The Way You Make Me Feel


Arriving at the hotel, Jeff parked his car. He helped Ken inside. "Please tell me you can take the stairs," Jeff spoke.

Ken limped in knowing that Jeff does not like to take elevators. "I'll try, but if I fall over, you can carry me. I'm on the fifth floor."

Jeff glared at Ken. "Fine. Let's go." He had an arm around Ken as he headed towards the stairs. He began to help Ken up the stairs. When Jeff and Ken reached the third floor, Ken almost fell over.

"I can't make it any further," Ken spoke as he smirked, knowing Jeff had to carry him to his hotel room, Ken wrapped his arms around Jeff's neck.

Rolling his eyes, Jeff picked Ken up and carried him to the fifth floor. When Jeff arrieved, he asked Ken where his room was. Ken pointed down the hall. "Why did you get a room down there?" Jeff groaned. He saw one of the laundry bins. Placing Ken in it, he paid the maid to borrow it.

"What the hell are you doing?" Ken asked.

"Cheating," Jeff answered as he pushed Ken down the hall. Jeff picked up the pace a little and ran to the end of the hall. "We're here." Jeff picked Ken up and held him up in front of his door.

Ken pulled his room key out and opened the door. Smirking a little, Ken looked at Jeff. "Bed."

"You can walk to the bed asshole." Jeff smirked, pushing Ken into the room.

Ken stumbled in the room, almost falling on his bad foot. "Hey bitch! What was that for?" Ken asked holding his foot like it was broken. "You like seeing me in pain don't you?"

A laugh came out of Jeff's lips as he came in to help Ken up. "So I'm a bitch? Well I'm glad to be one." He stuck his tongue out at Ken.

Smirking as Ken looked at Jeff. "You know I can bite that thing off." Pretending it was nothing, he grinned at Jeff. He began to bite at Jeff's tongue.

"Ouch!" Jeff yelled like Ken really did bite it. He walked in and shut the door. "So you want to bite me huh?" A smirk arose on his face as he walked over and laid on the bed. His green eyes looked at Ken's blue eyes. "Then come bite me."

Cocking his brow, Ken climbed on the bed and looked at Jeff's body. He playfully bit his neck, causing Jeff to growl in a sexual way. Hearing this growl began to turn Ken on. He felt his shaft form a tent in his pants.

Pulling away, Ken looked at Jeff, seeing a kinky look on his face. "So you liked that huh?" He asked with a smile on his face.

Jeff nodded his head. "Yes Ken, I did. What if I want more?" Jeff asked with a pout on his face.

Ken sat up as he thought about it, "I don't think you want any more of this body," Ken said as he started to get off of Jeff.

Jeff saw Ken get up off him. Quickly Jeff grabbed Ken and pulled him down. "You really want to be a brat huh?"

"Who me?" Ken asked with an innocent look on his face.

"Oh quit playing innocent. I know you want me."

"Maybe I do, Maybe I don't."

Smirking a little, Jeff pulled Ken in for a deep kiss. His lips kissed Ken's deeply, hands went to the back of Ken's head.

Ken slowly ran his hand up Jeff's side. It sent shivers down Jeff's spine. Ken's tent hit Jeff's leg, causing a moan to escape his lips. After a bit of kissing, Ken began to fiddle with Jeff's pants. When Jeff's hands were free and his pants were off, Ken began to stroke his shaft.

Feeling his shaft being stroked, Jeff let out moans. "Yes baby, that feels so," Jeff was caught mid-sentence with deep kisses from Ken. The kisses were deep, almost sucking the life out of Jeff.

Feeling his shaft hard and ready, Ken took his own pants and briefs off. Ken straddled Jeff and slipped his ass hole around Jeff's shaft, getting ready to ride him. Slowly, Ken began to ride Jeff's shaft. Moans began to escape Ken's lips as he was riding Jeff's shaft. Looking down at Jeff, he smacked Jeff's thy.

Whimpering a little, Jeff pouted as he returned rubbing Ken's balls. He smirked as he heard Ken moan. "Make me yell bitch!" Jeff demanded.

Hearing what Jeff said, Ken began to ride Jeff faster. "Come on Jeff, let me have it!" He thrusted even harder. Ken really wanted Jeff to let loose in him.

Feeling Ken thrust as hard as he could, Jeff exploded deep inside Ken. Jeff let out a small moan as he made sure he was empty.

When Ken was done, he was pouting because it felt so good. His hand ran up Jeff's arm as he fell on top of Jeff. "That was great Jeff."

