Ok, so this idea just occurred to me today and it's been rattling around in my brain looking for escape...

The question is do I spend the next week daydreaming about this idea and then let it die a quiet death or would people like me to write it?

Here's the basic premise (which is everything I've thought of so far... not much) :
September and the other eleven Observers first jump back in time goes wrong - the beacon has some sort of malfunction and lands not only in the past but in an alternate universe. The observers are unaware of what has gone wrong, they just know that they are rapidly losing the connection with the beacon and decide to send the twelve observers to reacquire the beacon and repair it as well as begin their mission.

Shortly after the twelve leave they lose all connection to the beacon - the reason for this is because the alternate dimension it went to obeys very slightly different laws of physics, laws that don't agree with the basic rules which the observer tech requires to function.

- I just thought of this as I am writing this - perhaps the reason the beacon didn't go where it was meant to was because of that one episode where dozens of different Sg-1s kept coming through the gate and whatever it was that was going on with the gate caught the beacon and pulled it right into stargate command under Cheyenne mountain.

Anyway, so the twelve observers show up (possibly right on the ramp of the stargate) and immediately suffer from negative effects of their cybernetic implants malfunctioning. (something like seizures and bleeding from the nose)

The SGC not knowing what to do with these aliens quickly confine them to the medical bay under armed guard.

The Observer tech (the little implant at the base of the skull) which is meant to force and maintain controlled evolution of the brain is what malfunctioned and after an hour or the technology settles down, now bathing their brains in very slightly different energy that still does much the same as it did before and the observers begin to recover.

By the time the observers come to several hours or days later the events of that episode are complete and any hope of being able to go back to their own universe using the method the other Sg-1s did is gone.

Stranded in this place in which none of them can detect the presence of any active beacons (something that would normally be like constant background noise for them in their home universe) they are unsure how to proceed.

Deciding to take a cautious approach to things the observers subtly begin listening in on the thoughts of the humans around them, learning of recent events and the technological wonder that is the stargate.

Knowing the dangers of their now dying home the twelve decide they will attempt to learn as much as possible in this wonderful new universe before attempting to return to their own home and bring the knowledge back with them.

And that's where the story would begin... It could go almost anywhere - from the observers deciding to aid the SGC, to them deciding to leave earth and go to (the galaran's home world? The Tollan's home world? I don't know, but I'd be willing to accept advice and suggestions from anyone!)

btw, I will probably make either September or SG-1 the main character(s) depending on where the story goes.

So now that you've read this, do you think I should turn it into a story?

Give me a review with what you think.

P.S I just thought up the title, and I'm rather pleased with myself - I think it's incredibly clever! (this is an opportunity for any reviewer to get in my good books and stroke my ego by agreeing :)