Eridan materialized on the central teleportation plate in the computer room. Oddly enough, he seemed to be alone. That is, until he heard the tell-tale clacking of a keyboard behind him.

Sollux was at his computer, (as usual) typing furiously.

Eridan smirked. He'd been meaning to find Sollux lately. Giving his hair a quick preen, he alerted the psionic of his presence. "Wwell hello, Sol. Rather late in the morning to be awake, isn't it?"

Sollux didn't even blink. "What do you want fith dick?"

Un-phased by the slur, Eridan replied. "Nothing more then the usual. Death of all land dwwellers, a swwimming pool in my block, and to be just a little less dashing. I've said it so many times Sol, I suppose I thought you'd remember. Then again, maybe I was expecting to much from a piss blood like yourself."

Sollux ignored him and continued to type.

Eridanwas not one for being ignored. He checked to make sure his science stick was ready in case Sollux became hostile, and made his way to stand behind him, leaning on the lowblood's chair and watching the screen.

Sollux grit his teeth and let out a low growl. "Go. Away. Now."

Eridan grinned, bearing his wickedly sharp teeth. "Wwhy Sol! Be careful what you say. Some might begin to suspect wwe wwern't friends." He ruffled the other's hair just a bit to forcefully, before straightening to stand off to his side.

Sollux stiffened at the contact and whipped his head around. Red and blue energy crackling around him, he used his psionics to throw Eridan across the room.

Eridan knocked against the wall. 'Yes' he thought 'finally someone more desperate for a fight then I am right now.' His wand was in his hand in and instant and a blast of white magic engulfed Sollux's computer. Shattering it into irreparable pieces.

Sollux stood there in complete shock. He let out a low growl and turned back to Eridan. "You have jutht made. The wortht mithtake. Of your fucking life." He pinned Eridan to the wall, walked over, and punched him in the jaw.

Eridan spat violet blood in his opponent's blue lens. While Sollux's concentration was broken, he brought his knee up to drive into his stomach.

Sollux doubled over in pain for a second but quickly straightened and caused the bookshelf Eridan was standing in front of to fall over.

Eridan barely rolled out of the way in time, but shot another blast of magic at Sollux, which missed and blew up another computer.

Sollux levitated the broken computer and threw it at Eridan.

Eridan who'd been scrambling to get up was felled again by the flat monitor. He landed on his back with the breath knocked completely out of his lungs. He told himself to get up but found all he could do was gasp.

Sollux pinned him to the floor, walked over and kicked him in the stomach a few times.

Laying on the ground, Eridan did the only thing he could think of, he punched Sollux right in the groin, before scrambling away.

Sollux cried out in pain and dropped to his knees.

Standing, Eridan lifted a knee right into Sollux's face, shattering his glasses and forcing him onto his back. Eridan straddled the lowblood and pointed his wand at his throat.

Sollux lay there beneath him, panting. He sneered and spit in his face.

Eridan winced and growled. He pulled back a hand and slapped Sollux across his cheek. Yellow blood was staining his hand now, and Eridan couldn't help but notice the purple splatters that dripped down onto his captive's shirt. He smirked. "Fuck you, Sol."

Sollux looked up at him and smirked. "I think you have that backwardth."

Eridan scowled. "Don't screw around with me piss blood!" He growled in Sollux's face, pushing his wand a bit harder against the vulnerable skin of his neck.

Sollux winced slightly, but was still smirking.

Sollux's silence irritated the sea dweller. Far more bothersome was that smirk. Eridan could think of only one way to rid him of it. With a growl, he lunged forward, capturing Sollux's mouthin a kiss that was all teeth, blood, and pure hatred.

Sollux growled and bit his lip, tasting the blood in his mouth.

The pain only made Eridan angrier. He pulled away to grip Sollux's hair and yank his head back. Moving his wand far enough to make room, the sea dweller it psionic's neck, just hard enough to create a mark that'd force him to wear a sweater tomorrow. He lifted his head, forcing Sollux to look back at him.

