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Dear Miss Expert:

I'm having a problem with my family. Well, not all of it, but it feels like it's everybody. It's really my stepmom. She thinks that I think she's a "wicked stepmother" from "all those stories that I still read," and so doesn't listen whenever we don't agree about something. Dad automatically takes her side, and that leaves me out.

Not alone, because I'm left watching their son EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND, with her blaming it all on my not dating as the reason that she doesn't even ask anymore. Since Dad won't listen to me, and my half-brother's too young to care, it seems to me as though really the problem is with her.

I guess what I'm asking is "why won't she just go away and leave us alone?!"

By the way, I'm 15 years old, and don't have the option to go live with my Real Mom instead.

Seriously peeved,


A/N: Short chapters. So... what questions do you think that Sarah would ask an advice columnist? These short chapters aren't really related, and don't come in any particular order that I know (yet).