Sorry, so sorry everyone for the wait. I had the biggest writers block ever because I too have a life. My other stories will be updated soon if due to high demand (but I'll still post anyway lol) well here it, is sorry if it's short but it's averageish, about 2823 words.

You know that feeling when you're about to do something you dread but in a way, your heart and mind believes something unexpected is going to happen. Something amazing. That's the feeling I'm having right now.

I stare out the window, like I'm expecting a fire to break out. But as I watch, a few teardrops of rain patter down the plane window, a smile unfolds from my lips. I rise from my chair, prim still traumatized by the fear of being dead. I slide the backpack onto my shoulder and clear my throat.

"Prim?" I ask

"Mother always said it would be like this." She says closing her eyes. "That life always throws the worst at us. I really want to go home now."

I crouch to her height, a place a strand of loose hair behind her ear.

"Prim, were here, ok" I say, but I feel rubbish." Make the best out of it"

"Wow, Katniss. What happened to you" She mummers

I turn around angrily and sneer.

"What" I ask

"Oh, nothing" She says and exits the plane.

I raise my brow, until I get what she said. Lately, I'm not… Ever since last week when mom got married to him, I've been strange. Like not looking out for Prim, screaming, locking myself in my room. I hated going here. And now, I'm telling her it's going to be ok. I'm coming back.

I sigh and drag my luggage out and I eye prim in the crowd. I can't find her. I search the lobby, the bathrooms, everywhere. Her mobile is with me.

"Crap" I mumble

I'm about ring mom when I realise prim will find me. She's responsible and if I don't see her in the next 15 minutes, I'm going to cry. That's what I feel like doing now. Laying on the floor and sobbing. Because of how mean I've been, and not taking care of her. I still can't get over that day, I never will. Dad asked me to look out for us, but I failed him.

"And then I was like, Prim, if you want to go to a nightclub, I won't stop you." I drunkenly laugh, smashing my lips onto the nearest boy. Well, my friend grace.

My phone rings and I lazily smash my beer and answer.


"Ms Everdeen" The voice says.

"dat, is a meeeeeea" I giggle

"This is Constable Patrick James. We have a girl by the name of Primrose who says you are related to" He says professionally.

"Oh, what's that b**** done now" I hiccup." I let her go to the nightclub and this is how she repays me"

"We need to see you right now, Ms, at District 2 Police station" He says more firmly.

"Gatcha" I mumble and smash my phone and beer.

"Who's driving" I say but no one agrees. "I'll promise some FUN later"

Grace sighs and grabs the keys. She knows I'm stupid when I'm drunk and she won't make me have fun with anyone, but I actually meant to a park or something. Yeah, I was drunk.

I managed to sober up a little, so I could think a bit more clearly. When I arrived, prim was sobbing, covered in blankets. Grace took the role of talking and I could manage a few words.

"Mmmmm, I see…She's depressed…ever since her mom…she's never like this…" They talk.

The constable walks up to me and crosses his arms

"What's the-hiccup- problem, officer" I say

"Your sister is primrose" He says and I nod.

"Ms Everdeen, do you take precautions of where she is at all times" He says and Grace answers.

"She would always, but tonight…."

"Well, do you know where she was" He says but I shake my head, forgetting.

"You told her she was allowed into a nightclub. She is 12, Ms Everdeen. And I'm afraid the law proved why she wasn't allowed tonight" He shakes his head, patting prim.

"You are not an allegeable caregiver. Primrose, would you like to tell what happened" He says and prim shakes her head.

Grace drags me over to the van and shakes her head furiously.

"Katniss, what have you DONE" She yells.

"What?" I mumble drunk

"Prim is going to be affected for life" She screams

"Just tell me what the hell happened" I ask

"You want to hear. Fine, I'll tell you. After when you stupidly told prim she could go to the nightclub, her friends had a few drinks. Stupid friends, they passed out and their moms yelled at them when prim called and took them home, not offering her a ride. Prim sat in the side, and watched. She fell asleep. When she woke up she was in the street. A man, apparently handsome, came to her and said they would have some fun…Then, you are going to kill yourself" She says

"Why?" I ask." Nothing has happened.

