Hi everyone, this is like my 5th story and I'm pumped. I hope you like it, because I'm not going to stop till maybe 33 chapters. And THEN a sequel! So, when I write I'm taking time and all I want is to type something nice in like 10 seconds post it and then click 2 buttons that say follow and favourite. See that took a minute, or less, of your life, while this takes two days. And it also makes someone write more and feel good. Aren't you nice….

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Chapter 1- Its go time

"No, mom you can't do this! "I scream

"Katniss, honey it's only for a while. At least until Plutarch signs a contract. Then we can move somewhere sunny, like District 1." She says cheerfully and I smash a vase into the wall.

"Are you trying to torture me? I can't move to district 12, it's ridiculous!" I yell and smash another painting of me and my mother.

"Katniss, calm down" she says calmly. "It's not forever"

"Yeah, but think of this mom" I say sarcastically. "Have you even thought about how this is going to affect prim? She wants to become a doctor, and you're just pushing it even further from her"

"Don't talk like I don't know what's best" She says now annoyed.

"Oh yeah, sure" I snicker. "After marrying dad for his money, he dies and you're stuck with two kids so you marry the richest person in the world and send us to the crappiest district in Panem"

"You know it's not like that!" She disagrees." You girls need a father, a role model!"

"And look how great that turned out" I say bitterly.

Mother purses her lips and slams the luggage case, making me jump.

"Listen, you are going to district 12, whether you like it or not" She states.

"Oh, and who will we be staying with. All our relatives are dead. Well, except for uncle Haymitch, and he's no role model" I laugh

"Well, I just happened to find the loveliest family who will offer you a stay until matters are settled" She confirms and drags the suitcase off the bed.

"And Prim?" I say.

"She knows a family, the Frenchs. The little girl Rue was with her in grade five" She angrily says.

"So were not even together. Great parenting. What would dad say?" I groan.

"Ok, I will say this ONE more time. You are going to live in district 12, not with prim, staying with a lovely family and will go to Panem Academy" She says.

"What are they like then, some pretty dress up people" I snap

"No, in fact, they are bakers. They have three sons, all named after bread, and they all go to the same school as you. Oh, and they're the Mellarks" She says and leaves the room.


The morning of the leave is bitter. I make no attempt to talk or do anything my mother asks me. I've eaten nothing, said goodbye to Madge and am listening to my iPod with my mom screaming over me.

"This is so typical of you Katniss!" She screams. "At least show me some respect!"

I stand up and drag my suitcase to the boot and place myself next to prim in the car. She looks excited, but only because she's been accepted into a selective school half an hour from Panem Academy.

"Katniss, I've been waiting so long for this. I want to help people!" She squeals and I hug her.

"That's great little duck" I smile, but in reality, I feel like shit.

The drive to district 2's airport is an hour away, so I have plenty of time to spare. Prims entertaining herself by prettying up Buttercup, a vermin cat we found on the street. He hisses at me and I hiss back, startling him.

"Prim, did you have to bring that thing along" I say in disgust.

"Don't be like that, he's sad he's leaving, aren't you buttercup" She giggles and he meows.

"Useless" I mutter and stare out the window. Prim makes an effort to talk but I feel a bit annoyed.

"Kat, have you texted Madge yet, you promised you would when we were on the road" She says, playing with buttercup.

"SHIT!" I say and mumble in my bag for my phone. Madge is going to talk the hell out of me!

I find my phone near the bottom and I search the apps for KIK messenger.

Kat5061793: Hey Madge


Kat5061793: Chill, Madge. I was busy will prep and stuff. I'm sorry, k?

Strawberriesandcream03: Fine :( how are doing?

Kat5061793: Just peachy, I'm loving the torture. How bout you?

Strawberriesandcream03: Great! I thought you were going to be texting my head off about how your life's ruined :)

Kat5061793: Sarcasm, Madge, sarcasm…..

I sign and drop my phone on the seat. Prims jumping up and down and screeching.

"Katniss, look, a puppy!" She says

"Yeah, I know" I sigh and look back on my texts.

Strawberriesandcream03: The trouble is with texts, you can't note whether it's real or fake tone of voice.

I smirk. Sometime Madge is such an idiot with things. Don't ask me how she received dux of the school.

Kat5061793: You seriously can't tell from the "I'm loving the torture"….really Madge?

Prim peeps over and laughs uncontrollably. It's not internally funny, but for a scholar like Prim, she'd have to find it the best joke ever told.

"I…..can't….believe…..how….idiotic…..Madge…is…." She gasps between her laughs.

Strawberriesandcream03: Maybe you had actually started likening going to district 12…..

I frown and start punching in furiously.

