Sweetheart of an Asshole


Ken was sitting back in his locker room. It was after his match against AJ Styles for his TV title belt. He lost the match because AJ kept Anderson out of the ring by trying to escape to go back to the locker room. He tried to get AJ back to the ring by the count of ten, but AJ was more of the stronger one and pulled out of any hold Ken had on him.

Running his hand through his spikey bleached hair, letting out a soft sigh, he thought about what just happened. He wished he could figure out what was going on in his mind. He then took his foot and kicked the sofa that was in there. "Ow! You son of a bitch!" Ken yelled at the sofa.

Cocking his brow, Jeff looked at the locker room door as he heard Ken yell at the sofa. He then knocked on his door. "Ken, are you okay man?" Jeff asked, waiting for a response.

Hearing Jeff offer his questioning, he growled under his breath. "I'm fine!" He yelled as he tried to get up and walk over to the shower, but fell over. "Dammit!" He yelled.

Jeff first shrugged as he began to walk away from the door, then he stopped as he heard a big crash in the room. He then opened the door as he saw Ken laying on the floor holding his ankle. He threw his bag to the side as he ran over to Ken. "Ken! Dude, you are not okay."

"No I am not okay!" Ken yelled. "The stupid sofa beat my foot up. It came alive and just knocked me over." He then glared at the sofa.

Jeff did his best to try and not laugh. "Did you want to get that looked at?" He asked on a more serious note. He knew that he had to get the injured ankle looked at. That way he won't be on the injured ankle trying to leave.

"Well sure hot stuff," Ken spoke with a smirk. "If you dress up as a nurse and tend to the little stinker."

Jeff tried not to laugh at what Ken said. "Sorry, but I don't tend to anyone's stinky feet. I could take you to one of the trainers. They may be able to help you more than I would."

Ken laughed a little as he shook his head. "They're all busy with AJ Styles after the surprise attack from Abyss. Weren't you watching?" Ken asked before he smirked at Jeff. "Oh wait, you were in fantasy land."

Laughing a little, Jeff shook his head. "I was not." He then stuck his tongue out at Ken.

Ken snickered a little. "So you must want me to pierce that thing of yours."

Jeff dropped his jaw in reaction to what Ken said. He then smirked. "You would, but you probably don't know how." He then waited to see what Ken wanted to do.

Ken just glared at Jeff and pretended to bite his tongue. "Get me to the doctor. Now!"

Laughing a little, Jeff grabbed his bag and Ken's bags and then put his arm around Ken. "Come on asshole." He began to head out with Ken hanging onto him.

"Glad to be one sweetheart," Ken smirked as he left with Jeff.

Jeff laughed a little as he and Ken made it out to the car. Jeff tossed the bags in the back seat as he opened the passenger side door for Ken. "Hop in asshole."

With a smirk on his face, Ken hopped his way to the car and got in. This caused Jeff to laugh. Once he was in, Jeff walked around and got in the driver's seat and buckled up. Sticking his key into the ignition, the engine roared to life.

Pulling out of the parking lot, Jeff headed to the ER so Ken could get his ankle looked at. "So Ken, why are you really mad?"

Shaking his head, Ken parted his lips, "The TV title, it was supposed to be mine. You know that, everyone knows that."

"So you tried, and when you didn't win, you take it out on the sofa. You are one strange man." Jeff tried not to laugh.

Ken smacked Jeff's arm. "The sofa tripped me."

Jeff couldn't help himself but laugh a little. "And how did it trip you? Did it grow legs and walk in front of you?"

Cocking his brow, Ken looked at Jeff. "This is not funny."

"Pulling up in the parking lot, Jeff got out and ran over to help Ken into the hospital. "Um Ken, did you want a wheelchair?"

Looking up at Jeff, he spoke, "Wheelchairs are for bitches. Get me in the hospital sweetheart."

Jeff began to help Ken into the hospital. Nurses ran over to them. "What happened sir?" One asked.

Ken glared at Jeff as to tell him to shut up. He was taken back to look at his foot.

"He got into an argument with the sofa," Jeff tried not to laugh, "It won."

The nurse nodded as Ken's voice echoed through the halls. Jeff shook his head, sitting down to wait for Ken. A sigh escaped his lips as he continued to sit there waiting for Ken. He popped his head up as he heard Ken yelling at the nurses. "Once an asshole, always an asshole."

Just as he said that, Ken hobbled out on one foot. "Come on sweetheart. We are getting out of here." He hobbled out of the hospital on one foot. He looked back at Jeff to see if he was coming. "Move it!"

Hearing what Ken said, Jeff got up from the seat he was in and headed to the exit. He caught up to Ken. "What the hell happened Ken?" He asked, seeing Ken holding the cloth wrap.

"The nurses didn't wrap it right, so I took it and left. Now you wrap it sweetheart."

Rolling his eyes, Jeff took the wrap and began to wrap his foot. "You are picky, you know that?" Jeff asked with a laugh.

Ken glared at Jeff, hearing what he said, kicked him with his good foot. "Am not. Now finish wrapping my foot sweetheart."

Jeff rubbed where Ken kicked him. "Why did you have to kick me?" He asked as he finished wrapping his foot up.

"You deserve it babe," Ken stuck his tongue out at him.

"Babe? So now I'm a babe?" Jeff asked cocking his brow.

A laugh escaped Ken's lips. "You have a problem with that sweetheart?"

Jeff shook his head. "No, I don't have a problem with that. Do you want to stay here or you want me to take you to the hotel?"

"Hotel sweetheart."