~*~Author's Note~*~

I decided to make a one-shot of Prims death.rD

She takes off running to help the kids hurt by the bombs. She finds one boy about five years old and can't stand to see someone so innocent to be hurt by these evil people. She runs to him, hoping there is a way that she can help. Everything is in chaos around her. Guns are being shot everywhere, kids being hurt, the only thing she can hope for is that her sister makes it out alive with Gale and Peeta. She runs to the injured five-year old and holds his hand telling him everything will be fine; even though she knows it won't.

"Are you okay? Where are you hurt? Don't worry, I won't hurt you, I promise," she says smiling warmly at the mere child who obviously has a broken arm.

"M-my arm hurts. Can you please help me find my momma?" The child says with a single tear rolling down his cheek. Prim gives him a sad smile and nods. The boy looks happier than ever. She gets up and offers the boy her hand. He smiles warmly at her and accepts. She helps him up and looks around to see if there is anyplace safe for them to pass. She sees Katniss yelling at her.

"Katn-," she starts to say but is interrupted by an explosion. She looks over to the little boy and she sees him smiling waving goodbye to her holding his mother's hand and walking into a bright street. Then she sees her father, gesturing for her to come with him.

"D-dad what are you doing here?" She asks dumbfounded at the presence of her father that died when she was only 7 years old.

"Prim I missed you so much! Come on, we're finally free," he says pulling his now teenaged daughter into a tight embrace. Free, the one thing she has never been. Her's, and everyone else's, freedom was taken by the Capitol. Snow, the one thing in the world that she hated. He was the reason for all of this, he was the one who made these games, he was the reason her sister had to go in the arena twice. He was an evil snake.

"I-I-I missed you too daddy." She says crying with a sad smile on her face at looks up at her father who looks exactly the same from when she last saw him six years ago. He smiles warmly at her and wipes the tear off her cheek with his thumb.

"Let's go home sweety," he say placing his big, minor hands in her petite, healer hands. And with that they continue to walk into the bright light. But one thing is different now; she is free.

~*~Author's Note~*~

So... did you like it? It came out randomly 'cause I was bored so ya. Review please? ^~^