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Bella felt every eye on her, she could feel them burning through her, judging her. She could almost hear the thoughts running through their minds. Why is she with him, why does he care about her, what is his objective. And honestly Bella wished she could answer those questions herself because she would really love to know. She heard the whispers buzzing around her, she saw the looks and she tried not to cringe. She made it to her first class and settled in for what she knew would be a very trying day.

Emmett made it to lunch getting looks himself, he knew what they were thinking, why was he with her? Was she some sort of pity case? What was he getting out of it?" He found it sad that those questions even circulated around in the minds of his classmates but he knew they did. He heard their whispers and he tried to ignore them. By the time he made it to lunch he was tense and he hated to think what Bella was like at that moment.

"So I saw you gave Bella Swan a ride to school today." Alice's eyes sparkled.

"Yes so." Emmett snapped.

"Whoa." Alice held up her hands. "Didn't mean to make you angry."

"Sorry." Emmett's shoulders slumped. "I'm just tired of all the looks and whispers that have been going around today. I always knew Bella had it bad we've all seen it with our own eyes but this is just crazy." He stabbed his meet with his fork."

"Yeah it's sad." Alice sighed shaking her head as she waved Jasper and the others over. Edward opened his mouth to say something but Alice shook her head stopping him.

"Just so everyone knows yes I gave Bella Swan a ride to school today and I'm also giving her a ride home. I'm sick of the way the school has been treating her, she never did anything to any of them." He huffed. He didn't realize it but his eyes had traveled over to where Bella was sitting by herself looking out the window rolling an apple between her hands. "Hold on." He got up and strode across the cafeteria. He came up to her and tapped her on the shoulder. She jumped and turned.


"I was…. Well I was wondering if you wanted to sit with me and my friends. "

"Oh well." Bella looked over at the table that held the other teens. Her eyes briefly scanning around the rest of the cafeteria. "Um okay." She stood up. Her leg a bit stiff that as she stepped forward she stumbled. Regaining her balance she tried not to blush. She walked with Emmett by her side. She slipped into the empty seat and looked around her. She never though she'd be sitting here with these people but she had also never thought she'd have gotten a ride with Emmett Cullen. "Thanks." She looked back down at her tray.

"You're welcome." Emmett smiled as his siblings and friends watched him. It wasn't that they minded Bella being there no, it was that they hadn't seen Emmett ever act like that. Sure they'd seen him stand up for Bella and others in the past they had done the same thing but it seemed that whatever Emmett had seen that Friday afternoon had really changed him. Silence reigned around the table as no one knew quite what to say to each other as they all finished up their lunch and head to their next Classes a class which Bella had with Edward Cullen. She was even his lap partner but they hadn't ever really talked to each other unless it was for work. As they slipped into their seat Bella turned to him.

"Your brother is nice." She whispered.

"He has his moments." Edward chuckled. He noticed the shrouded look her eyes got at that. "Hey I was just joking yes my brother is nice. And he won't hurt you, at least not on purpose."

"Okay." She breathed. Neither of them really noticed Mike Newton watching them but Bella wished she had when it came to the end of the day. She was standing by her locker putting her things away so she could go home, it was the locker always the locker it was like a trap when Mike came up to her.

"So two Cullen Brothers for the price of one, you know they only want to get Into your pants they just aren't as honest about it as some others are." He smirked.

She took a deep breath and looked at him. "Or you know they are just nice, some people are just like that you know."

"Yeah okay you keep believing that." He smirked shaking his head and walking away. She felt herself slump the fight taken out of her.

"Hey you okay?" she looked behind her at Emmett. "I don't know what he said to you but I can guarantee that it isn't true."

"Yeah." Bella sighed. "Are you ready?"

"If you are." Emmett could see that she didn't believe him that what ever Mike had said had gotten to her and he wasn't sure what to do about it. Bella got her things from her locker and they headed out to the parking lot and then headed home. As they pulled into the Swan's driveway Emmett turned to her. "I'm not sure if you'd want to but my mom invited you to dinner if you'd like to come tomorrow we can just go straight there from School. "

Bella's mind whirled. "Okay. Charlie is working late anyway."

"Great." Emmett smiled. "I'll be here in the morning to pick you up."

Thanks." Bella slipped out of the car and made it into the house. She wasn't sure what to make of today and she really wasn't sure what to make of Emmett Cullen. Emmett himself made it home and walked through the door. He found Esme cooking dinner and leaned down to kiss her cheek.

"Hey ma."

"Emmett nice to see you did you have a good day at School?"

"It had it's moments." He shrugged really not wanting to think about the things he'd seen and heard that day. "by the way Bella is coming to dinner tomorrow we'll come right after school."

"Is that where you wen this morning to get Bella."

Emmett nodded and Esme just smiled. "Well I'll be glad to meet her tomorrow. Now why don't you go and finish your homework well I finish dinner. Watching him go Esme wondered about one Bella Swan.

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