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Mia couldn't believe that it was her son, Phillippe's sixteenth birthday already. It seemed only the other day she cradled the new born baby in her arms and now he was sixteen.

Phillippe had not had a bad life but it had been far from perfect for him, Mia knew that. Being a prince was not an easy task for a child. Constantly in the spotlight and the view of the press, but Phillippe had coped well with it and always made the best of everything. Mia knew this was not a gift he inherited from her as she always seemed to worry about the bad things that might happen rather than focusing on any positive outcome.

Losing her Grandmere had been hard for Princess Amelia. The new Prince Phillippe was barely five years old when the Dowager Princess had a sudden heart attack and passed away. He never really knew Clarice but he remembered how his mother cried when the old lady died. Clarice had taught Mia everything she knew about being a Princess of Genovia and although she could be a hard woman, Mia loved her Grandmere very much and was sure she had her love in return.

On his mothers death, Prince Phillippe Senior became king but his reign was short. The cancer, that Mia's father had been freed of before, returned and it was worse than before. After just two years on the throne he passed away too.

And so the younger Prince's mother, Princess Amelia Mignotte Grimaldi Thermopolis Showalter Renaldo, became Queen Amelia of Genovia, with her husband Kenny at her side.

But there was to be one more loss in the Phillippe's family. At the age of fourteen he was forced to deal with the death of the man he knew to be his father. Kenny Showalter, the Prince Consort, was being flown from an overseas visit, back to Genovia, by helicopter, when the engines failed and it crashed. The pilot, the servants and the Queens consort were all dead, leaving Mia to rule and bring up her son, almost completely alone.

With her mother, step father and half sister living in New York and only visiting on a few holidays, Mia had a lonely existence with only her servants and her beloved son for company most of the time. With the loss of more and more members of the family, Mia desperately wanted her son to know who his real father was but she could never bring herself to do it. When Kenny had died, Phillippe had grieved for a father, and Mia hated herself for not letting her son know that he was wrong. In truth, Kenny had been a good father to her son, and he was his real father in everything but biology, but Mia knew what it was like to be lied to. Until she was fourteen she had had no idea she was of royal blood, and she remembered how hard it had been for her to cope with such a revelation at that young age. At sixteen she thought Phillippe might handle the news about his father better than Mia had handled the news about her being a princess when she was just a high school freshman.

Tomorrow her son would be sixteen and he would find out that his real father was not Kenny Showalter but Michael Moscovitz.

The day of the young prince's sixteenth birthday had gone well. He had liked all his presents, been polite around the hoards of impatient press and photographers, but what had nearly killed Mia was hearing her son pay tribute to 'his father' on national television. A tear was probably shed in many a Genovian household as the young man told of his love for his belated father, Kenny, but Mia shed her tears with a different feeling. It pained her to know that Phillippe felt pain for the loss of a man who, although he had brought him up, was not really his father. Mia was thankful that her mother, step-father and half-sister had visited for Philippe's birthday. With them knowing her secret, at least she had someone around who understood how she felt, but telling her son about his real identity, that was down to Mia alone. Now the time had come to admit to her only son that he was not the off-spring of Kenny Showalter but of a man he had never met.

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