Merry Christmas.

As a Christmas gift to you guys, I've decided to post this chapter a little early. I huge thanks to everyone who's stuck with me since I began posting this so many years ago and though the two-year hiatus. I hope you have enjoyed this story as much as i have had writing it. As sorry as I am to say this is goodbye for this story for now but I have many more stories in the works so stay tuned.


"Alright, everyone but Lyra out," said Madam Pomfrey as she got to Lyra.

Not paying attention to the three men's cries of displeasure she shooed them out, looking the door behind them and returned to Lyra's side.

"Just breath as best you can," she said as she hovered over Lyra's side. "You'll have to get on your back dear."

Poppy helped Lyra move onto her back and moved to kneel between her legs.

"I have to see what's going on. You might not be able to deliver naturally, even with the changes to your body it might still be complicated."

Lyra had wound herself in the sheets making unwrapping her a bit difficult as she kept trying to curl in on herself. Once Lyra had been untangled from the sheets Poppy spread Lyra's legs and removed the underwear she was wearing, which were soaked from her water breaking. Without the sheets and underwear in the way, Madam Pomfrey was able to see that her body had already started to dilate and looked to be almost three centimetres dilated. Seeing that for the time being everything was moving accordingly she say back on her heels and took a deep breath, she could only hope that she wouldn't need to take drastic measures to deliver the children.

Getting off the bed Poppy whipped her wand out and changed Lyra's nightwear to a clean and dry nightgown, and did the same to the bed and sheets around her. With the bed cleaned and everything dry, Poppy pulled the covers straight and up to cover Lyra.

"It's going to take a while so if you can try to get some rest, I'll be here the whole time."

As the pain died down Lyra drifted in and out of sleep, contractions waking her up every one and a while, only to drift back to sleep as the pain ebbed away. It was a long night and Madam Pomfrey had gone through two pots of tea and nearly a dozen biscuits, by the time the sun had started to rise Lyra was eight centimetres dilated, and was sound asleep.

Brushing small wisps of hair out of her face Poppy sat back down in the chair she had conjured with a sigh. She had only left the room a few times to either relieve herself or get more tea, even though she could have had an elf get it she used the time to move and take a few minutes away from Lyra to collect herself. Each time she left the room she was bombarded by shouts and questions from Lyra's mates and parents who had taken up in the hall outside of their shared room. She brushed off their comments, concerns, and questions, telling them everything was fine, that it would still take a few more hours before anything could happen.

It was around seven when everything came to a final, Lyra woke up screaming and the contractions kept her screaming every few seconds, one look under the sheet told Madam Pomfrey that it was time. Positioning Lyra at the bottom of the bed she pulled her legs apart and up so she could begin to push.

"Alright, this is going to be painful and difficult, but it's going to be worth it in the end, you just have to hold on and bare through it. Now when I tell you I need you to push, and push as hard as you can," said Poppy as she got in the right position.

" Ditty, Bubbles?" She called out to the two elves that had been standing around quietly helping her as best they could.

"Madam Pomfrey be's needing us?"

"Yes, it's time when I say get the water ready to wash up and blankets, and when I say I need you to do something do it."

"We's been doing what you say when you say it Madam Pomfrey," said Ditty as Bubble's nodded along.

"Alright Lyra, now push," Poppy said as she held Lyra's legs up and watched as Lyra strained to push.

"Come on now you'll need to do better than that, you really need to push."

"I'm trying," Lyra huffed out as she clasped back against the bed. "I can't do this alone."

"Fine, but just one. Who?" Poppy asked as she watched Lyra seem to give up.

"Sirius, please, get my dad."

"Bubbles get Sirius and only Sirius. And don't tell them anything," Poppy order without looking away from Lyra.

"Bubbles be getting Master Sirius."

Bubbles popped away and came back with Sirius minutes later.

"What do you need me for, and why only me?" Asked Sirius, who was bewildered as to why he had been brought into the room and everyone else had to stay out in the hall.

"She can't do this alone and more than one person who be too many people in here, she asked for you. So you keep her calm and get her to push and keep pushing until I say so," said Poppy as she directed him to Lyra's side.

"Dad," Lyra whimpered out as he came into her view.

"Oh honey," he whispered to her as he stroked her sweat covered forehead, brushing back the damp hair that had mixed with the sweat. "Come on, you need to push. The more you push the faster this will all be over, and you'll be out of pain."

Sirius didn't know what to do or say, but he tried his best, and got her up and pushing as Madam Pomfrey ordered.

"Ok, here it comes the hard part, now this will be the most painful but you have to. When I say push, push and keep pushing and don't stop until I say. Now, push! That's it keep pushing... One shoulder... two, and... it's your girl! You can stop pushing"

"A girl?" Asked Lyra as she stopped pushing and was breathing heavily.

