Chapter 8: Letters 50-65

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

To be very honest, I can understand why you do not like our official names. They sound...polarizing at best.

YEAH! They could've picked a cool name for someone as awesome as I am! But noooo...they have to go with something completely random!

Serves you right! It fits your personality, you idiot!


-The Materials

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

Okay, so I happen to read some 4-panel comics featuring me, and I wish I can erase some of those images from my head. I mean...I'm not a perverted person at all, and I CERTAINLY wouldn't be happy to have Fate as my sister just to hit on her! That's...that's just WRONG!

-Chrono Harlaown

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

You know, I've only 'befriended' about two people in my life: Fate and Vita! Contrary to popular belief, I don't go around beating the crap out of all my friends!

-Nanoha Takamachi

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

I respect Fate a lot, but not to the point of being in a relationship with her. Not to mention what Nanoha-san would do to me if she found out...

-Ginga Nakajima

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

Okay, so I'm slightly protective of Erio-kun. But I wouldn't go around hitting him with a nail-bat!

...Unless he likes someone else...

-Caro Ru Lushe

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

...After seeing some of these shipping fics, I'm kind of disturbed. I don't even really know the Numbers, or had any real connection to the Materials, or had a lot of interaction with Hayate and Signum, and yet, I'm shipped with them?

-Yuuno Scrya

Dear Fanfiction Writers, least it's nice to know that several of y'all out there actually likes me.

-Arnage of Huckbein

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

I have no idea why you guys portray me with a perverted mind. I-I'm nothing like that at all! Honestly!

-A flustered Fate T. Harlaown

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

I appreciate your attempts to find me a romantic partner. But as worthy an opponent as Testarossa is, I have no real intention of pursuing a relationship with her.


Dear Fanfiction Writers,

"Super Robot Wars masquerading as Cardcaptor Sakura"...that's an interesting way to describe us.

-The Nanoha cast

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

Okay, who's going around making me and Einhart-san do those...things with each other?!

-A very shocked Vivio Takamachi

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

Um, I don't exactly get why I'm getting paired with Vivio all of a sudden...

-A confused Hayate Yagami

Dear Artists,

Don't you think the amount of fanart about me and Nanoha is a bit...excessive?


Dear Fanfiction Writers,

For the last time, people, I'm a girl, not a boy!


Dear Fanfiction Writers,

It's been nice to actually sit down and write out these responses to you guys. Thank you for your support, and happy writing!

-The Nanoha cast


"Ah!" Nanoha sighed as she leaned back against her chair. "Finally, the last letter got sent out."

"It's been really fun to just directly talk to the fans and answer their theories," Fate replied. "Although...I was quite shocked that people portrayed me as a pervert..."

"And me as a sociopath," Nanoha added.

"And me as a pimp," Erio groaned.

"Well, I shouldn't say it's all bad," Chrono snorted. "At least they're giving ferret-boy here some recognition instead of none at all by him being paired with everyone else."

"Yeah, I guess so." Yuuno turned to Chrono with an angry look on his face as he realized what he'd said. "You actually think that's a good thing?! And I told you it's not ferret-boy!"

While the boys continued to argue, and other conversations in the room followed, Nanoha turned back to the computer, surprised to see a new story on the archive they were looking at.

"Hmm, a romance story. How nice! Let's take a look at it, Fate-chan," she said, clicking on the link.

That turned out to be a huge mistake.

For the next thirty minutes, emotional chaos reigned. Signum and Shamal had to physically restrain Vita from smashing the computer with Graf Eisen. Zafira and Arf stared wordlessly at the screen, a light blush on their faces. The same could not be said for Hayate and Rein, who resembled stop signs. Erio had vacated the room at the first mention of...steamy material. Chrono only got through two pages before he had a massive nosebleed. Yuuno didn't even make it through the first page, passing out when things got graphic. Fate was crying, horrified at what she was reading.

Nanoha...stared at the screen with an unreadable look on her face.

"W-Who...whoever wrote this has a sick mind!" Vita screamed. "A SICK MIND!"

"Indeed, Vita-chan," Nanoha said slowly. "I believe I need to them."

All commotion died the minute Nanoha donned her Barrier Jacket and activated Raising Heart. She turned to her friends with a smile, but her right hand was crushing the mouse into tiny pieces. No one dared say a word, terrified at how scary she looked.

"N-N-Nano...ha?" Fate said slowly trying to gauge the mood of her friend.

"For some reason, I have the strangest urge to make some new friends..."

=End of Extra=

Well...that escalated quickly. Someone's going to get befriended on an epic scale. Don't worry, guys. No fanfic authors were harmed in this extra. Well, except the one I made up. *runs for cover*

So yes, this is the end of Dear Nanoha Fans...for now, anyway. I'm really sorry, but I don't want to turn this story into a sort of rant where it's basically "you need to stop writing about popular people all the time and write about others!" This is about how the characters would react to the fans, and while some underappreciated get their share, that's not the main purpose of the story. Plus, writing with zero inspiration stinks. So I hope this chapter manages to satisfy you guys...unless any of you want to adopt this fic, who knows?

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