Kat5067193: Prims dying over the back seat, she thinks you're hilarious….

My phone beeps and I check the message.

Strawberriesandcream03: OMG ILL CALL THE AMBULANCE

Kat5067193: Madge, I didn't really mean dying…..now she's laughing even harder.

Strawberriesandcream03: Change of topic…..so, you going to be rooming with 3 boys huh ;)

Kat5067193: OMG MADGE, let it go. They won't even like me, I'm not pretty or whatever

Strawberriesandcream03: You ARE. Just add some makeup, actual FASHIONABLE clothes and you have a diva. And I've heard from my friend Glimmer they are HOT. Save one for me, hem ;).

I groan and sign out of KIK, which is probably going to drive Madge crazy. Not that I care. I mean, I'm going to live like hell, with three boys I don't know, away from my sister and go to some snobby school.


I yawn and close my eyes slowly. Seriously, I'm bored. I shut my eyes and rest my head against the window. I jump back with alert when I feel a powerful heat explosion in my head. Its 45 degrees. Great.

It doesn't matter. I wasn't tired so I made another excuse to go on my phone. At least having a mother who can afford anything makes sure you have the best of the best. I had the iPhone 5 before the world knew about it. I flip through my apps, all 121 and try to find something that will entertain me. I realise some of them I have never tried, like Mockingjay (twitter), Panembook, Song birds or….


I like the sound of it so I hopefully press on the screen and a register button pops up. I fill in the form, since my mom's car has internet…..

Name: Katniss Everdeen

Birthday: 8th of May

Siblings? Primrose

Interests: Singing, hunting, running, writing, the beach

Relationship: Single

Email: Catnipluvthebow .au

Profile: I'm Katniss, sixteen years old. My sister Prim is my world. Don't mess with me or I will kick your ass. Best friend Madge. Hunting rocks. KIK is Kat5061793. Yeah, that's all…

I sniff, the profile is pretty lame but I can change it any time so I click accept and I see my profile picture empty. I silently wake prim up, who fallen asleep, to take a picture together. When I upload it I see I have 7 followers, people that I know. I accept Madge, my old friend Leevy, Prim, who just smiles at me evilly. Buttercup, how the hell does he have Instagram? Thom, we used to go to preschool together, Jane vive, a friend of a friend and a woman called Effie, my mother's friend. I accept them all except for Effie.

I see that I have no photos so I search through my phone to find a picture of me and Prim at the beach. I'm in a strapless orangey yellow bikini with blue sunglasses, lazily chewing gum with my hair out and prim, ever so beautiful, in a mid-waist pink bikini and yellow board shorts with her hair in two pig tails.

I upload it as 'Summer days, goodbye' and hash tag it as torture now is here. I sigh and realise it might take a while to get followers. Looking down, I open up a game called happy jump, and get obsessed. By 10 minutes, vie bought almost every character and accessory. Bored, I try Instagram again and find myself socked.

I realised I forget to keep my account private. I have over 400 followers, 500 likes, and 682 comment because of that one picture. I set my account to private in a hurry and I look at who I can accept.

Gale Hawthorne Wants to follow you

Glimmer Gosling wants to follow you

Rue French wants to follow you

Cato Hadley wants to follow you

Marvel Daneson wants to follow you

Mellissa (foxface) the fox wants to follow you.

Knife_thrower wants to follow you

Peeta Mellark wants to follow you

Jojo_isn't_nice wants to follow you

I accept them all and am about check my comment when I realise the name.


Great, I've just posted to the world how I'm dreading that I'm going to live with him. Fantastic. Well, it will give him the message.

Prim is asleep again and we've just past the halfwaymark. I still got heaps of time, so I open my photo and groan.

Cato Hadley Says: Hot and sexy. Do you have KIK, we can….meet, or more ;)

Rue French Says: You're so pretty! And you're Prims sister

Gale Hawthorne Says: One line. I want you

Jojo_isn't_nice Says: Grabbing all the attention I see….. You know I specialise in axes.

Peeta Mellark Says: You're Katniss! The girl who's staying with us! You look amazing.

Cato Hadley Says: Man, if I was living with you, the things I would do PitaBREAD9

Peeta Mellark Says: She's no toy….follow me on KIK Katniss: PitaMellark09

I flinch. Cato's on my nerves and Jo seems like bad ass. I like it. But Peeta is sweet…and gets me. I happily search his profile to see an amazing boy with ocean eyes. This can't be him. He's too unreal. I toy with the pictures liking the one that has a room with decorations, tagged as 'waiting for Katniss to arrive!'

Shutting my phone, I realise that we've arrived at the airport. I sigh and drag my bag out, walking through security, though prim has trouble with her watch. Half an hour later were about to board when mother turns us around.