"Yes, your little girl. Ditty clean her off and put her in a diaper and one of the sleeper suites," said Poppy as she handed the g00 covered crying child to the house elf.

"Now, you have to get ready to push again," said Poppy as she turned back to Lyra. "you want to see your son don't you?"

"Alright," Lyra sighed out as Sirius helped her sit up and start pushing again.

"You need to push harder, he looks to be bigger than your daughter. Come on... push. There we go... just a little more... Here comes the head, one shoulder, here he comes... and he's out. Bubbles... here take him and wash him off and dress him like Ditty is doing for the girl." Handing off the boy to Bubbles she cleaned up and examined Lyra to make sure the after birth was out and there wasn't any serious tearing, finding none she finished cleaning Lyra up and changed her clothes and the sheets again before going to look at the fraternal twin she had just delivered. Giving them a good once over then running the standard diagnostic spells done on all just birthed children, finding nothing out of the ordinary she moved to stand next to Sirius who was still comforting Lyra but kept trying to look over at his new grandchildren.

"Do you want to see your children?" Poppy asked despite already knowing the answer.

"Yes," Lyra answered breathlessly, who even while looking exhausted, looked excited at the prospect of seeing her children.

Taking the boy out of Bubbles hands she handed the baby to Sirius and the girl which she took from Ditty and handed to Lyra as soon as she was fully sitting up.

"Have you thought of names yet," Poppy wondered as she watched the two hold each child tightly to their respective chests.

"Yes, since you told me I'd be having twins I've been going over names in my head, some I told my Mates. Can they come in yet? I want them to know what names I've decided on."

"I'll get them, I'd imagine they're going crazy with worry by now," she said with a smile as she turned away and went to the door. Undoing the wards she had set up, which compared to the ones the men outside the door could have made was weak, and had they tried to take them down it would have been easy. As she opened the door she was bombarded by a wall of sound, questions and yells were shouted out of often and loudly that it melded everything together into sheer noise.

"Silencio," Poppy called out as she waved her wand at the four men, rendering them silent. "Now if you can be quite then I won't let you see your two children."

Even though they were all silenced, had they not been they would have willingly fallen silent. She herded the four men into the room, leaving the charm on they lest they start up again with the yelling. Poppy kept her distance as Severus, Draco and Lucius each looked at the two children, seeing them for the first time and immediately knew who had fathered who, an extent. The boy Sirius was holding had dark black hair like Severus and Lyra, while the little girl Lyra was holding had hair pale blond hair that at certain angles had a red sheen to it. If it wasn't obvious that the boy was Severus's one look at his eyes revealed onyx ones that matched Severus's, and you could only guess who the father of the girl was, Draco and Lucius being father and son. She was a Malfoy there was no doubt of it, the red sheen obviously coming from Lily.

With the others silenced Sirius decided to ask what their names were going to be.

"Well I wanted to be traditional to the Black family," Lyra said in a weary voice as she looked down at the child she was holding. "This little girl is Pyxis Anthea Malfoy, the boy is Corvus Regulus Snape."

Breaking the silencing charm Severus moved closer to his son and asked, "Anthea?"

"It means lily in Latin, I wanted to honour my mother in some way. And Regulus is for you Sirius, hopefully, you won't lose this one."

Sirius had tears gathering in his eyes as Remus came and wrapped his arms around his lover from behind, holding the teary man and his new grandchild at the same time as Sirius tried to hold himself together.


The twins grew fast, and the next months were hectic, to say the least, the twins truly had minds of their own, or so it seemed. Just when one had fallen asleep the other would start to cry, one woke up the other did, and they seemed to be hell-bent on outdoing each other as to who could cry the loudest and longest. They had their work cut out for them, the two babies kept all four of them on their toes, not to mention the house elves, and Sirius and Remus who were both overexcited to start being grandparents. That over excitement waned quite a bit when they had taken the twins to Grimmauld Place for the night, then got no sleep at all. Needless to say, Sirius and Remus were plenty happy to return the twins to their parents.

With the twins born and taking up most of their time, there was little left of anything else, but the four of them made sure to not neglect each other again, knowing that there would be no coming back from such a disaster again. They made sure that Remus and Sirius could watch the twins or let the house elves completely take care of them, allowing for alone time.

All in all, time after the twins were born was very kind to them and while Lyra still hid Harry Potter from the world she at least got to keep the people that mattered to her, and friends that loved her no matter who she is.

Soon before she knew it Lyra saw her children grow and had more children, each having their own adventures, that thankfully didn't resemble hers in the slightest. Growing up to watch over their own children and their adventures.

The instincts that the four of them shared did eventually come back one day, though they were never as strong as they had been but, after not having them for so long Lyra was thankful that while they were there again at the end, they had given her her family back and the chance to have the future they did.