Chapter 5: The Apartment

Mako was having a bit of trouble remembering how exactly they'd decided to go back to Tahno's place, and how they'd actually gotten there, as neither of them were having much success in walking, but about forty minutes after he'd agreed to Tahno's idea, they were inside Tahno's apartment.

It was much smaller and shabbier than he'd anticipated. He knew Tahno had extra money to throw around—he was a successful professional athlete, after all. He'd been wealthy enough to pay off the refs for four straight years. Mako had fully expected Tahno to have some sort of penthouse with a view of the city, but the reality was much more modest. It was nicer than Mako and Bolin's place by a long shot, but Tahno's apartment was very average.

Tahno led Mako past a small kitchen and through a small living room to the small bedroom. Standing in front of the bed, both men started to feel a bit uncomfortable.

Mako raised a hand to scratch his head. He was feeling less drunk by the minute, which he wasn't at all sure was a good thing, but at least he was coherent again.

"So, how's this gonna work?"

Tahno's level of drunkenness was also starting to wane, and his usual condescending self was back in full force. "I dunno, hotshot, but I'll tell you one thing…" he trailed off, snickering.

"I'm not the uke," they said simultaneously.

They glared at each other in silence, each one waiting for the other to admit defeat in their silent battle. Mako was the first to speak.

"Well, the bigger one's supposed to be on top."

Tahno responded by stepping closer to Mako, the top of whose head only came up to Tahno's nose. "Your point, hotshot?"

"You know that's not what I meant."

Tahno laughed pityingly. "You think yours is bigger than mine?"


"Prove it," challenged Tahno, narrowing his eyes daringly. His mouth stretched into a Cheshire-Cat smile.

Mako hesitated. He was slowly coming to realize the sheer weirdness of the situation in which he'd found himself. And yet, he couldn't bring himself to back out—he was simply too competitive. He slowly unbuttoned his pants and let them fall, along with his boxers. Tahno appraised what he saw, and then moved to remove his own pants, smirking triumphantly all the while.

"Not bad," he said. "But mine's better." His pants fell to the ground, and Mako gaped. His right hand mindlessly flew to his butt, as if in fearful anticipation.

"Looks like it's your lucky day, uke." Tahno swaggered over to the edge of the bed and sat down, legs spread. Mako was still staring at where Tahno had been standing, looking extremely dazed. "You gonna stand there all day, hotshot?" Tahno snapped twice before gesturing to that which Mako had come to fear most in the world. "Chop, chop."

Mako snapped out of his stupor and replaced his pants. He figured he might as well keep them on until absolutely necessary. He walked slowly over to where Tahno was sitting and knelt down to get level. He swore it was staring at him. Steeling himself, he stretched out a hand. He lifted it a bit. He steeled himself a bit more. And a bit more.

"Do your worst," Tahno challenged, lying down with his hands behind his head.

Mako finally moved in, feeling more absurd than he'd ever felt in his life.

"Ow, hotshot! Careful with the teeth!"

"Well excuse me. It's not like I've ever done this before."

Mako concentrated really hard on avoiding tooth contact, but he found that it was easier said than done. He wondered briefly how Asami had been able to avoid it, but then decided he'd rather not think about her right then.

Not knowing what else to do, Mako decided to try something different. He removed Tahno's dick from his mouth and started to lick the base and sides. He remembered that this had always worked for him, and he hoped Tahno was similar and this wouldn't last much longer.

Tahno's breathing instantly became much heavier, and little noises began to escape his lips. They were quiet, but they were definitely there. Mako moved back to his initial position, placed it in his mouth once more, and continued.

"Ah…ah…" sighed Tahno as he hardened.

Mako was strangely pleased with himself. He'd succeeded in this task, at least, but as he made to move away, Tahno placed a hand on the back of Mako's head, forcing it down again. As far as it would go. Mako gagged, but Tahno didn't seem to notice. His moans grew louder until he thought he couldn't take it anymore, and then he let Mako go. Mako shot bolt upright immediately, making retching noises as he tried to purge himself of Tahno's taste.

"Your turn, hotshot," Tahno panted.

Mako slowly moved to take a seat, and Tahno swooped right in, eager to finish what he'd started. He quickly removed Mako's pants and went to work. Unlike Tahno, Mako was very quick to react. He became hard almost instantaneously as Tahno sucked and licked. Mako's moans quickly escalated in volume and his back arched in pleasure.

Tahno chuckled, sending a strange sensation all through Mako's body. Mako let out a moan, more intense than any he'd made before. "Well somebody's sensiti—"

That was all Tahno got out before a jet of white hit him in the forehead. Tahno reached a hand up tentatively to assess the damage, but what he found left him totally dumbfounded.

