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After a few hours, Sollux woke up again. He was relieved to find that the pain was gone and Eridan was still with him.

Eridan slept on, breathing in the scent of the lowblood.

Sollux looked up at him and smiled. He didn't want to wake him up so he just laid there, staring at the ceiling.

After some time Eridan's dreams turned dark. He hugged Sollux to his chest like a stuffed animal and whimpered.

Sollux looked up at him with concern.

Eridan wrapped his legs around Sollux, giving him an all body hug. He cried out in his sleep.

Sollux shook him gently. "Eridan. Wake up."

Eridan shook his head against whatever monsters were plaguing his dreams. He registered a voice he wanted to return to and tried to focus on that.

Sollux shook him harder. "Eridan! Come on, wake up!"

Eridan jerked awake and all he saw were a pair of red and blue eyes starting up at him. He jumped with a shriek before he realized it was Sollux and relaxed.

Sollux sat up, looking worried. "Bad dream?"

Eridan pulled Sollux against him, nuzzling the space between his horns. "Yeah..."

"...wanna tell me about it?"

He shook his head. "Just...stay here a bit?"

Sollux nodded. "Yeah, okay."

"Thank you." He moved down a bit to press his face against Sollux's neck. He shuddered slightly with each breath.

Sollux rubbed his back soothingly.

Eridan sighed and relaxed. Finally calming down, Eridan murmured, "Thank you." And unwound himself to look up at Sollux. "Howw're you feeling?"

Sollux raised an eyebrow. "I'm fine..."

"Your head's feeling alright?"

"Oh. Yeah, never better."

"Good." Eridan nuzzled him. "Wwhat time is it?"

"I don't know...doeth it matter?"

"I wwas just wwondering if Gam had left the nutrition block yet."

"GZ wath there?"

"He wwas drawing in shavving cream on the counters. Probably makin a bigger mess then wwe did!"

"Well that'th...weird."

"It's Gam. I wwonder if he's gone yet."

Sollux shrugged. "I dunno, maybe."

"I only bring it up because I wwant food." He sighed as his stomach growled. "Let's go kick his ass out of the nutrition block."

Sollux grinned and stood up. "Right behind you!"

They arrived in the nutrition block to see Nepeta and Equius standing in it looking accomplished and wearing aprons and gloves. Nepeta took one look at them and leaped into Equius's arms, shouting "I SHIP IT SO HARD!"

Sollux shook his head and sighed. He should have known this was coming. He waved at them.

Equius nodded his greeting, revealing that he had shaving cream splattered on the edge of his glasses. He set Nepeta down, who bounced away to update her shipping wall. "I trust that you two reprobates will refrain from making another mess?" He frowned and folded his arms, attempting to look threatening despite the frilly apron, rubber gloves, and shaving cream splatters.

Sollux blushed a little. "Yeah."

Eridan frowned back. "Wwhat kind of trolls do you think wwe are? Of course wwe'll 'refrain from makin another mess'. Gog Equ, you'd think you didn't trust us."

Equius scowled. "I don't trust sea dwellers. Simply do not make Nepeta's OCD make me scrub the nutrition block for seven hours again."

Sollux laughed a little. "Theven hourth? Really?"

The muscles in Equius' neck twitched. "Do NOT leave another mess!"


Equius twitched again before he stomped off in a sweaty huff.

Eridan displayed a middle finger to his retreating back.

Sollux smirked and looked at him. ""

"Yeah." Eridan turned and started riffling through the cabinets.

"Oh I almotht forgot how'd it go with FF?"

"Pretty good actually. She didn't seem too upset."

"Really? Well that'th good."

"Yeah..." He thought about the advice shed given him about his vacillating quadrant with Sollux. He wanted to bring it up, but at the same time he didn't.

"Tho, what do you want to eat?"

"I don't knoww." He flicked open another cabinet. "Wwhat sounds good to you?"

Sollux shrugged and rested his chin in his palm. "Anything really."

Eridan peered at the shelves. "I can make most breakfast food and that's about it. Do you wwant an omelette, or do you wwant your evvil sugar cereal?

"An omelette thoundth good."

Eridan nodded and shut the cabinet to raid the fridge. He set a carton of eggs on the counter and asked, "Wwhat do you wwant in it? Wwe are reasonably wwell stocked in omelette ingredients."

