A/N: Looking back at and rereading "Ojamajo: The Verz Incident", I can't help but feel that it could've been better written. Seriously, I made one too many mistakes in the duels.

Another thing I will add is that I will use the OCG names for the cards/archetypes when they're used by the Japanese characters (such as Jou-sama, the Ojamajos, etc.) and use the TCG names when they're used by the English-speaking characters (i.e. both of my self-inserts). However, in the "Featured Duel" sections at the end of each chapter, I will strictly use the TCG names.

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A hooded figure walked down a deserted street in downtown Misora. It was the dead of night, but that didn't matter to her. Every direction she turned her head in gave roughly the same reaction: Not what she's looking for. She snapped her fingers…and time stood still in a monochrome coloration.

Good, she thought, I'll have an easier time now…

The figure turned and looked down a dead-end back alley. She knew how dangerous those were at this hour and she knew she had to stay safe and alert. However, this one had a feature that most dead-end back alleys didn't have: A small, well-formed shack. The figure shot a cautious glance at it before finally making her way over to its door.

She dismissed her spell and gave a knock.

"Hmm?" came a male voice from inside. The door opened, revealing a young man in his late teens. He wore a black shirt and blue jeans and black sneakers. "Oh, it's you."

The figure took off her hood and revealed herself: Yuki-sensei. Yuki snapped her fingers and assumed her true form: Majo Kai no Jou-sama.

"To what do I owe this occasion?" the young man inquired.

"I have questions and you have answers, Kada," Jou-sama replied.

Without another word, the young man, Kada, gestured the Queen to come inside.

The was little to be described of the shack's interior. Despite its outside appearance, the shack was barren aside from having a table and a desk. Indeed, there was only enough room for one person to be comfortable. And the only source of light was a small orb of light that was likely fueled by Kada's magic.

"How do you even sleep in here?" Jou-sama asked, astonished.

"I believe you had other questions?" Kada replied, "To answer that one, I simply use my own cards. You recall what I can do with them, do you not?"

The memories flashed through Jou-sama's mind. She remembered alright, but she didn't like what he did to prove his power and knowledge.

"Recently, Majo Kai has been getting into this card game." Jou-sama pulled out a deck. It was comprised solely of "Yu-Gi-OH!" cards; more specifically, it was a Six Samurai deck, the same one she had received from Kada months ago. "I have been using this deck and, despite how powerful it is, I cannot seem to win with it. At the same time, Majo Toron has uncovered some kind of resonance it has with our magic."

"You came all this way here because you can't win with an overpowered deck?" Kada asked incredulously, "Though that second one is worth mentioning."

"For whatever reason, my cards refuse to some up correctly." Jou-sama decided to drop the first question. Now that she thought about it, her losses were likely because she didn't know how to play the deck right. "But, yes, there is a resonance. I've seen it whenever a Witch duels using these cards. Somehow, the monsters and spells become real, despite no one using magic to make it so."


"But now…I wish to test it out in Ningen Kai on someone who uses a different kind of magic, to see if the resonance works even then."

Kada nodded and picked up his deck. An orange glow emanated from it before chains shot out. The chains were holding something and placed it into Kada's hand. It was another deck of "Yu-Gi-OH!" cards.

"I'll use this one," Kada said.

Jou-sama nodded in agreement and walked to one side of the table. She set her deck on her lower right-hand side of her side of the table. She took another, smaller deck, her Extra Deck, and placed it on the opposite corner. Kada did the same with his deck and extra deck. The two of them shuffled each other's decks and then drew five cards. Both of their Life Point meters went to 8000.

"Duel!" both said.

"Ladies first," Kada said.

"Ok," Jou-sama replied. She drew her first card. "First, I will activate Shien's Smoke Signal and search out a Lv3 or below 'Six Warmen'. I'll add Impersonator." Jou-sama looked through her deck until she found the card. She added it to her hand and shuffled. "Now, I will summon True Six Warmen – Kageki."

"Ok," Kada nodded as Jou-sama set the card on the table (200/2000).

"I will use Kageki's effect and special summon Impersonator of the Six Warmen." Jou-sama took another card from her hand and placed it on the field (400/1800). "I will synch Lv5, and use Kageki and Impersonator to summon True Six Warmen – Shi En."

Jou-sama took both monster cards and placed them in the graveyard pile. She then took one card from her extra deck, Shi En, and put it on the field (2500/1400).