"I love you both" She squeals. "Have fun!"

Prim and I walk through the tunnel and see that our mother has booked us first class. We have huge leather chairs and an iPad, TV and every electronic device ever. Prim sets buttercup in his own chair and we both slip on the seat belts. It's going to take a five hours to get to District 12, so I figure with the internet on the plane, can settle with sleeping and using all the things they've given us. Prim grasps my hand as we fly, our ears popping, even with the chewing gum. Finally, she lets go and I switch on the iPad and log into both KIK and Instagram.

I find that Cato and Peeta want to chat, so I go to Peeta first.

Kat5061793: Hey, it's Katniss

PitaMellark09: Hey! I'm so glad you added me. I wanted to get to know you without….all the welcoming.

Kat5061793: I know the feeling

PitaMellark09: So, where are you now? My mum wants to prepare a cake and doesn't want it to take too long with the flight.

Kat5061793: A cake! No, Peeta, don't worry about it. I don't want you to go to all that trouble

PitaMellark09: I'm a baker, I can handle it :) Why, you don't like surprises?

Kat5061793: Especially from people I don't know

PitaMellark09: You know me

Kat5061793: Not really….I don't even know your favourite colour

PitaMellark09: Orange :)

Kat5061793: Orange? Like those capitol clothes. Too bright for our eyes?

PitaMellark09: No….more muted, like the sunset

I close my eyes and imagine a perfect sunset in the meadow when I used to hunt. Yellows and oranges swirling into each other. Amazing

Kat5061793: That's…..really beautiful

PitaMellark09: Yeah, but not as much as someone else I know

Kat5061793: Oh really?Who is she?

PitaMellark09: *Sighs* I just met her, but she doesn't even like me too well

Kat5061793: That's a shame

PitaMellark09: Yeah…hey, I don't know your favourite colour?

Kat5061793: Green, like the forest

PitaMellark09: It suits you. Oh, have to go, my brother wants me to help with your cake

Kat5061793: K…Bye

I leave the chat and can't be bothered to go to Cato's. He's probably a player. I place my phone in my pocket and watch Prim play on the iPad until the meal comes around. They're placed on crystal plates and real cutlery with elegant meals on them and ravenous chocolates next to it. My mouth waters and I can see prim drooling

I peer at the meal and there is label reading 'Lamb stew and coke'. I shove the meal down and slurp down the coke. Prim, ever so petite, eats slowly a garden daisy salad and cheese melt. She looks at me staring and shoves some of her salad to me. I smile and eat it slowly. The chocolates beg me to be eaten and I bite into one warped in gold tissue paper. A crunch of honey comb escapes and Carmel oozes onto my tongue.

"Mmmmm" I mumble

I lie back, full, and open the iPad to the app called 'Panembook'. I have to register but I really can't be bothered so I switch on the television and order a movie. I scroll through the lists and find the most popular 'The Hunger Games'. On the front is a Mockingjay, my favourite bird and a girl with a bow and arrow. I smile and buy it, ordering a bag of popcorn. For some reason, I realise there is no one else in first class, except for a drunk guy asleep. I nudge prim awake, head on iPad, and we play the movie, turning down the lights of the first class room, eating popcorn.

The Hunger Games is Fantastic. It's about a girl called Jennifer who has to support her younger sister willow when her father dies. She hunts with a bow and arrow with a boy called Liam, who secretly likes her. I envy her, because she is amazing, but yet prim keeps saying how alike we are. Then she volunteers for her sister in the hunger games, a place where 24 kids from every district has to kill each other until one remains. She is with a boy called Josh, who has a huge crush on her since he was five. In the games, Jennifer teams with a girl called Amandla and is killed. Jennifer then is with josh, who are the star crossed lover. They refuse to kill each other in the end and are victors. I'm cheering them on when the movie ends.


"Prim, relax" Even though I want to kiss josh right now." The next movie is coming out in November"

"Six whole months away" She mumbles, falling back in her seat.

I sigh and peer at the bookshelves they have. I search and find one called twilight I buy and then guess what I find.

The hunger games.

"Prim" I say." Look!"

She squeals and we take a copy each. The book is even better! They forgot a girl called Madge, who actually gave her the pin! I love the author, apparently it was written hundreds of years ago.

In two hours, prim and I are finished. Prim is crying and hugging buttercup.

"Poor, poor josh" She whispers, sobbing.

I yawn and fall asleep, but it's a quick nap because in half an hour the plane bumps.


"Prim, we are LANDING" I laugh

I stare out the window and find it slightly raining, a grey sky and a small airport. I read a faint, rusty sign in the distance.

'Welcome To District 12'