The Characters belong to Stephanie Meyer, I'm just happy to play with 'em.

this is my first story, it is a work in progress. so bear with me :)

thank you to my epic sister gopherbroke for all your amazing help :)

okay, so in the words of the 10th Doctor " ALLONS-Y!"


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He has always been here, since the beginning.

I remember when he first showed up; he saved me… he made the pain go away. Then when it was safe, he hid and let me live again, if that is what you can call it. He is never too far away, he is just hiding, hiding just where others can't see him. But I can. I can hear him when he is hiding. He likes to hide, to wait unseen, until the perfect time to strike. He has always been that way, never really sleeping like the others think. Just hiding, waiting, observing, making notes and planning, just in case. Just like always.

They've never met him, and I pray my family never has to. I have tried to tell them about him, to warn them… but they don't believe me. They think I have made him up. They have asked to see him, but he just laughs and stays where he is. Everyone has a dark side, he just happens to be the monster that likes to live in the dark. One could almost say he is a shadow… my shadow, always hiding and waiting… waiting for something or someone to give him cause to appear again.

It will happen, I know it. He is right there just out of sight, peering out from the corner of my eye, restless and wanting to come out to play.