AN: Elements of this story have been cannonballed now that 4x18 has been released. Still, please enjoy my Klaroline filled version of what I would write for the rest of S4 if it was up to me.

Prologue. Mad World

"And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I ever had." ~Mad World, Gary Jules

Caroline had been tortured before.

In fact, she considered herself a bit of a pro when it came to being tortured. Vervain ropes and sunlight without a ring? Been there. Stakes through the hands and wood in the head? Done that. If it weren't for the fact that it was so damn painful, Caroline would say the whole torture thing was getting old.

But Silas? Silas knew ways to torture that even Caroline hadn't experienced before. The beauty of his torture wasn't in the physical pain, though there was plenty of that. No, it was in the mental agony that he so expertly applied.

Because Silas could take on the form of anyone he chose, dead or alive.

And Silas had been making a study of Caroline Forbes, it appeared, because he knew exactly where to strike.

"You can do this, sweetie. We can fix you."

"She likes the kill. She told me so."

"If you don't bring Tyler, she dies."

"Useless, shallow, and I'm done with you."

"She's not my daughter. Not anymore."

Her father, Alaric, Jules, Damon, her mother. Other times it was Bonnie and Matt, or Elena without her humanity reminding her of how weak she was, looking at Klaus in that way, even though it was his fault Tyler was gone.

"You know, you can make this all stop."

Caroline frowned and looked up from where she was cowering in the corner of the dank cellar. This voice was new. This wasn't one of the memories torturing her. Her eyes met a pair of slate grey ones, set in a dark skinned, classically handsome face that was framed by raven black hair. She hadn't never seen this face before, but she knew it belonged to.

"Silas?" she asked, and her voice croaked.

"I've heard so much about you," Silas said, ignoring the question. He knew she didn't really need an answer. "The baby vampire with the control of a creature far older. The golden girl who runs Mystic Falls. The unbreakable Miss Sunshine whose light can never be put out. You're like a flame, Caroline, and us monsters are the moths that gather around us. Tyler Lockwood, Stefan Salvatore, Niklaus Mikaelson, they all want to be better men for you. I'm not so foolish, though. Two thousand years is far too long. I have no better left in me. No, in my case Damon Salvatore's methods are far more appealing. I'm going to break you, Caroline." Silas' words are said softly, spoken in an almost loving tone of voice. "I'm going to break you, and then I'm going to piece you back together in the shape I want you. It would be easier if you didn't fight it too hard."

Caroline's eyes spat blue fire at Silas, and the man threw back his head and laughed. It didn't sound like a villain's laugh, but villain's so rarely fit the mould in which fairytale's paint them. More often than not, the monsters are the most attractive, the most compelling. Caroline knew from experience that that was what made them dangerous.

"Your eyes are so like hers," Silas sighed. "She always looked at me like that, too, with such fire. It was what attracted me to you. Oh, don't look at me with such horror. You're not a doppleganger for my dead love as young Miss Gilbert is for the Petrova line. In fact, you are quite the opposite of my love. She was as dark as you are bright, but those eyes of yours. They have the same expression. It's not the packaging, Caroline my dear, but what's inside that truly matters. I don't need her packaging, I just need her spirit. I will break you, just as I broke her." He cupped her cheek with his hand. "You will be the queen she never got to be."

"I thought you were going to bring her back," Caroline said. "I killed your witches; shouldn't you be off unleashing hell on Earth?"

And saying the words still brought the bile to Caroline's throat. It still made her ache with guilt, but she couldn't regret her actions. Killing those witches meant Bonnie lived, and Caroline would face hell on Earth as long as Bonnie was there to face it with her.

"I wish to unleash hell on Earth for vengeance, sweet Caroline. But no, my love will not be there. She was human, not a drop of magic in her. Even with the final sacrifice, she will not come back to me. But you are here, and you will help me get my vengeance on the one that escaped me."

"Qetsiyah," Caroline murmured. "This is all so you can have revenge on Qetsiyah."

"So clever."

Silas pressed his lips to Caroline's and she tried to rear back and remove her lips from his, but Silas simply moved his hand to the back of her neck and held her more firmly. When his tongue tried to invade her mouth, Caroline bit down hard and Silas reared back.

"Oh yes!" he laughed, wiping blood away from his mouth, leaving a red smear behind. "You have her spirit. Let's continue, shall we?"

And Silas once again became Bill, and the cycle continued.

AN: So, Caroline always seems to attract the attention of characters with a darker side (Klaus, Damon, Katherine, evil Alaric, even Stefan and Tyler to some extent), so I figured why not Silas as well? If anyone is curious, the inspiration (and title) for this story comes from the end credits of the first season of "Vampire Knight." They are creepy, and the song that plays during them is called "Still Doll." You should go check them out. If you imagine Yuuki as being blonde, she would basically be Caroline from this story in those end credits. I'm going to put the poor girl through hell.

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