" we have bacon?".

"Wwe do." He set the package on the counter and continued to root through the fridge. He pulled out a fresh tomato, some green onions, and a bag of grated cheese. "Now wwhere's a bowwl?"

Sollux got up and grabbed one out, handing it too him. "I'd offer to help but unlethh you want everything to explode that'th probably not the betht idea..."

Eridan offers him a half smile. "Wwell can I trust you wwith a knife? I need these vvegetables diced."

"Sure, I can do that."

Eridan handed him the knife and the veggies.

Sollux took them and started dicing the vegetables.

Eridan lay the bacon on a cooling rack, put the rack on a tin-foil covered cookie sheet, and put the bacon in the oven.

Sollux kept cutting up the vegetables and accidentally cut himself. "Ah fuck!"

Eridan jumped with a shriek and turned back to Sollux. "Fuck, wwhat happened?"

The now bleeding troll rushed over to the sink and turned the water on. "Nothing..jutht a little cut."

Eridan approached and took his wrist examining the cut on his finger. "It's not too deep. I'll get you a bandage."

"Yeah okay thankth." He took his hand back and stuck his finger under the flow of water.

Eridan left to the supply closet, where he took out a box of bandages. He returned to Sollux and pulled a bandage out.

Sollux reached out one hand to take it while keeping the other hand under the water.

Eridan held it just out of his reach, moving forward to catch Sollux's hand from under the water. He wiped the moisture from Sollux's finger with a paper towel and deftly wrapped the bandage around Sollux's finger. He pressed a kiss to the bandage and released Sollux's hand.

Sollux blushed lightly and took his hand back. "Thankth."

Eridan smiled and stepped back. "Wwant me to finish up those vvegetables?"

He shook his head and moved back over to the veggies. "No that'th okay, I can do it."

"Alright." Eridan went back to the oven to check the bacon. He decided it was close enough to done that he could start on the eggs.

Sollux picked up the knife once more and continued cutting up the vegetables. He made sure to be careful and take it slow so he wouldn't cut himself again. After a bit he finished and set down the knife. "Done."

"Great!" Eridan had the eggs cooking and was sprinkling cheese on top. "Can you bring those ovver? The bacon also needs to be cut to about the same size."

"Got it. Jutht leave it to me!" Sollux brought over the veggies and took the bacon out of the oven before returning to his station.

"Careful of the hot oil." Eridan warned as he plunked some of the vegetables into the uncooked top part of the egg.

"Yeah okay." Sollux made sure to be careful as he cut up the bacon.

Eridan added more cheese along with a sparse sprinkling of salt and pepper.

Sollux finished his task and brought the bacon over.

Eridan dropped the bacon in the last of the liquid egg. He flipped the omelette in its pan catching it (rather well if Eridan did say so). "Nearly done." He chimed grabbing out plates for the both of them.

"Okay." Sollux grinned and moved over to sit down at the table.

Eridan pulled the omelette of the burner, slicing it in half with a spatula. He set a half on each plate, adding a garnish of some green onions. He set one plate in front of Sollux with a fork.

Sollux thanked him before picking up his fork and beginning to practically inhale his food.

Eridan raised an eyebrow and sat down across from him. "I take it it's not terrible?"

Sollux shook his head, unable to speak while cramming his mouth full of food.

The reaction made Eridan grin like an idiot. He took a bite of his own omelette, deciding that yeah, he was kind of a good cook. With omelettes at at least.

Sollux finished eating and sat back. "Damn. Betht omelette I've ever had."

Eridan blushed and looked down at his plate, smiling a little. "I'm glad you liked it." He had about a fourth left of his own, which he set on Sollux's plate. "I'm full though so here." He wasn't really he just liked seeing someone else enjoying his cooking so much.

Sollux looked at it for a moment seeming hesitant about taking his food. "You sure?"

"Go for it."

"Awethome thankth!" He pulled his plate back and starts devouring the rest of Eridan's food.

Eridan grinned and took his plate. "I figure I'd better clean this up if I don't wwant that steroid pumpin' freak breakin' down the door.

"Ehehe yeah that'th probably a good idea."

Eridan made quick work of the mess, setting the pan he'd used for the bacon on the drying rack with his plate and fork.