Blood dripped from the corner of his mouth and he defiantly stared straight into Eridan's eyes.

Regaining his composure, Eridan took in the gold and gray masterpiece beneath him. Blood stained and bruised with bicolored eyes and a darkening hickey on his neck, Solluxwas like a sadist's dream. Blood and beauty mixed together to create the angry panting troll beneath him.

Seeing that Eridan had let his guard down, Sollux kneed him in the stomach and flipped him over, pinning him to the ground.

Eridan's wand skittered across the floor. His heart rate picked up with a spike of fear he failed to quash. He was completely defenseless now. Sure, he could still fight, but his weak shrimpy (no fish pun intended) fists against all the fury of an angry teenager with the power of a Demi-dod? Sollux could crush him with his mind and Eridan wouldn't be able to do a thing about it.

Sollux smirked and looked down at his prize, trying to decide what to do with him. He settled for slowly dragging his claws down Eridan's chest.

Eridanjissed as the well trimmed claws tore holes in the fine, water resistant fabric, nicking his chest and causing blood to well up.

Sollux chuckled darkly, leaned down, and bit his shoulder.

Eridan gasped and clawed at the psionic forces holding his hands to the ground. He bucked his hips against Sollux with a growl.

Sollux held his hips down and dug his claws in.

Eridan gave a surprised yelp followed by a repressed whimper. He sincerely hopes Sollux wouldn't notice how the rough treatment was affecting him.

"Damn, ED. Tho hard already?" Sollux lightly traced Eridan's bulge through his pants.

The sea dweller flushed with embarrassment, turning his head so as not to have to face his enemy. His pain kink was something he'd always tried to keep to himself but he'd never realized head a thing for humiliation too. He squirmed against Sollux. Although whether trying to escape his attention or get more, Eridan wasn't sure.

Sollux grabbed a fistful of Eridan's hair and forced him to look at him before crushing their lips together.

Eridan tried to growl, but it came out more as a whimper. He responded to the kiss despite himself, wriggling his hips against Sollux.

Sollux was surprised to find himself getting aroused but decided to just go with it. What the hell? He needed to relieve some stress. He forced Eridan's head back and bit his neck. Hard.

Eridan cried out. Fuck, he was not supposed to want this as much as he did. He archedagainst Sollux's thinner body, a high keen being forced from his throat.

Sollux snickered. He really did love seeing Eridan so defenseless. "Enjoying yourthelf are you?"

"Shut up." Eridan panted out. He arched his pelvis upwards. Seeking friction and heat.

"Tsk tsk. Tho eager." Sollux thrusted forward, grinding against Eridan.

Eridan scraped his claws against the ground. He'd love to be free to tear Sollux's shirt from his body, but his hands were still forced to the ground. After a drawn out moan, he forced out, "Too many clothes..." Followed by a high, "Please..."

Sollux was debating torturing him a little longer, but decided he was feeling nice today. He tore Eridan's shirt away and started to undo his own pants.

Eridan purred in pleasure when Sollux began to strip. He wanted to get out of his own ridiculous skinny jeans, but his squirming was for naught unless Sollux willed it.

When Sollux finished getting out of his pants he took his shirt off and threw it across the room.

Eridan drank in the sight of the narrow chest, greedily. His nook was nearly dripping behind his bulge now and, summoning up what assertiveness he could, groaned "Wwell come on, let's do this!"

Sollux smirked and ran his hands up Eridan's chest.

The sea dweller arched into the psionic's touch with a drawn out "yesssss!"

Sollux replaced his hands with his mouth, licking and biting down Eridan's chest.

Eridan clenched his fingers at empty air. "Gog damn, Sollux!" He cried out, his back bowing to press against Sollux's mouth.

Sollux stopped just before his waistband and undid his pants, lowering them just the tiniest bit before tearing them off.

