Hi remember me? ... I started this story about 20 million years ago. Sorry about that :( between babies, work, family, and life in general- this story got pushed to the side. Well, things are starting to calm down so I'm able to start writing again! It makes me happy and I hope it will make you happy too! Thank you to everyone who has faved this story and not given up on me! No matter how long it takes I WILL finish this story :)

Chapter 4

I just stood there. I didn't allow myself to move in fear of running her down, throwing her over my shoulder and heading out to the woods to do things a gentleman should never think about doing to a lady.

Awe hell, who am I kidding? I am no gentleman.

I closed my eyes and focused on the image of her beautiful face; those big deep brown eyes that showed her emotions so beautifully. Those perfect lips that had just enough pout. They called out to me, begging to be nibbled and kissed until red and swollen. The bells of heaven would sound out of tune in comparison to the melody that was her voice. And when she spoke my name, it was ecstasy shooting right through me. It took everything in me to not just take her right then and there on the table, in front of everyone to show them that she was mine. Mine. I loved the sound of that. She was mine, my Bella, and she had fallen, literally into my lap. I slowly let out a shaky breath.

'Well, well … bully for us. Our soul mate is cute.' he muttered. 'Not real graceful though. My poor toes ache just thinking about tryin' to take that one dancin'. '

"Fuck off." I whispered.

'Well now, am I wrong boy?' he asked. 'I'm goin' out on a limb here, but from the lump in your pants, that you now have to walk around with... good luck with that by the way. She is the soul mate the fairy was talkin' about.' I could hear the sneer in his voice.

"Go to Hell." I whispered. "I'm still not happy with you about how you acted this morning with the family, especially Rose.

'So what? Am I getting the silent treatment now?' he smirked.

I said nothing. That mother fucker was not going to get under my skin. Nope, not going to happen.

'Wow. Sweetheart, are we having a lover's spat?' he teased.

I let out a low whistle. "Motherfucker, you only wish."

'Well, if you want to be technical... we do sleep together-'

I let out a low warning growl as I squeezed my eyes shut.

'Whine, whine, whine ... I swear, if you bitch anymore I'm going to ask the fairy if you have turned into a girl.'

"Fuck. Seriously Jasper, again? He is going to have a meltdown right here in front of everyone!" Edward hissed. No one paid him any mind. They were already looking at me, possibly trying to gauge my next move.

"For the love of God- he is growling and shaking! If he goes off and kills someone AGAIN, I'm not covering for him." Edward hissed again as he flung himself back in his chair. He glowered as he noticed no one was paying him any attention. "Will someone do something before he gets any louder?" he mumbled.

"Jasper, you alright man?" Emmett asked as he placed a hand on my shoulder. My growl was really starting to get louder. It was nothing a human could hear just yet, but I was working up to it. I actually had to stop and think on how to answer Em.

"Well at least someone remembers I'm here. Thank you, Emmett." Edward snipped.

"Oh do shut up. Your mumblings are not helping, Ed." Emmett hissed. He didn't even turn his head to see if Edward acknowledged his response. He was only focused on me. Edward huffed and crossed his legs, shooting daggers into the back of Emmett's head with his eyes. "Jazz." Emmett continued, "You still with me, man?"

As I thought how to answer, a sharp pain shot through my chest making me gasp, my hand moving instinctually at vampire speed to lie over my dead heart. I turned in a panic to stare at Emmett, whose own hands twitched instinctively to reach out to me not knowing what else to do. I then looked frantically at Alice.

"I think-I..." Alice held my gaze and I groaned, knowing the worry was etched into my face as the pain hit another time.

"Talk to me Jas. What's wrong?" she replied soothingly. She slowly approached me, resting her delicate hand on my forearm.

"I… I'm starting to hurt. My chest hurts." I flicked my eyes back and forth between Alice and Emmett. "What's going on?" The last word came out strained.

There was a snort that sounded from the table. Edward shoved his chair back loudly as he stood. "Always with the theatrics, Jasper. Guess you really are the baby of the family." He slung his book bag over his shoulder and Emmett finally turned to glare at him. Edward met his steely gaze. "Well, since there is no need for me," Edward stated with a dramatic swoop of his arm "I'm off to class- I have important notes to take. See you at home, Alice." Edward turned and stalked out of the lunch room.

'Oh, someone trip Eddy boy. Please? Just for lil ol' me?' he growled. 'Fuck! This is balderdash!' he winced with me as another pain washed over us.

"Jasper! I know what this is. You're too far away from her…" Alice spoke quickly in hopes of keeping me from freaking out. "Soul mates can't be very far apart from one another or their bodies starts to react. It could be anything from chest pain, ringing ears, feeling sick, even the feeling of not being able to breathe. But your reaction is stronger than normal... we need to keep you two close." Alice said, a bit of worry edging her voice as she watched me closely.

"Ok then! Let's get lover boy his to his soon-to-be lover!" Emmett said brightly, clapping his hands together. "I'll go find her and see if I can help!" Before Alice or I could stop him, Emmett ran from the lunch room toward the office. His feet moved a little faster than they should have, but given the excitement and worry that was coming off of him in waves, I was impressed he didn't just disappear.

'Ever tried tellin' him to sit and stay? Maybe some treats would help him listen.'

"Oh my God, he is not a dog!" I grunted, running my hand through my hair.

"Jasper!" Alice hissed. "You have to calm down, okay? Come on, let's go find Emmett before he does something we can't explain. You know how excitable he can get. " Alice stated as she marched me out of the lunch room, following Emmett's path.