Nodding his head, Jeff smiled as he started to shiver a little. He tried to hide it from Ken, but Ken felt Jeff shiver.

Pulling Jeff closer, Ken wrapped a blanket around the both of them. "We should rest baby," Ken whispered, kissing his lips softly.

Jeff frowned a little, not wanting to go to sleep. He shook his head. "I want to taste you, please?" Jeff pouted looking at Ken.

A small sigh escaped his lips. "Oh fine, you can taste me."

A frown appeared on Jeff's face as he looked at Ken. "You aren't up to it." He turned away from Ken.

Seeing Jeff frown caused himself to frown. "Jeffy, taste me please?" Ken frowned as he wrapped his arms around Jeff, kissing his neck softly.

Feeling Ken wrap his arms around himself, he wanted to push away, but began to feel his lips kissing his neck. Jeff giggled a little as the kisses were placed along his neck. "Okay, okay Ken. I'll taste you." He rolled over and began to kiss Ken's lips softly.

Ken moaned softly into the kiss. Soon, his arms wrapped around Jeff, pulling him closer. He began to grind against his body. All Ken wanted was to drive Jeff nuts enough to really want him.

Moans were escaping his lips as his hands began to run down Ken's body. His hand ran along his body, down to his shaft. Pausing just above it to see what Ken would do.

"Jeff, why must you be a brat?" Ken asked with a pout on his face.

Jeff had a smirk on his face. "Who? Me?" Jeff asked, trying not to laugh.

Ken glared at Jeff. "Yes you. Unless your brother was here."

Hearing what Ken said, "My brother? Where?" Jeff looked around as if Matt was really there.

Shaking his head, Ken buried his face in the pillow. "Someone save me, I'm with a nut."

Jeff dropped his jaw. "I am not a nut, thank you."

"Oh yes you are. Don't you have nuts?"

Nodding his head, "Yes, but that doesn't make me a nut."

Ken snickered a little. "Now get your Imagi-behind over here and taste me."

Jeff rolled over as he began to stroke his shaft. His green eyes began to get locked in Ken's blue eyes. His lips began to lock with Ken's. When Jeff placed his lips around Ken's shaft, he began to suck at his shaft. The sucking began to speed up as he began to hum. His tongue poked at the hole at the tip of his shaft.

This caused Ken to let out a gasp. His hands wanted to touch Jeff, but they were grabbing a hold of the sheets, pulling them out, or trying to. Ken felt the pre cum begin to come out.

Tasting the pre cum, Jeff stopped, he stood up and went over to the bag he had, pulling out a cock ring. He came over and placed it on Ken's shaft. Hearing whimpers escape Ken's lips, Jeff put his finger up against his lips. "Hush." Moving his hand along Ken's shaft, he began to stroke it at a fast pace. This was causing Ken to make all kinds of noises. His hands were trying to get the cock ring off of his shaft, but Jeff wouldn't allow this. Seeing a roll of tape, Jeff grabbed it, sitting Ken up, he wrestled Ken for his hands. "Fold your hands!"

Hearing what Jeff said, Ken folded his hands as Jeff taped them that way behind his back. His shaft was pulsing hard. "Please let it lose. It hurts."

"Shh baby, you will feel better."

A small whimper esaped his lips, knowing he had to wait. Ken was feeling pain shoot through his shaft, as he tried reaching around to get it off. Not getting it done, he just let Jeff do what he was going to do.

Jeff stroked his shaft at a fast pace again. Moans were escaping Ken's lips as Jeff was doing this. He began wiggling around as the pain was shooting tough his shaft. His legs straddled over Ken's lap. He slipped his shaft into ken as he began to thrust into him.

Moans began to escape his lips as pleasure filled his body. Pain was also filling his shaft more and more. "Oh Jeff! I have to!" Ken yelled.

Thrusting himself into Ken harder, he began to feel his shaft pulse. A few more thrusts, he let lose in side him, removing the cock ring, Ken exploded all over Jeff. A gasp escaped his lips as he felt Jeff make sure he was empty.

Ken began to pant. He couldn't move an inch. His whole body was weak. He did want to touch Jeff, but his hands were still taped behind him.

Grabbing a pair of scissors, Jeff cut the tape off Ken's hands. He pulled his arms around him after laying the scissors down on the night stand. "That was great," Jeff spoke as he wrapped his arms around Ken.

Ken smiled as he heard what Jeff said as he yawned. His eyes began to close as he was laying there with Jeff. He slowly fell asleep in his arms.

Jeff held Ken in his arms. He rubbed his back gently as he slowly fell asleep.