Tag to 8.20, "Pac Man Fever."

SAM: Well, no further along with the main arc, but pretty good, I thought.

DEAN: Heavy shit, though, huh?

SAM: Right? A car accident on their way to pick her up because she was scared? I'm surprised all she did was steal a video game.

DEAN: I slaughtered left and right after dad died.

SAM: Beat the crap out of me, too.

DEAN: Eh, you survived.

SAM: And Djinn? I think this is the third time we've dealt with them. The mother-and-son monster team is a repeat, too. And again with the "fears in your dreams" plot?

DEAN: Think this'll tie into the "dream world" motif we've had going since the first half of the season?

SAM: I dunno, I mean, we kind of just keep picking that up and dropping it, don't we? The first half of the season was loaded with references, but I haven't heard much about it since Torn and Frayed. Can't be a coincidence though, can it?

DEAN: Maybe this whole season will turn out to be a dream, like on Dallas. Maybe we could get our Bobby back, too!

SAM: Doubt it. We already sent Bobby to heaven. Bringing him back again would be pushing it, I think.

DEAN: (looks unconvinced) What, pushing it more than introducing an entire once-great yet conveniently-forgotten super-powered time-traveling society being tracked by Knights of Hell?

SAM: (nods to the left) Hey, you think Crowley has any of those? I don't think we can handle another Abaddon.

DEAN: I hope not. You gotta admit she was pretty bad ass, though.

SAM: True. But back to this…

DEAN: What's up with the dialogue, man? "I prefer the taste of fear?" "Your face is a bad idea?"

SAM: And after poking a dead body with a stick? How is that an organic response in any way?

DEAN: And how did Boy 2 step over that body without noticing it?

SAM: No Peripheral Vision, I guess.

DEAN: Lots of back-season flashbacks. The Djinn. The dream root. Dad's journal. Carver Edlund. You squinting and bending over and grunting. You incapacitated. You ignoring my orders.

SAM: Bet you're glad I did. Your insides would be soup by now. Or "jello," to use your term.

DEAN: Quit busting my balls, it was close enough.

SAM: And don't think I missed that line about how "dreamy" Cas is.

DEAN: Charlie said that!

SAM: Still applies.

DEAN: How?

SAM: You didn't disagree.


SAM: It's okay, man, I realize what a difficult time this is for you, with your love of almost a year dead after a ten episode hiatus, and all. No one would blame you if you had a little Cas on the brain.

DEAN: (scowling) Sam-

SAM: Hey, I get it. He's got the powers, and the piercing stare, those blue eyes-

DEAN: Don't make me get my gun, Sam. You can't shoot for shit right now-

SAM: -and that trench coat. Sometimes you can't see his shirt over the top, and I can see how you would wonder if he was commando under there-

DEAN: (loads gun)

SAM: (continues, knowing it's a prop) –and that angel blade? Man, that thing is long-

DEAN: (clobbers Sam in the head with the gun prop)

SAM: Ow!

DEAN: (smirking)

SAM: I have to do another trial, Dean! Don't damage the goods any further! Jeez!

DEAN: (settling into his seat) Those things are kicking your ass pretty hard, man.

SAM: (cuts his eyes at Dean) Yeah, I know. Can't even stand. I hope the third trial involves laying on a massage table, cause that's the only way I'll be able to pull it off.

DEAN: We can ask Kevin if we ever find him. Bet the writers will have us rescuing him like we did last season.

SAM: Speaking of which, we all discussed the Leviathans again without mentioning where they went.

DEAN: Carver does love to dick with the audience on that score, doesn't he?

SAM: But why would we think this had anything to do with Leviathans? We damn near died to get rid of them, and nothing like this ever happened to any of their victims; we should know. Why did we even mention them?

DEAN: To wave a middle finger at all those people who are chomping at the bit for news, that why. Heh, heh, suck it, bitches!

SAM: (rolling his eyes) And they really blew the effects budget on those Djinn eyes, didn't they?

DEAN: (laughs) It made me think of that network pilot at the end of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. You know, the one where she was gonna portray like dog psychic cop, or some shit, and her eyes glowed?

SAM: (laughs) What happened to the monster makeup we had before?

DEAN: (laughing more) They used it for the blue hand print.

SAM: (incredulous) I could not believe that part.

DEAN: It was very Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime.

SAM: (shaking his head) Dear god.

DEAN: (still snorting) At least the glowing-arm theme was furthered.

SAM: (musing) That reminds me – your arm glowed when Benny was stowed away in there. My arm glowed when we took Bobby topside. And now the Djinn arm is glowing, too.

DEAN: (pretending to chew gum and improvising a random Jersey accent) Well, Boss, I guess a Djinn leaves behind a glowing hand print to match his glowing arm.

DEAN: (speaking in a David Caruso voice) Looks to me like…


( •_•)⌐■-■


DEAN: …he was just letting his SOOOUUUUULLLL GLO!

SAM: (rolling his eyes) I'm serious, Dean. Do you think my arms are glowing at the end of the trials because there are souls in them? What if I'm roided up on human souls right now? What if I'll have to physically close the gates?


SAM: But-

DEAN: Nope.

SAM: Dean-

DEAN: I refuse to even entertain the idea that closing the gates of hell might involve soul-powered hulk hands. I just can't.

SAM: But we-

DEAN: This was good development for Charlie, too. Looks like she might have a bigger role in this show than expected.

SAM: It'll be cool to have a recurring woman on the show who's not a monster or a saint.

DEAN: (grinning) And she said she loves me.

SAM: What? When?

DEAN: After you went in. She hugged me and everything.

SAM: Wait you…you came in and hugged me right after that!

DEAN: (sighs contentedly) Yep.

SAM: Slut.

DEAN: It's part of my development this season, Sam. I'm getting more in touch with my emotions.

SAM: And what the hell am I getting, besides more body damage? I thought it was my turn to be the subject on this show for once, instead of just your angst fuel!

DEAN: Sorry, dude. People love my angst. They need a fix every so often, and Cas is gone, so it's all on you, buddy.

SAM: (muttering discontentedly)