"I control a 'Six Warmen', so I can special summon Instructor of the Six Warmen." Jou-sama took another card from her hand and put it on the field beside Shi En (2100/800). "I will set one card and end my turn." True enough, Jou-sama took one more card from her hand and set it. It now lay behind Shi En.

"I will take my turn then," Kada said, drawing his card, "Hmm. I'll summon Rescue Rabbit." Kada took the card out of his hand and placed it on his field (300/100). "I will use its effect, banish, and special summon two Lv4 or below normal monsters from my deck with the same name. I choose these."

Kada searched his deck and took out two monsters: Evilswarm Heliotrope (1950/650). After placing the cards, he shuffled his deck.

Jou-sama grimaced at the two monsters. She remembered what the deck meant to her and did not like it in the slightest. Too many bad memories surfaced. It didn't matter if he wasn't calling them "Verz" or not.

"I'll overlay both Heliotropes and Xyz summon Evilswarm Bahamut." Kada looked into his extra deck and took out the card he was looking for. He then stacked both Heliotropes before placing his Xyz monster on top (2350/1350). "You recall this card's effect, do you not?"

Jou-sama didn't say a word. She remembered what the hologram did to the opposing monster. "I have no response to it," she finally said.

Kada detached one material and discarded a third Heliotrope from his hand. He then took Shi En and placed it on his field.

"I'll attack Grandmaster with Bahamut. Any response?" Kada asked. Jou-sama shook her head and placed the card in her graveyard. "I'll attack directly with Shi En?" Jou-sama sighed at Kada's statement. Her LP was now down to 5250. "I'll set two and end." Kada placed two cards behind his monsters.

"My turn then," Jou-sama said. She drew her card. "I'll special summon Elder of the Six Warmen." Jou-sama placed the monster in face-up defense position on her field (400/0). "I will now activate Unity of the Six Warmen." Jou-sama placed the spell face-up on her field.

"I'll negate with Shi En's effect," Kada replied.

Jou-sama shook her head. "I will chain Magatama of Musakani. Shi En's effect is also a destruction effect, and I control a 'Six Warmen'."

"Well played." Kada put the card in Jou-sama's graveyard.

"I will activate Asceticism of the Six Warmen, targeting Elder?" Jou-sama asked. Kada nodded, allowing Jou-sama to special summon another Impersonator from her deck. "I'll synch Lv5 again, and summon Tech Genus Hyper Librarian." Jou-sama placed Impersonator and Elder in her graveyard and then put Hyper Librarian on the field in attack position (2400/1800). "I'll attack Bahamut?"

Kada placed Evilswarm Bahamut in his graveyard. His LP fell to 7950.

"I will end my turn." Jou-sama finished.

"During your end phase, I will activate Infestation Infection," Kada said, flipping over the continuous trap, "I will return Evil Swarm Mandragora to my deck and add another Kerykeion to my hand." Kada traded out the two cards and then shuffled his deck.

"My turn." Kada drew his card. "I will summon Kerykeion." Kada placed his monster on the field (1600/1550). "And I will use its effect and banish the Bahamut from my graveyard to return one Heliotrope from my graveyard to my hand." Kada took the Bahamut and pocketed it before adding the Heliottrope to his hand. "And since I used Kerykeion's effect like this, I can normal summon any other "Lswarm" monster. I'll summon the Heliotrope."

Kada placed the card on his field.

Here we go, Jou-sama thought glumly.

"I'll overlay Kerykeion with Heliotrope to Xyz summon Evilswarm Ophion." Kada stacked the two cards on top of one another and then placed Ophion on top of them (2550/1650). "I'll activate its effect, detach one material, and add one Infestation Pandemic to my hand."

Kada took the Heliotrope from under Ophion and placed it in the graveyard. Her then searched his deck and added the specified card to his hand and followed it by shuffling.

"I'll attack Librarian with Ophion," said Kada. Jou-sama put Hyper Librarian in her graveyard as her LP dropped to 5100. "I'll set one card and end."

Jou-sama drew after Kada set another spell/trap. "Hmm," she mused, "I'll play Monster Reborn."

"You recall Ophion's effect while it has xyz materials, correct?" Kada inquired.

"Yes. Which means I have to revive something other than Shi En or Instructor," Jou-sama explained. She looked through her graveyard. "I'll revive Impersonator." Jou-sama put the card on her field in defense position. "Unity has two Bushido counters, so I'll send it to the graveyard and draw two cards."

