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I'm secretly enjoying the misery...I swear, stupid writers have drained the color out of my eyes.

Rocky's POV

When I woke up, I woke up with a huge smile. I remember everything from last night. I wish I could go back and pause time forever. Okay... Logan is seriously messing up my head. I yawned and sat up, getting ready for school.

Eventually, I made it into the Hunter-Jones' apartment.

"Hey, hey, hey," I said out loud as I entered through the window. Logan was at the counter, eating cereal.

"Hey, Rox," he said," Cece is in the restroom. Don't tell Georgia, but Cece didn't stay over night."

"Seriously?" I said and went across from him.

"Yup," he nodded," I ended up sleeping here alone. What if (Star: Badum tss.) someone sneaked in and raped me while I was sleeping?"

"I'll crush them," I answered him.

"Awe, aren't you a cutie patoonie."

"Whatever. So do you know if Jason is going to our school?"

"I don't know," Logan replied in a cold voice.

"You don't like Jason?"

"I don't like guys who get near my girl."

"You're my guy, and I'm your girl. Nothing is going to change that. He's just new here."

"Whatever," Logan rolled his eyes and took his dish to the sink. He started to wash it, and I went behind him. I put my arms around his waist, and set my head on top of his shoulder.

"Are you mad?" I pouted.



"I'm not." Logan then turned off the sink and dried his hands with the nearby towel. He started walking to the left, dragging me with him since I haven't let go. Logan started walking around the kitchen many times, and he was dragging me the entire time.

"You're so mean," I said while he was dragging me.

"You're so clingy," he said. I could have sworn he laughed a bit. He walked for a whole minute or so, and I was still hanging on to him.

"I'm not gonna let go."

"Until what."

"I don't know. I just don't want to let go." Logan stopped walking, and he grabbed my hands. He turned around and hugged me.

"Me too. I promise I'll never let go if you don't. Promise?"

"Promise." Logan gave me a quick kiss, and then he walked away to the couch. I just stood there, with a huge smile on my face. When did I ever get this lucky? Cece then came out of the restroom, ready.

"Ready to go?" I asked her, pretending nothing happened.

"Um... yeah. Why do you look so... flushed?" Cece asked me.

"I'm um... hot? This shirt is attracting a lot of heat."

"Rocky, it's May. Of course it's hot." Cece then looked over at Logan and smirked. "You have no idea what I did."

Logan's POV

"CECE!" I yelled as I stormed down the halls. She and Rocky were by my locker since we're locker neighbors.

"Yes, Little Scooter?" she batted her eyelashes.

"You sicken me," I said and made a disgusted face at her.

"What did I ever do to you?" she sarcastically gasped.

"WHY IN YOUR DAMN RIGHT MIND WOULD YOU TELL PEOPLE I'M DATING ANNIE!?" I yelled. I was really mad. I saw Rocky sigh from the corner of my eye.

"I just told one person, but I guess rumors spread quickly," she sighed.

"Well not as quickly as your legs spread open to Gunther!"

"Oh shut up, you hobo!"

"Why would you even say that?"

"Oh I don't know, it's just revenge for getting me a detention because they think I'm the one that spray painted the lie on my locker!"

"Sissy! Everyone knows there is something going on between you two! Unlike Annie and I, there is nothing! We haven't even been talking for the past few days."

"Well I don't care, and I don't pay attention," Cece rolled her eyes," You're on your own."

"Cece! Seriously! That-"

"Okay, you two!" Rocky interrupted us," Stop arguing! It's bringing nothing but problems. You guys are now siblings. You can't argue forever." Cece and I looked at each other, stuck out our tongues, and walked in opposite directions. Rocky was left there, confused.

"Hey, Annie," I said as I walked up to Annie and three other girls that were with hafter first period. I needed to get to second, quickly.

"Hey, Logan," Annie said with a small smile.

"Have you heard any stupid rumors going around?"

"That you and I are a thing... yeah, I've heard. I'm clearing it out with every person who asks me."

"Thanks, Ann," I thanked her with a hug," you're the best friend ever." As soon as I said that, the bell ring. "Gotta run, bye!" She just waved at me like if she was paralyzed or something.

After school, I was in my underwear, with one shoe, and Rocky was behind my while was my backpack was on the front to make sure people didn't see me in my underwear. What happened? Well, some idiot took my pants while I was sleeping in last period, and they also took one of my shoes. Rocky was still laughing. Cece was who knows where with Gunther. Rocky found me in the janitor's closet after I texted her. She made Gunther drag Cece away.

"Haha," Rocky laughed again. She was walking right behind me, and I could feel her breathing on my neck. She was wearing sun glasses because she didn't want to be seen with a nudist. Best. Girlfriend. Ever.

"You just enjoy me being close to full nudity," I rolled my eyes.

"Haha," she laughed sarcastically," whatever. We need to hurry to your house. Our shift is soon." We were waiting to cross the street, but there was traffic when a lady on a wheelchair passed in front of us.

"They see me rollin', they hatin," sang the old lady as she ran over my feet with her wheelchair. She then proceeded by laughing out loud like a maniac while going away, leaving me in pain.

"OWWW!" I screamed and jumped over the the building right behind us where the crossing thing was at. I leaned against the wall, and Rocky was laughing.

"Today is not your day," she laughed at me.

"My feet hurt," I whined," especially my toes!"

"Should I call the ambulance or," Rocky lowered her sun glasses," a toe-truck?" She laughed like a cute little witch at her own damn joke. I just glared at her and started rubbing my aching feet.

"Look, Mommy," a little boy with his mom passed closely by us and pointed at me," that hobo has no pants just like Uncle Steve!"

"I do have pants!" I claimed," Some meanie took them, though."

"They probably took them because they were so ugly!" the kid yelled as his mom just facepalmed.

"Oh yeah?! Is that what happened to your Uncle Steve's pants?!"

"Logan," Rocky yelled as she pushed her glasses back up," don't argue with a little five year old."

"Yeah!" his mom yelled," Don't talk to my son like that!" She started whacking me with her purse.

"Hey!" Rocky said and snapped her fingers at the lady," Don't be hitting my boyfriend with your old lady purse!" The lady then proceeded by taking pepper spray out of her purse. "Logan," Rocky said and grabbed my hand," run!"

By the time we reached my apartment, we were out of breath. I think one of my foots was broken because I started limping on it. We burst inside, and I feel face down on the floor. Rocky ended up falling on top of my back. Today was not my day.

"EH EHM!" Cece yelled at us. We looked up and groaned. Gunther was on the couch with an amused look on his face.

"You will nev-" Rocky got interuppted by Cece.

"Shut it," Cece said in an angry tone," you will never guess what I found out." Cece glared at us with a very angry look. I think she found out.

Yup. Today definitely was not my day.

Star: Because it's 12:55 as I write this. :) I think this has to be one of my favorite chapters yet. Please tell me I'm not the only one laughing at my own writing. Not because it's so terrible but because it's funny. Sometimes I like to think I'm funny... that's why I have no friends.

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