Eridan's bulge was flushed deep purple, but he'd always been confident about it and -despite his violet flush- looked down at Sollux petulantly.

Sollux smirked up at him and gave it a long lick.

Sollux held down his hips and continued to lick his bulge for a while before taking it into his mouth.

Eridan nearly screamed. His leg wrapped around Sollux's shoulder as he gasped through the pleasure.

Sollux reached a hand up and probed Eridan's nook with his fingers.

Eridan's hips bucked forward and he hissed through his teeth. It'd been a long time since he'd received something like this, but damn he wasn't complaining.

Sollux's fingers and mouth sped up.

"Damn Sol, are you going to fuck me or not?" Eridan groaned out.

Sollux sat up and smirked. "Beg me for it."

Eridan sputtered. "I'm not going to do that!" To himself he thought, 'Dear Gog, please make me do that!'

"Fine. Have it your way." He kept Eridan pinned to the floor and got up, walking to one of the computers.

"Wwhat?!" Eridan shouted indignantly. "You're just gonna fucking- argh! Fine!" Swallowing his pride, he growled, "Please get ovver here and pail me!"

Sollux turned back to him and raised an eyebrow. "Oh, I think you can to better then that."

Eridan scowled at the lowblood. Oh he would make that fucker /pay/ later. But then again, he'd never been as aroused as he was now. With a huff, he gathered his thoughts. "Please Sol, get ovver here and pail me! Make me your dirty fuckin' sea dwwelling bitch. Please, please, please just fuck me!" He moaned out as desperately as he could.

Sollux sighed. "If you inthitht."

"I do. So please?"

Sollux walked back over, knelt before him, and with out any warning thrusted into him.

Eridan arched and screamed. The slight sting of his barely prepared for penetration contrasted deliciously with the pleasure. He moved and shifted, trying to adjust to the sudden fullness.

Sollux didn't wait for him and started thrusting into him hard and fast.

The sea dweller gasped and moaned beneath him, writhing with the brutal pleasure that hit him like waves. He'd never drowned before (couldn't really) but he imagined it must be something like this.

Sollux groaned and kept thrusting. "Ngh...fuck, ED..."

"Sol...lux...Gog damn yes, ah!" He wrapped his legs around the psionic's hips, pullinghim closer.

Sollux grabbed hold of Eridan's bulge and started pumping it in time with his thrusts.

"Fuck...Sol! I'm...ah, close!"

Sollux sped up impossibly faster.

Eridan screamed Sollux's name as he came. He arched off the floor, shooting his dark purple genetic material across his chest and stomach.

Sollux kept going until he came inside Eridan with a long drawn out moan.

Eridan lay panting on the floor, gold genetic material dripping from his abused nook. As he caught his breath he asked, "Are you going to let me go or wwhat?"

Sollux pulled his clothes back on. "Nah, I think I'll jutht make you thit there for a while."

The royal frowned, but decided he didn't particularly care to get up yet anyway. He chuckled to himself though. "So, wwas it good for you?" He asked flippantly.

"Good enough." He finished getting dressed and decided to let Eridan up now.

Eridan stretched out his arms above him, wincing at the ferocious bite on his shoulder. Turning his head, he felt a wave of smugness at the sight of his own bite completely exposed on Sollux's neck. He got up to get his clothes.

Sollux went over to a computer and sat down, turning it on.

As Eridan dressed he pondered what this could mean. Were the they kismeisis now? The highblood didn't know. Once fully dressed with his wand in his pocket, he stood for moment, staring at the back of Sollux's head. Then, with a subtle charge of magic that couldn't be traced back to him,he yanked the cord of the lowblood's computer from the wall.

"What the fuck?!" He screamed.

Eridan snickered to himself as he sprinted for the teleportation pad, disappearing before his nemesis could figure out what he'd done.

After screaming at nothing for a few minutes, Sollux figured out what happened. "Oh that dick! I swear to god, when I get ahold of him..." He plugged the computer back in while continuing to mutter to himself.