Chapter 2: Letters 8-14

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

I'm...Nanoha's prince?

-Fate T. Harlaown

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

Say anything negative about my loss against Cypha, and prepare to be a stain upon Laevatein.


Dear Seven Arcs,

You included Tohma, Vivio and Einhalt, but no Cypha in Gears of Destiny? This is blasphemy! We were hoping to kick the crap out of her for trashing Signum!

-The fans

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

I'm very interested in learning what started the whole thing with Shamal and Signum being together. If that's the case, I can use that to blackmail them~

-Hayate Yagami

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

People hate me because I'm a guy who's the main protagonist. WOW.

-Tohma Avenir

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

I'm going to find the guy who wrote that story about him and Hayate, and bash his brains in!


Dear Fanfiction Writers,

Crossovers between this universe and the Slayers universe, Pretty Cure, or any other magical girl series is strictly prohibited. We don't need any more reckless destruction.


Sorry for taking forever to hammer out this chapter, but I was trying to think of which characters to put in and which ones to save for the next chapter. Right now, I'm on Spring Break, and I'm going to be working on a project for school, so I don't think I'll be updating this quickly. Also, I have several other stories that need to be updated.

Letter 8: I've seen a lot of stories that have Fate as a prince...

Letter 9: Kind of self-explanatory.

Letter 10: This was inspired by TV Tropes, where a lot of fans found out that Tohma and Lily were included in the Gears of Destiny, but not Cypha. Naturally, they got mad.

Letter 11: Signum and Shamal had better come up with a good explanation...and fast!

Letter 12: I have to agree on this one. It's one thing to hate someone because they're pretty much a Mary Sue. It's another thing when you hate a character simply because he's a guy.

Letter 13: This was inspired by Onion Riffs' fanfic 'Boring Sunday Afternoon'. Knowing Vita, she'll probably chase down the guy and teach him not to write stories about his character and her Hayate.

Letter 14: Inspired by 'Things Members of the TSAB are not allowed to do!' again. Come on. They've already got insanely powerful mages on that planet, so the TSAB would understandably not want these characters to blow up the planet.

Chapter 3 should have some letters with Subaru, Teana, and some of the other characters. Who else, I'm not sure yet.

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