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Words of Regret

Chapter 1: A Wish Fulfilled

Tigress was in the training hall doing what she did best train. Punching and kicking up a storm as wooden dummies became splinters under her touch. Sweat poured from her face as her heart raced. One more dummy stood in her way she arched up her back and tensed. She was about to pounce when Po came bursting in. "Hey Tigress", he said as he ran in he tripped and fell on her.

"Po get off me!" she yelled. Po immediately got off and helped her up.

"Sorry Tigress I just tripped", Po sad with a soft tone.

"It is fine just don't run in here like that again okay" Tigress said trying not to get mad.

"Okay I promise", Po said. "Anyways the reason I came in here was to tell you that dinner was ready".

"Thanks I will be in there in a minute", Tigress said. Po left and Tigress did one last kick and knocked the dummy out. Then walked in the kitchen and Po carrying soup bowls saw Tigress and tried to go around her when again he fell and landed on her. Soup stained her fur and Tigress had enough. "Po why are you so clumsy can't you watch where you are going?" she asked in a loud voice.

"I am sorry Tigress I tried to avoid you but I slipped", Po said trying to apologize. He offered her a towel and she smacked his hand away.

"Don't touch me I don't need your help! In fact I don't need you at all just go away!" she yelled. She didn't know why she was so angry Po always tripped on her before but she was just angry.

"Is that what you wish Tigress for me to go away and never come back?" Po asked in a soft voice as tears filled his eyes.

"Yes I wish that you would go away and never come back!" she yelled. Then she stalked off leaving everyone in shock.

Yet unbeknown to Tigress Po got a strange look in his eyes as he softly whispered", Okay Tigress you want me gone forever wish granted". Then he walked out the door and Viper slithered after him.

"Po please don't leave Tigress didn't mean it you know how she gets", Viper said trying to make her friend feel better.

"No Viper I am tired of this all I ever do is try to be nice to people and they always hurt me well I am tired of being hurt if Tigress wants me gone then I am gone", Po said and walked away without turning back. Viper stood there in shock and she hoped after a walk Po would calm down return to the palace and Tigress and him will make up. Tigress was washing the soup off of her fur and frowning. She was mad at herself for letting her anger get the better of her again. She didn't mean what she said about her wishing Po to go away. It was just an accident and he did offer to help but like always she snapped first instead of being calm. Once she was done with her bath she would apologize and hopefully Po would forgive her. He seemed very forgiving but she didn't want to push her luck for she wanted to be his friend for she did care about him. Po was clumsy and annoying but he was sweet and thoughtful. Lazy but would always be there when she or the others needed him. After she was clean she went to find Po. She looked in his room but found it empty. Then went to the peach tree for Po always went there when he was upset but he was gone. She was starting to get worried for it was getting dark and so she went to go ask the others if they seen him.

"Hey guys where is Po?" Tigress asked.

"He is gone Tigress", Viper said.

"I know I need to find him I need to apologize", Tigress said.

"No, he is gone as in gone not coming back", Viper said.

"What do you mean he is gone where did he go?" Tigress asked.

"I don't know he just said he was tired of being hurt and that if you wanted him gone he was granting your wish", Viper explained sadly.

"Oh don't cry Viper this is Po we are talking about. He will cool off like I did and we will see him in the morning and I will apologize and he will forgive me and everything will be back to normal", Tigress assured.

"I hope you are right Tigress I really do", Viper said softly as she slithered away.

"He will come back he always comes back", Tigress said fighting the dreadful feeling she was wrong. Po was alone in the darkened woods crying. He thought once he earned Tigress's respect she would like him but once again he made her mad and she wished him gone. All his life he tried to be nice to people and they hurt him but with Tigress it was worse. He was in love with her and when she wished him gone it was like a dagger in his heart. He pulled out a strange object from his pants it looked like a marble but it was clear. Holding it tight he threw it against a rock. A cloud of purple smoke wrapped around him and a soft voice spoke to him.

"Po it has been so long I missed you. "What brings you here?" asked a female voice.

"I made Tigress mad and she wished I was gone", Po said shedding some tears.

"That mean kitty hurt you again didn't she so bad you came here. Well do you wish to come with me?" asked the voice in a sympathetic tone.

"Yes I do I am tired of hurting I try my best but it isn't good enough. You once offered me a chance to go somewhere without pain or hurt just happiness. Is that offer still good?" Po asked.

"Of course it is Po just sit back and relax and I will take you away from all those mean people and they will never hurt you again", the voice said and the mist circled around Po and he was gone.

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