"Oh Katniss…." She sighs." Prim was RAPED…"

I took one good look at my sister, shivering and sobbing, while a man they handcuffed winked at me. I so badly wanted to scream and punch him but instead, I ran home, slammed the door and lay on my bed crying.

That memory makes a tear slip down my olive face, but I quickly wipe it away. I pray to god to help me find her but I can't. I walk stone faced to near the help desk when a voice called out.


I turn around and I can't see anyone. The voice calls out again and I peer into the distance, and see a blonde boy make his way towards me. His golden hair shines through the airport lights and as his eyes brows mine, my heart flutters. I might be drooling.

"Katniss!" He says and pulls me for a hug.

He takes a look at me, colour drained from my face, and gazes into my eyes.

"What's wrong" He says, clearly upset. Great, we first meet and were like this.

"Prims missing" I say silently

"Your sister?" He asks and I nod. He smiles and pulls me towards the food court. I flinch at his touch as an electric shock passes through us.

"Follow me" He commands and I do, weaving through the clouds of people.

After what I think is an hour, we pull up in a café. He nods and I raise my brow.

"Food? I'm not hungry!" I yells but then I see her.

"PRIM" I yell and run to her hug style.

She's with a boy at the register, who'd drying cups and has flour on his face.

"Hi Kat" She says


"I'm sorry" She says, remembering the day.

"Never mind, let's go" I say, giving a glance to the boy she was chatting with

Peeta smiles and hugs prim.

"Hi I'm peeta" He says and my insides melt.

"I'm so glad you're here" He grins." I need a sister"

Prim giggles, clearing likening Peeta. It's kind of hard not to. He's very….sweet. And Like a brother. But I wonder who the lucky girl is.

We enter a small, but luxurious car. I smile and we hop in.

"Sorry if this isn't much" He says.

"It's perfect "I laugh and prim snickers

"What model" I ask

"A new Brand two thousand black Volvo." He grins proudly and the car is silent for a while. I notice peeta's eyes. They are so much more gorgeous in real life. His hair is so golden and I just want to stroke it. But I'm not falling for him.

No, definitely not.

My phone beeps and I reach for it in the phone compartment. Peeta reaches at the same time and our hands touch, creating a spark. I pull away and we blush. Well, he does. I never do.

"Sorry, my phone has the same tone" He says as I unlock my phone.

I have exactly 201 message from Madge but I can't be stuffed to open them. So I check Instagram and see gale has left a comment. Whoever he is. Peeta looks over and he goes pale.

"You know Gale?" He asks and I shake my head.

"Do you" I ask and he nods.

"He's my best friend" He says, clutching the steering wheel more firmly.

We arrive at the bakery in less than 5 minutes. I exit the car and browse the scenery. It's really green. Too green. I scrunch my nose. The air is filled with coal dust, something different from district 2. But prim notices another smell.

"Pastries? "She asks excitedly

Peeta smiles and nods. He gazes into my eyes but we both look away, blushing. He holds the door open for us and we gasp at the bakery. It's full of every dessert every created. He laughs at us and offers one to us.

"It's a cheese bun" He says, smiling

I take a bite and melted cheese and pastry explodes, making my mouth water. I sigh and smile at peeta, we just gets more gorgeous every minute.

"Who's the genius who created this?" I snicker

"My father" Peeta laughs." He'll be glad to know someone appreciates his work"

Prim nudges me and looks at Peeta.

"I need to go" She says and picks up her bag." Peeta can you drive me, Katniss isn't the…most qualified driver out there"

"I drive just fine" I shoot back

"Don't worry, I know the French family" He grins and picks up his keys." I'll be back, I promise"

As they leave, a middle-age man appeared to the counter with flour all over his face. He smiles at the sight of me and dust the flour of his hands. I don't move but smile back.

"Hello Katniss" He says kindly and takes off his apron.

"Mr Mellark" I nod back.

"Oh, you can call me John" He smiles back." Probably expecting something bread related?"

"Mainly" I say." But it's an unusual name. Never heard of it"

"It's from past generations, my ancestors" He replies." And you are the flower?"

"Plant, root mainly" I correct." My father was a big fan of plants" The word was sticks in my throat.

"Ah, yes, I am sorry for the loss" He says solemnly." I hope that you can see me as loyal and trust worthy as if I was him. But I can't replace him"

Why does this man get me so well? And Peeta. Is the whole freaking Mellark family like this?

