she sends him flying into Zone 2, and the Fire Ferrets receive the okay to advance into enemy territory. It looks like this round's all over for the Wolfbats, folks—I just don't see them recovering from their early setbacks. They're putting up a good fight, but—YES, SIREE, an incredible triple attack sends both remaining Wolfbats into Zone 3. It looks like this might be a One-Round Final, folks—but there's the buzzer, signaling the end of the first round. The Fire Ferrets lead, 1-0.

"Both teams are huddling, preparing themselves for the next round, and with the buzzer, Round Two begins! Wow! If the Wolfbats didn't mean business before, they certainly do now—they're finally finding their rhythm, and it looks like the Fire Ferrets might be in trouble now. OUCH! That had to hurt—Bolin hit by a disk with an illegal head shot, but is the ref…? YES! The ref calls it, and the Wolfbats' Earthbender is sent to Zone 2. Just like that, the Wolfbats look as though they've lost their edge. BUT WAIT, folks this is incredible—the Wolfbats' Firebender forces Bolin into Zone 2 just before the buzzer sounds. Poor Bolin had a bad round, but round 2 is a tie. The ref goes out to the center to decide the Sudden-Death coin toss. It appears the Wolfbats have won the coin toss, and have chosen water as their element. Tahno and Korra step onto the platform, and up they go. Republic City, I wish you could see the malice in their eyes—Tahno's clearly after revenge from their face-off last year, and—INCREDIBLE! Tahno manages to sneak a Water Whip around Korra's defenses and earns a win for the Wolfbats. We're all tied up folks, 1-1, heading into the third and final round. This will decide it all.

"The teams take to their territories once more, and you can really see the drain this match is having on them. They all look absolutely exhausted, but athletes like these never let that impede their playing. There's the Buzzer, AND THEY'RE OFF! Well, folks, I've never seen two teams duke it out this hard—they're throwing everything they've got at each other, but neither side seems to be making headway. I'm afraid we've reached a stalemate, folks, this could take some time to resolve. But wha—I can't believe my eyes, folks. It looks like the Fire Ferrets just…voluntarily retreated into Zone 2! Unbelievable! The Wolfbats are given the OK to advance, and—WHOA! An incredible diversionary tactic by the Fire Ferrets! In the split second the Wolfbats let their guards down, the Fire Ferrets pounced, sending both the Earthbender and the Firebender clear off the platform, and Tahno is sent skidding all the way to Zone 3! It looks like it's all over, folks—Tahno sends a few attacks at the Fire Ferrets, but they dodge, and—YES! This is truly spectacular folks: with one final blow from Mako, Tahno is sent sprawling into the water, giving the Fire Ferrets a 2-1 win. The Future Industries Fire Ferrets are this year's Pro-Bending Champions!"