Jou-sama put the spell in her graveyard and drew the two cards. A light smile crept onto her face. "I'll summon True Six Warmen – Enishi." Jou-sama placed the card on her field (1700/700).

"To the summon, I activate Compulsory Evacuation Device, targeting Enishi," Kada said, flipping over his aforementioned trap. Jou-sama sighed and put the card back in her hand.

"I'll end my turn," she said.

Kada drew his card. "I'll play Reinforcement of the Army and add Evilswarm Castor." Kada searched his deck and added his card. He shuffled and put the used spell in his graveyard. "I'll summon Castor." Kada put his monster on the field (1750/550). "His effect lets me normal summon another 'Lswarm' monster, so I'll summon another Kerykeion. Then, I use Kerykeion's effect, this time banishing a Heliotrope and adding the other to my hand." Kada took the cards out of his graveyard. "I will normal summon it now, as per Kerykeion's effect."

Kada placed the card on the field.

"I will attack Kagemusha with Heliotrope."

Jou-sama said nothing as she placed the monster in the graveyard.

"I will attack directly with Kerykeion, Castor, and Ophion."

"That's game," Jou-sama conceded. She reset her deck and extra deck as though nothing ever happened while Kada did the same with his. "I guess there really is something wrong me."

Kada shook his head. "What all did you have in your hand?"

"Does it matter?"


Jou-sama took out two cards and showed them to Kada. They were Asceticism of the Six Warmen and Impersonator. "This was my hand when you beat me."

Kada gave a look at the cards. "You do realize that you could've used Kagemusha's effect to redirect my Complsory to it since my trap only targeted one of your Six Samurais. Then…"

Jou-sama grimaced. "Then I could've used Asceticism to bring out Irou and used Enishi to bounce your Ophion and then overlay for either Blade Armor Ninja or Heroic Champion – Excalibur!"

"I don't blame you; a lot of people don't use that effect of Kagemusha's and only use him as a tuner."

"Then I suppose I still need to learn then," Jou-sama said with an aggravated sigh, "But at least I have one answer: The resonance didn't happen in our duel. So there's no need to worry about it whenever someone duels someone with different or no magic."

"Good," Kada said flatly, "Then isn't it about time you headed out?"

Jou-sama gave an annoyed sigh. "You should get out and socialize more often, Kada." She glanced down at the Evilswarm deck Kada was using. "Kada-san? I can feel something emanating from that deck and I would like to have it studied. If I may?"

Kada raised his eyebrow at the statement. But he relented and Jou-sama took the deck.

"It's not like the other emanations form the other decks, but it's the same type of magic as my own." Jou-sama explained.

"You used it those months ago," Kada retorted, "That's probably why it's there. And since my magic isn't the same, it's probably why it didn't respond in our duel."

Jou-sama took one more cautionary glance at Kada. When she was sure he wasn't up to anything, the Queen snapped her fingers. In moments, she had vanished in a cloud of purple smoke. Kada simply sighed with relief that she was gone.

A figure rose out of the shadows in the dead-end alley where Kada's shack stood. In moments, the figure had made it to the shack itself and was now knocking at the door. Kada opened it.

"I see you're as punctual as ever, Skaj," Kada said in a deadpan, almost smug, tone.

"Will you just shut it, already!" Skaj replied angrily. His full name was "Shadow Kada", but he favored his nickname more and went with it. "Whatever, I have some news."

"Then speak."

Skaj explained the situation to the Puer Magi. When he was finished, Kada simply raised his eyebrow.

"So you're certain Jou-sama has NOT been carrying it since those months ago?" Kada inquired.

"Yeah," Skaj replied dryly, "And I doubt she's gonna get it now!"

"On the contrary," Kada continued, "Jou-sama has taken the deck for several specified reasons. However, I believe she does have it, since she obviously has a subconscious interest in it."

Skaj growled angrily. It was clear he hated Kada, his Light Half, and wanted nothing to do with him. But events and the Puer Magi's plotting had successfully coerced him into this service.

"Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see, won't we?" Skaj said scathingly.

"Yes, we will," Kada said dryly.