"You already seem like a father to me" I smile and his eyes light up." Thankyou"

"Peeta has gone for you a little while" He says like he's expecting me to blush.

"He is very sweet" I say before I can stop the words out of my mouth.

"Yes, but not everyone appreciates it. His mother for example, seems to think he needs to toughen up" He says sadly.

"Don't worry, Peeta is like a brother" I grin. Lies, my new best friend.

"I'm glad" He says smiling. "Oh and tomorrow school starts for the new week, it begins at 8:30 so I suggest you wake at 7"

"Does everyone get up that early?" I ask

"Oh, that's the least" he laughs." Peeta gets up at 4 to help me bake, Rye at 5 to go to uni and Bailey at 3 for training"

"Wow, maybe I should help, but I'm not exactly the best average chef" I say slowly.

"There is nothing I can't teach" He reassures." But I presume your mother has signed you for archery lessons. She says you're quite the archer"

I groan for mother doing this. When dad died, it reminded me of him too much.

"Oh, I see" I say

"Like your father." He says softer. "I knew him and your mother. She was quite the person"

My mouth freezes because form what I've heard, my mother was the high school sweetheart, who was supposed to marry a man named John but ran with my dad away.

John. Mellark


"Well, I have some pastries to fill, so in the meanwhile you can explore the house. Your bedroom is the third on the left, next to Rye and Baileys, who share. And don't hesitate to try anything" He insists and leaves he room.

I take his advice and wander to the outer area, to find a proper built kitchen and lounge room. Their home is big, not too fancy but homey. They have a hugs pt. screen with gaming and gadgets. I make my way upstairs and find a game room on the left. I grin. I'm a big fan of pool and arcade stuff. This will be fun. Down the corridor is a few rooms that are painted cream. I peer into the second and find an empty room with two beds and one side neat and the other messy. I scrunch my nose at the smell and turn around, bumping into a tall, well-built blonde boy.

"Oh, hey, you're Katniss right?" The boy asks and I nod.

"Sorry about the room" He says, following my gaze." Bailey isn't exactly the cleanest guy"

"Hmmm, so you're Rye" I ask

"Yeah, I'm in uni at the moment and bailey is still in your school, 18" He groans.

"He is so…..well, the typical football, handsome captain. So if he tries anything on you, try the old burn comeback technique" He grins and points down the hall.

"There's your room enjoy your stay" He smiles

I nod back. Rye seems nice, although Bailey I can deal with. I make my way down the corridor and walk into the room. Its huge, with pale green walls a huge bed and a forest feature wall with a gift basket on it. I groan but in a happy way. There's an en-suite but I leave that to look at later.

But one thing catches my eye. It's a beautiful painting of a sunset in the forest, reflecting of the pools of water from rain. I stroke it and sigh. It must have been Peeta. In his profile it said he paints but this is immortally done. I'm in daze mode when I hear footsteps.

And from the en-suite.

A boy about 18 or so exits the bathroom, wrapped in only a towel, his blonde hair sticking up and muscles shown. He smiles at the sight of me and raises his eyebrows.

"So "He says "You're Katniss"

"Um, who else would be here?" I groan. He walks towards me and smirks.

"Peeta said you were pretty and all but this is sexy." He says seductively.

"Sorry about this but any time you need me, I'm only a couple of pants away" he whispers in my ear.

"I'm good, I'm not the average slut" I say

"We will see" He says." I'm much better than Peeta you know. What can he give you?"

"First of all, you are the last thing I need. Second Peeta is way better than you and I am not interested in the Mellark boys, got it" I hiss

"Ok beautiful" He grins." By the way, we have a give basket for you."

"No shit, Sherlock" I strike back and he leaves

I feel like punching him but for the sake of this family I don't. Peeta still isn't here and I'm bored. I could unpack but who wants to do that? So I just play on my phone, random stuff. But then I just stare at another portrait.

A hidden one.

I make my way up the higher level floor and see that behind some draws and mess is a canvas. I frown and reach my hand to pull it out. I'm about to revel it when someone bursts through my door.

"Peeta's here" Rye grins and I nod.

"Thanks Rye" I say and he leaves.

Not long, I think, and I will find out what it is and why it was hidden

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