We were almost to the front office when a streak shot back into the school hall. Emmett was heading back from the parking lot in a panic and slammed the door open on his way back in, ripping the solid steel door straight off its hinges. Alice and I gaped as it sailed through the air only to land hard where we stood, nearly 40 feet away. It scraped loudly against the floor as it slid and I stuck out the toe of my boot to stop it. It wasn't the first time we would have to explain away Emmett's supernatural strength. Alice and I glanced at each other and then back to Emmett. I raised an eyebrow as I stared at him expectedly, waiting for his explanation.

"SHE IS GONE!" Emmett boomed, his panic rolling off of him much faster now.

"WHAT?!" Alice yelled.

"What do you mean what, Alice? You should have known this, right?" I asked, now looking at my sister for her explanation. I crossed my arms over my chest, shuddering as another wave hit me. The pain was getting worse; I was starting to worry.

'For Pete's sake, fairy!' he hissed as the pain wavered.' That's it. We are taking Eddie boy away from her to see how she likes it.' he growled. 'Fuckin' Hell!'

I hugged my arms closer to my body as I leaned against the wall. I couldn't help the smirk that came off the side of my mouth as he cussed up a storm. God, it was nice to know he was feeling this bullshit as well. It almost made it worth it.

"Sorry! Wait, just hold on let me look and see if I can see anything. "Alice said, pinching the bridge of her nose. " Oh!" She exclaimed, not 30 seconds later. "There we are! All the key points are the same… but the in between is fuzzy." She turned to me and tapped me lightly on the nose, earning her a growl. A sly grin threatened the corners of her mouth. "You play your cards right and you might get a kiss!"

Alice clapped her hands and then turned to saunter into the office, muttering under her breath about stubborn human teenagers. Emmett and I looked at each other in confusion, a near identical look to the one on the face of the little old lady behind the front desk as Alice pointed casually to the empty hall. I then snickered as Alice worked her charms and the lady's eyes widened as she turned to look through the window at Emmett, who shuffled on his feet, his head down in an attempt to look apologetic. He slowly went over and picked up the door, peeking out from it as he carried it over to the office. The office worker's jaw fell open slightly and she stood slowly from her desk, her eyes never leaving Emmett as she pushed a paper at Alice.

Alice turned and rolled her eyes, leaving the stunned woman to poke her head out of the office. "Em, put that thing down. Not helping." she chided. "Plus, you are going to hurt someone." She disappeared back inside and grinned at the lady while she quickly filled out the paper and pulled out her checkbook.

Emmett shrugged and leaned the door next to the empty frame, handling it as gently as he would a small kitten. He nudged me softly in the arm with his boulder of an elbow. "A kiss, huh? Did I hear that right?" Emmett asked with a hint of a smile that threatened to take over his face, Good God. Emmett's emotions were all over the place today- I don't know if I can take any more. "That's what Alice said, but apparently I have to do things just right. Whatever that means."

"Tongue? Or no tongue? Hey, you think- oh! Wouldn't it be nice if she was freaky enough to have a tongue ring?" Emmett said, trying to start something. His emotions were starting to settle into classic Emmett, teasing and youthful.

'Mmm... freaky could be fun. We could play good cop, bad cop. I'm betting belly ring; maybe more.' he said with a wolfish smile.

"Oh! For the love-!" but that was as far as I got. The moment I turned to face Emmett again, he shot breath spray into my open mouth. I started coughing and tried to not retch.

'Ha! Hahaha!" Emmett was beyond happy with himself. "If you're gonna kiss the girl, you're gonna need nice breath!" He was gone before I could stop him, but I could still hear him laughing like a mad man as he left for the parking lot.

'I half expected him to break out and sing 'Kiss the Girl' from that kiddie movie... You know the one with fish girl? '

"The Little Mermaid, and don't give him any ideas." I was still trying to not gag when Alice came bouncing out of the office and took me by the arm, leading me out of the building. As we were heading to the parking lot I could hear the old lady in the office follow us out, gasping as she saw the battered door.

"Good gravy! That boy really needs to be allowed to play some kind of sport or something…"

I was able to manage a small snicker before the air hit the minty residue shit on my tongue. I had to hold my breath to keep from dry heaving.

'Fuck me.' I thought, as I pulled my white sleeve over my hand and began to lick it in order to help get the taste out of my mouth.

"I can't leave you two alone for five minutes, can I?" Alice's hands were on her hips as she stared at me in horror. "Oh, don't do that!" Alice scolded as she swatted my hand away from my mouth. I couldn't help but let out a low growl. "You look like a cat, for the love of God." I ignored her and kelp licking, as the taste was slowly fading into my sleeve.

"Now we need to take you hunting before we can go see her; but you need to be fast. I was told in the office that when she left, she was having a panic attack. It's not okay for her to be alone when something like that happens." Alice was smiling for some reason as she waited for my reaction.

"Why are you smiling about that?" I stopped mid lick. Bella? A panic attack? Mint scum be damned. I was ready to fly to her house immediately.

"I just gave you your excuse for showing up to her house, hello!" she said the last part while smacking the back of my head. "Now we need to get going, I texted Emmett while I was in the office and he has all of her homework already."

Alice shoved me towards Emmett's now waiting Jeep and I scowled as I saw Emmett chuckling from the front seat.

"Fuck off." I said as I climbed in and started licking my now wet sleeve. That did it, he was now laughing like a hyena as we drove out of the school lot.