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Dear Miss Expert,

One of my friends recently got a tattoo. It's small, and her mom went with her. Something about her being underage and showing parental consent, even though she did just turn sixteen. It's small, and simple: the outline of a daisy. I guess you'd call it tasteful.

I admit that it does have the rest of us talking about tattoos, and whether or not we'd ever get any, and if we're okay with needles. I'm currently undecided about it.

It's more that I'm jealous of my friend. She actually got to talk this over with her parents – and they listened to her! Plus her mom went with her. Assuming that I wanted one and could get approval, it'd have to be my dad or stepmother going with me…

Besides, my real mom would probably tell me not to get it because it could hurt my acting chances. There's not one single design that would fit every role.

In non-erasable ink,


A/N: I don't have any tattoos, and will likely never have any. The dislike of needles here is mine. :)

Do you think that Jareth would like for his Sarah to be inked?