"My hair…" Tahno gasped as Mako lay panting in front of him. "Do you know how long it took me to style my hair, hotshot?"

Mako raised his head slightly. "Sorry, man."

"You're fucking dead," Tahno threatened, gathering Mako's scarf in his fist.

With that, it was like Tahno became an entire new person. He was stronger than Mako had given him credit for, so when he stood and flipped Mako onto his front, seemingly with no added effort, Mako was a bit taken aback. His heart was still racing, the adrenaline still pumping, but he was definitely feeling the nervousness set in as he got onto his hands and knees. The look he'd seen in Tahno's eyes assured him that he meant business, and that dick of his was no joke.

"AAAH!" Mako shrieked. Something slimy had just touched him. Something distinctly slimy and squishy had just touched his ass. Mako's head whipped around in surprise and saw Tahno, his face a frozen display of surprise, his tongue hanging out of his mouth. He recovered quickly, however.

"What?" demanded Tahno.

"What do you mean, what? You just stuck your tongue up my ass!"

"Well I can't just fuck you dry, can I, hotshot?"

"A little warning, then, please."

"Jeez, hotshot, quit being such a pussy."


"Sorry. Poor choice of words."

Mako turned back around. "Brace yourself," warned Tahno.

This time, Mako was ready, but what he felt was different than last time. Tahno was still probing with his tongue, but this time he began to widen the opening with his fingers. Mako felt an uncomfortable stretching sensation, but it didn't hurt. Yet.

Tahno decided that Mako was plenty wet and decided to devote more attention to his fingers. He was up to three fingers already, but he wasn't sure that was going to be enough.

"If you're gonna do it, just do it," demanded Mako. "Before I sober up any more."

Tahno sized up the opening, but knew it wasn't big enough. "Nah, hotshot, it's still too tight."

"Just get it over with!"

Tahno shrugged. "You asked for it." Tahno lined himself up and started to squeeze his way in. Mako may have imagined it, but he thought he heard a slight tearing noise. He almost screamed, but he bit down on his lip to keep the sound from escaping. He was dismayed to feel a single tear slip out of the corner of his eye.

"It's no use," complained Tahno, undoing any progress he'd made. "It's just too tight." He considered the situation for a moment, and then had an idea. "Flip over."

Mako looked over his shoulder. "'Scuse me?"

"On your back," explained Tahno, as if he were talking to a child. He even gave Mako an explanatory hand gesture.

Mako, brow furrowed in confusion, flipped over. As soon as he did, Tahno grabbed his thighs and started pushing his legs back at an impossible angle.

"Ah! Tahno, I don't bend that way!"

"You do now."

Satisfied with the new angle, Tahno forged on and began to slide in once more. It was a more comfortable fit this way, or at least it was for Tahno. Now that he could see Mako's face, he could witness all the emotions playing across it—namely, pain. Mako's teeth were clenched stubbornly, refusing to let so much as a peep escape his lips.

"Chill out, hotshot. That's not even half of it."

Mako gasped as Tahno pushed again. "Quit it, Tahno! I can't take the whole thing!"

Tahno gave one final push. This time, Mako couldn't suppress a quiet scream.

"Looks like you can," grunted Tahno.

As Tahno found his rhythm, the bed began to creak. Back-and-forth, back-and-forth, creak-a, creak-a.


Mako's jaw was starting to look less tense.


His breathing was intensifying.


His dick was hardening once more.


His lips parted ever so slightly.


"Hn," Mako whimpered. In just a minute or so, Mako had gone from looking like a torture victim to someone who was rather enjoying himself. His back arched slightly with every rock of the bed, and he clutched at Tahno's back as they moved together. Their cries were getting louder; Tahno's thrusts were getting progressively faster, more violent.

Creak-a. Creak-a. Creak-a-creak-a-creak-a-creak-a.

"I—I'm coming," Tahno panted.

"Me too," replied Mako weakly.

In one final movement, both men bucked spastically, erupting onto the white bedsheets.

Mako lay on his back, trying to regain his breath as Tahno rolled onto his back beside him.

Tahno glanced over at the man sharing his bed. "Some night, huh?"

Mako nodded absentmindedly. "Some night."

They lay there in silence, their heart rates slowly returning to normal. After a few minutes, Tahno spoke again. "We should do this again sometime."

"Hah," laughed Mako, still not believing what had just happened. "Whatever. But next time, I'm on top."

"You're hilarious, hotshot. Seriously."