Sollux stood and brought his plate over setting it in the sink.

Eridan took his plate and washed that too. He felt...peaceful. It was strange for him.

Sollux stood behind him silently watching.

Eridan set the dish on the drying rack with the others and turned to look at the other, a small smile on his face.

"Why are you all thmiley?"

Eridan tilted his head. "No reason." He stepped forward and kissed Sollux lightly, pulling back after a few seconds. "None at all."

Sollux raised an eyebrow at him "Okay then. Tho did you have fun with FF yethterday?"

"Yep. Wwe mostly just swwam."

"Thoundth like a good time. Now I jutht have to talk to her too."

"Wwhat about?"

"...she didn't tell you?"

"Tell me wwhat is somethin goin on?"

Sollux just stood there wondering whether to tell him or not.

Eridan pouted. He hated being out of the loop.

"Well...umm..turnth out she hath a flushcrush on me."

Eridan's eyes widened. Oh. /Oh./ Well then, it sort of made sense that Feferi might want to get him to make up his mind with Sollux. It'd make his red quadrant either taken or available. "And...what do you think about that?"

"Ummm...well, I don't really know...I haven't thought about it."

"Oh." Eridan looked away. He didn't know what to say.


"Well, I've also been thinkin."

"What about?"

"Wwell..about us.."

That got him worried. "Okay what about uth...?"

Eridan toed the ground. "Wwell...wwhat are wwe? As a quadrant I mean."

"Oh. Umm...well fuck I'm not really sure."

"I guess the more important question is...are you happy like this? Wwhatevver wwe are, do you wwant to change it."

"No! I mean, uh, I'm happy the way we are...why, do you want to change thomething?"

"No!" Eridan stepped forward at that but reeled himself in. "No, I ...I like the wway wwe are. Wwhatevver wwe are."

Sollux smiled at him. "Good, then there'th no problem."

Eridan smiled back, then leaned forward and kissed him.

Sollux placed a hand on his shoulder, kissing back for a few seconds before pulling back, looking a bit worried. "What am I gonna thay to FF?

"Tell her you appreciate the sentiment, but you havve a very jealous quadrant mate...or tell her yes, if that's what you wwant."

"No! No, I don't feel that way for her..."

That relieved Eridan more than he cared to admit. "Okay." He leaned in to kiss Sollux's cheek.

Sollux smiled at him.

Eridan wrapped his arms around him and sighed happily.

Sollux was still for a moment, just enjoying the other's arms around him then remembered what had happened earlier that morning. "Tho...why don't you tell me about the dream you had?"

Eridan tensed a bit. Why? Because his nightmare was filled with the most horrible imagery he could have ever imagined. So much death...Sol being dragged along by Kar, Fef and Kan dead. No. Eridan did not want to talk about it, "I dreamt about Jack."

"Oh...I'm thorry..." He wasn't really sure what else to say and shifted awkwardly in his place.

Eridan chuckled. "Not your fault, Sol." He relaxed, feeling he'd gotten out of explaining the true source of his horror. He nuzzled Sollux's neck, and smiled.

"Ith that all?" Sollux had a weird feeling Eridan wasn't telling him the whole truth.

Eridan's face fell, and he sighed. "I...really don't wwant to go into detail."

Sollux decided not to push it for now. "Alright.."

"Thank you."

Sollux just nodded. He knew there was something Eridan was hiding from him, but he decided he'd let it go for the time being.

Eridan broke the hug and stepped back. "So..wwhat do you wwant to do?"

Sollux smiled and shrugged. "I dunno, what do you want to do?"

"Honestly?" Eridan tilted his head and thought for a moment. "I wwant to wwatch a movvie wwith you or somefin."

"Sure, thoundth like fun. What movie?"

He blurted out his answer before he could stop himself "The Little Mermaid!"

Sollux raised an eyebrow in amusement. "Uh, yeah, sure. Whatever you want."

Eridan flushed violet, and looked down. "haha. I wwas just um, kidding. Yeah. That film's for wwriggler's an' shit."

Sollux actually seemed a little disappointed, though he tried to hide it. "Oh, yeah, pft of courthe it ith."

"Wwell I mean, unless you wwant to? Or wwe could just wwatch it ironically..." Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes!

Sollux smiled and took his hand. "Yeah let'th go watch it."