So hey! Total Drama story with zombies :D yah! So well...the chapter is Chris and Theadora interveiwing those who want to enter. that is the application form. like an interview :) Also Theadora Khalen is an OC, but she is no mary sue. She is the one who made the zombies possible and also the one with the cure, she is i guess you could say, Chris's partner in crime :) Chef is here too, but I couldn't see the two smart enough to make zombies XD. But Theadora won't bother much :) Please feel free to enter your oc and hopefully you'll be pick :3 PM or review.

Theadora: Chris was worried that his public was diminishing so he asked me to create an american favorite, the zombie epidemic. It got a bit out of hand, but it only managed to infect 12 of our states, while the rest managed to put up steel wall to keep the threats at bay. As Chris states, "Bitches can't touch us here in the island", meaning the authorities cannot arrest us as the island is in free waters, hence no laws apply here. The public is panicked but we promise to give the serume to the winner. He/She can do what they want with it, along with a prize of ten thousand dollars. You also have to let us video tape it, put it on for the world to see, and get 12 contestants. Chris doesn't want tributes, they must be survivors from the 12 infected states. The island is filled with zombies as well, your job is to overcome multiple challenges as the other times, but with the impending threat of zombies. 12 contestants are needed, each from a diffrent infected state.

Chris: Jeez you talk too much! Who cares about rules and other things, lets get this party started!

Now with the interview ;) Copy and paste from the part chris starts questioning to the end. The empty " " are for you to answer in. You place your answers there.

"So what's your name? Seriously, sorry man but we lost all the applications!" Chris asked and laughed at the end. Theadora wasn't far behind and Chris's face scrunched up in distaste at her annoying laugh.

"((enter your answer.))"

"Where are you from?" Chris asked nodding as he wrote the info down.

"((your answer))"

"Girl or Boy? Can't tell...I..."

"He lost his contacts!" Theadora explained cackling madly.

"What's your age dude? I can't have a kid running like crazy through here so be honest! No bullshit."


"Describe your personality."


"What do you look like? It seems weird to ask this but I can't see shit without my contacts and Theadora is literly blind us out man."


"Okay so, likes, dislikes?"

"Anything about you special?"


"My turn, my turn! What makes you wanna particiape willingly in this quest to hell?" Theadora asked cackling.

"I'M THE HOST! What would you do with the prizes?" Chris asked a bit angered by Theadora's interuption.

"So yeah, you're probs gonna want something to fight off zombie with so Gonna use a weapon? If so, what will you use?"


"Okay well, that's it." Chris said dismissing the person and his entry.

Okay so yeah. Just copy and paste the chapter and where it says "((answer))" put your answer. Pretty straight forward, right ;) Its going to be pretty much like the other total dramas but with zombies and a psycho mad scientist :D

The questions are like any other. they are bolded so it takes a retard to miss them! I'M SOO EXCITED :D lets hope this turns awesome!