Featured Duel: Kada vs. Majo Kai no Jou-sama

Kada (8000) – Jou-sama (8000)

Jou-sama's turn:

Jou-sama has Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki, Shien's Smoke Signal, Grandmaster of the Six Samurai, Musakani Magatama, and Elder of the Six Samurai as her opening hand. She draws Asceticism of the Six Samurai.

Jou-sama activates Shien's Smoke Signal and adds Kagemusha of the Six Samurai from her deck to her hand. She then summons Kageki and uses his effect to special summon the Kagemusha she had jusr added. She then tunes Lv2 Kagemusha with Lv3 Kageki to synchro summon Legandary Six Samurai – Shi En. Since she has a face-up "Six Samurai" on her field, Jou-sama can special summon Grandmaster of the Six Samurai. She sets Musakani Magatama and ends.

Kada's turn:

Kada has Evilswarm Kerykeion, Rescue Rabbit, Evilswarm Heliotrope, Evilswarm Mandragora, and Infestation Infection as his opening hand. He draws Infestation Pandemic.

Kada normal summons Rescue Rabbit. He activates its effect, banishing it to special summon two Evilswarm Heliotropes. He overlays both Lv4 Heliotrops to Xyz summon Evilswarm Bahamut. Kada activates Bahamut's effect, detaching one Heliotrope and discarding the Heliotrope in his hand to take control over Shi En.

Kada attacks Grandmaster with Bahamut, destroying it. He then stacks directly with Shi En. Kada sets Infestation Infection and Infestation Pandemic and ends.

Kada (8000) – Jou-sama (5250)

Jou-sama's turn:

Jou-sama draws Six Samurai United. Since Kada has a monster and she doesn't, Jou-sama can special summon Elder of the Six Samurai from her hand. She then activates Six Samurai United. Kada chains with Shi En's effect to negate it, but Jou-sama chains with Musakani Magatama since Shi En's effect also destroys cards and she controls a "Six Samurai" monster. Shi En is destroyed and goes to Jou-sama's graveyard. She then activates Asceticism of the Six Samurai and special summons another Kagemusha from her deck (+1 Bushido counter for United). Jou-sama tunes Lv3 Elder with Lv2 Kagemusha to synchro summon T.G. Hyper Librarian.

Jou-sama attacks Bahamut with Hyper Librarian, destroying it. She ends. During her End phase, Kada activates Infestation Infection and returns Evilswarm Mandragora to his deck to add Evilswarm Kerykeion to his hand.

Kada's turn:

Kada draws Compulsory Evacuation Device. He summons Evilswarm Kerykeion. He activates its effect, banishing the Bahamut from his graveyard to add one Heliotrope from his graveyard to his hand. Since he used Kerykeion's effect, he can normal summon one more "Evilswarm" monster this turn. He summons the Heliotrope and overlays it with Lv4 Kerykeion to Xyz summon Evilswarm Ophion. He activates its effect, detaching the Heliotrope to add one Infestation Pandemic from his deck to his hand.

Kada attacks Hyper Librarian with Ophion, destroying it. He sets Compulsory Evacuation Device and ends.

Kada (7950) – Jou-sama (5100)

Jou-sama' turn:

Jou-sama draws Monster Reborn. She activates it, but since Ophion still has Xyz material, she can't use it to revive anything that is Lv5 or higher. She revives Kagemusha of the Six Samurai in defense mode (+1 Bushido counter for United). Jou-sama sends Six Samurai United to the graveyard to draw two cards. She draws Asceticism of the Six Samurai and Legandary Six Samurai – Enishi. She summons Enishi. Kada activates Compulsory Evacuation Device to return Enishi to Jou-sama's hand.

Jou-sama ends.

Kada's turn:

Kada draws Reinforcement of the Army. He activates it, adding Evilswarm Castor from his deck to his hand. He summons Castor and uses its effect to normal summon Kerykeion. He then uses Kerykeion's effect, banishing one Heliotrope from his graveyard to add another from his graveyard to his hand. He then normal summons the Heliotrope.

Kada attacks Kagemusha with Heliotrope. He then attacks Jou-sama directly with Kerykion, Castor, and Ophion.

Kada (7950) – Jou-sama (0)

Kada is the winner.

A/N: I'm aware of the issues in the duels. But you have to remember: No one is ever going to play perfectly and mistakes will abound.

There will be no Anime/Manga/Videogame only or Fan made cards in this fic. I do not use them. Any PMs or comments asking to see any card that hasn't been made in real life will be ignored.