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"I think the entire population of Genovia is out here!" Lilly exclaimed, peering out of the palace window.

"Now you know why I'm nervous!" said Mia, as she sat by a mirror with a hair-stylist one side of her and a make-up artist the other.

"You've got nothing to be nervous about" her mother told her, "you're going to be fine. Today should be the best day of your life because your marrying a man you really love"

Mia smiled. It was true. Her last wedding had made her nervous but that was because she didn't know if she was going to able to go through with it, marrying a man she was not in love with. This wedding made her nervous because she knew she was marrying a man she was in love with. It made her ecstatically happy but nervous too. It had been such a relief when the majority of Genovia's people had supported her marriage to Michael Moscovitz. Now she was going to have the life she always wanted. A united family, a happy existence and a life full of love.

The make-up artist and the hair-stylist stepped back from there creation and Mia stood up and turned to face everybody. Her mother, her best-friend, her half-sister and her two soon-to-be-nieces all smiled at her and told her how wonderful she looked. Mia had always had a problem with liking herself but even she agreed she looked pretty good today, in her long, flowing white dress.

Lilly, was to be maid of honour and Holly, Laura and Nina (the latter two being Lilly's daughters) were to be bridesmaids. All four were head to toe in soft, pale peach fabric, whilst the mother of the bride wore a cream coloured skirt and jacket.

When all the women were ready to leave they headed down the steps one behind the other to meet up with Lars and Frank Gianini in the main reception area of the house.

Both men were stunned to see so many beautiful females floating down the staircase.

"You look wonderful, your majesty" Lars smiled, kissing the hand of the queen, "all of you do" he added casting his eyes over the group. Mia thanked him and turned to her step-father.

"Thankyou for agreeing to give me away" she said quietly.

"It's my pleasure, Mia" he smiled, "I'm proud to be asked to perform such a task"

As Lars opened the doors the noise of the crowd outside became thunderously loud. It seemed the entire population of Genovia and other places too had filled the area directly outside the palace. Today was the day that the queen of Genovia was to marry the man she loved and everyone wanted to be a part of it.

"What time is it?" Michael asked his son for the twenty-first time in ten minutes.

"About thirty seconds after the last time you asked" Phillippe smiled. He was honoured to have been asked by his father to be best man, but having Michael this nervous was not helping him with his own nerves. Being best man was an important job and he had already checked at least twelve times that he had got the rings in his pocket. The other thing that made him nervous was the Genovian public. He had been to plenty of meetings and events, he'd been on TV, he'd been doing it all his life, but to have almost the entire country squashed between your home and the church made him nervous. All eyes were on his family. He was really pleased that his real father and his mother were not only to be reunited but to be married, but he had an awful feeling that something was going to go wrong. Form what his parents and family had told him, everytime something went right something invariably went wrong to ruin it.

"What time is it now?" Michael asked again.

"Dad, come on, calm down!" Phillippe couldn't help but laugh at how wound up his father was getting.

"I'm sorry" he said "but I just keep getting this awful feeling that she's not going to show up, or I'm going to mess my vows up or the ring won't fit or..."

"Calm down!" Phillippe interrupted, "Nothing is going to go wrong!" he said loudly, but he just wished he could believe himself.

"I can't breathe" Mia said as the limo pulled up outside the church, "I've never been this happy and this nervous at the same time in my life!"

"It's okay" Helen told her, "you'll be fine once you get in there"

"Do you think Michael is this nervous?" Mia asked.

"My brother?" Lilly laughed, "No, he'll be worse than you, believe me"

"I honestly don't think that's possible" the queen tried to breathe deeply as the car door opened and she made her way out of it.

The crowd screamed and shouted their congratulations to the bride as she walked down the path to the church doors, Lars slightly ahead of her all the time. Her mother and step-father walked with her and behind them came Lilly, then Holly, Laura and Nina. Lars ordered for the doors to be opened and suddenly they were walking down the aisle to the tune of the Wedding March.

Michael almost passed out when he saw how beautiful his bride looked and he was glad he had his son, his parents, his brother-in-law and his nephew at his side in case he fell. At last, it was all happening, it was all coming together. Mia and Michael were going to be together forever and in a few moments time it would be official.

The music ceased as Mia reached the alter, handed her bouquet to Lilly and swapped glances with her fiancé.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here in the sight of God..." and so the wedding was underway.

In the streets and parks outside, thousands watched the events on large screens and those at home in Genovia and all over the world watched on television as Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Showalter Renaldo became Mrs Moscovitz.

Phillippe was proud when he handed the rings to his parents without dropping them and everyone, everywhere was relieved that no one made a sound when asked if 'anyone knew of any reason why the two should not be joined in holy matrimony'.

The crowd erupted as the country saw there queen kiss her new husband and the bells rang out as they left the church a moment later.

At last Mia and Michael were married and now they, along with Phillippe and everyone else, could be a proper, and of course, a royal family.

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