Being an engineer does have its advantages. Without engineers, a starship can't function properly, which puts a lot of pressure on their shoulders but they overcome this pressure with triumph and pride. This is the case with Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott—he always sticks his neck out for the good of his engineers and this famed USS Enterprise.

Dr. McCoy however, despite being the Chief Medical Officer, gets irritated when people walk into his sickbay injured with something that could've been avoided if they were careful. Engineers are the usual visitants in his sickbay. A particular engineer, Lieutenant Serena Marshall, comes to sickbay once in a while, but not as much as someone like Mr. Scott. For some reason (reasons not yet known), Dr. McCoy seems to remember her face and name—something he doesn't do unless he sees a person every single day. Today, Serena slashed her arm with an access panel. She didn't know it was hanging open and she stood from her crouched position and got a cut on her forearm the size of a pencil.

"You engineers are never careful," Dr. McCoy sighed heavily as he cleaned the wound on her arm. Swallowing hard, Serena forced a shy smile. "It's difficult, doctor."

"I can imagine," he said gruffly, his hazel eyes never leaving the wound on her arm. Serena watched him work on her arm. When she came in with a bleeding arm, Dr. McCoy rolled his eyes irritably upon seeing her.

He led her to a vacant biobed, then pulled up a stool and sat in front of her.

"You're lucky it isn't a deep cut," his smooth but grouchy voice said. He scanned the lengthy wound with a medical tricorder. "You won't need stitches and it won't leave a scar."

"That's good," she had to clear her throat before saying that. The doctor met her eyes, raised a curious brow and quickly glanced at the small table next to the biobed where he pulled out some gauze and a roll of bandages. As he did this, he heard the automatic doors of sickbay swish open. McCoy brought his head up and looked past Serena, rolled his eyes with an irritable frown and went back to Serena's arm.

"I'm busy Jim—this better be good," he spat as the captain of the Enterprise made his way over. Serena turned her head only to meet the young captain's bright smile. He nodded in greeting to her, which she returned. Kirk then turned to his longtime friend.

"Bones, I didn't know you were busy. I came here because I was bored," Kirk smiled. "I'll let you finish with the beautiful young lady…" he trailed off to wink at Serena, who smiled in flattery.

"Keep it in your pants, Jim," McCoy said calmly. Jim chuckled and Serena blushed, but tried to keep herself from laughing. As McCoy rolled up the bandages over the wound, Kirk began wandering close by, picking up whatever was on the closest table, examining it, then placing it back. When he reached for a third item, the doctor's brows furrowed deeply but his eyes didn't waver from his work.

"Jim, so help me god if you break one of those tricorders—"

"Ok, geez," Kirk held his arms up in innocence. Serena plastered a silly grin on her face while the doctor shook his head in annoyance muttering under his breath.

Right then and there, the doctor finished wrapping up her arm. He picked up a medical PADD, tapped it a few times, and then met her eyes. "You'll need the bandages to be changed so come back tonight at nineteen hundred," he stood up from the stool and added: "You can return to work but please don't get hurt again."

"I won't. Thank you doctor," Serena nodded and then left as soon as the captain smiled at her. Once the doors of sickbay closed behind her Kirk couldn't help himself, "Who's she?"

"Lieutenant Marshall," McCoy answered swiftly as he ran a hand through his neatly combed brown hair. "She's an engineer."

"Hmm…" Kirk hummed in understanding. The two men walked into McCoy's office, where Kirk took a seat in one of the chairs by the table. McCoy walked towards a cupboard and pushed aside some medical equipment before pulling out a bottle of Tennessee Whiskey and two cups.

"So…" Kirk began as the doctor sat across from him. Bones raised his eyebrows in response as he poured the alcohol into the two cups. "Do you like her?"

"What do you mean?" Bones pushed one of the cups toward Jim before drinking a bit of his and flinching as the scorching liquid made its way down his throat.

"You know…if you like her," Kirk repeated himself before drinking a bit of his whiskey. McCoy stared into his friend's eyes before nodding in understanding. "Never really thought about it,"

"Do you know her well?"

"Besides her medical records; not much," he shrugged and downed the last of the whiskey.

"You should ask her out,"

There's nothing more painful than practically choking on Tennessee Whiskey. His throat burned as he forced the alcohol down once more while he frowned in confusion at Jim. Coughing, he spoke, "What?"

"You should ask her out, she's cute," Kirk gave his friend a gleaming smile. McCoy's expression softened as he sighed. "I haven't asked a woman out since I got divorced, Jim,"

"And that was what—four years ago?" Kirk slammed his fist on the table. "No wonder you're so pissed off all the time!"

McCoy glared at Kirk but said nothing. Maybe he was right. He'd gotten over his ex-wife long ago, but maybe it was time to move on and have someone else to share his life with. But what if what happened with his ex-wife occurred again?

"I don't remember how to ask women out anymore," was his lame excuse.

"C'mon Bones, it's easy!" Kirk stood from the chair in a flash. Bones stared at him with a bored expression. "Easy for you; you get laid every damned day."

"I know you have it in you—I'm sure that if you put your mind to it, you'll do it!" Kirk cried out.

Suddenly, the doors to McCoy's office opened, revealing none other than the Enterprise's Vulcan first officer, Mr. Spock. Expression emotionless and stoic as ever, he stood up straight with a PADD in his hand and spoke calmly, "Doctor, I need the reports—"

"How 'bout this Bones!" Kirk dashed over to Spock and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Pretend Mr. Spock is Lieutenant Marshall and practice asking her out!"

"May I ask what the situation is?" Spock asked. "And why I must pretend to be a woman?"

"Jim wants me to ask a woman out," McCoy grumbled. Spock nodded. "It would be logical to do so doctor; there is a high possibility that your irritation levels are the product of your continued abstinence."

"That's what I said!" Kirk threw his arms in the air. Bones groaned in annoyance. "I'm not like you Jim; I don't want to have a one night stand."

"That is a very logical way of thinking, doctor," Spock nodded. Bones raised his eyebrows and brought his second cup of whiskey to his lips. "For once we agree Mr. Spock."

"Anyways," Kirk said with a smirk. "Bones, if you're gonna ask her out; just know I'll be your wingman."

"Yeah, yeah," Bones rolled his eyes.