Chapter 4: A Cry for Help

Tigress was seething with rage at the thought of Po being in the arms of that manipulative witch Violet. Seeing that hurt look on Po's face when he thought Tigress hated him. All that pain he felt made Tigress want to cry. If that witch Violet hadn't interfered she would have grabbed Po by the waist and hug him tight. Tell him that she was sorry and that she loved him. That he made her so happy and accepted. She could show her soft side and he wouldn't tease her but still respect her. Sphere or no sphere she was getting her panda back. And then she was going to show him just how he made her feel. She was going to keep that beautiful smile on his face and do anything to make him be happy again. While the others were looking for a way to enter the Land of Happiness Tigress went off to the exact same spot where Po disappeared. She looked all around the area to find a way to enter the Land of Happiness. What she didn't know was that Violet was looking through her portal. "Looks like I have some competition all well that can easily be dealt with", she said with an evil grin. She waved her hands and chuckled at her plan that was about to unfold. "Good bye Tigress soon Po will be all mine and you will be nothing but a bad memory", Violet said evilly. She closed the portal and went to go see Po. Po was placing lilies in the water and smiling as he saw them gently float. "Hello my lover miss me?" Violet asked sweetly. She sat on his lap and placed her head on his chest as she pulled him closer for a kiss. Po kissed her back but something felt wrong like it was good but not real. He couldn't put his paw on it but it felt like his heart wasn't in it. He couldn't imagine why Violet was kind, sweet, beautiful, and was his friend, his only friend. So what was the problem? He wondered as he kissed her. When they released Violet could sense something was wrong. "Everything alright Po?" she asked forming a little pout.

"I am not sure", Po said frowning.

"Here have another Lotus Blossom", Violet said hand feeding him it. Po eyes dimmed and he had a goofy smile on his face. "Feel better my love?" Violet asked sweetly.

"Much now that I have you", Po said as he held her. Back in the real world Tigress was searching for a way into the Land of Happiness when the vines began to attack her. The tree became a monster it's eyes glowing purple and having razor sharp teeth. It broke free from the roots and charged at Tigress. Wrapping a vine around her and choking her as she gasped out as her breath was fading her.

"Help me", Tigress gasped but no one could hear her. The tree wrapped it's branches around her and began to squeeze. If she didn't choke to death she would be crushed to death. Po was holding Violet when he heard a voice call for help. The voice sounded gentle but firm. The voice sounded familiar and was in pain. He closed his eyes as he focused and it came to him. The voice belonged to Tigress and she was in trouble. Po wanted to help her but she hated him. Always yelling at him and said she wanted him gone. But what if she was hurt and could be dying. He couldn't let her die. He stood up and Violet sensed something was wrong.

"Po what is wrong?" she asked in a concerned voice.

"I have to go Tigress is in trouble I have to find her", Po said.

"No she is not and besides who cares she hates you remember she wanted you gone", Violet said whispering in his ear. "Stay with me Po and I will make you happy", she promised.

"No Violet I have to save her. She is still my friend and I love her", Po realized. He remembered the pain but it wasn't that Tigress hurt him it was him not having her in his life. Now he was determined to get his Tigress back.

"Po, wait!" Violet cried but it was too late a portal was forming and Po jumped through. Tigress was slowly fading as she wished she could see Po once last time and tell him she was sorry and that she loved him. Suddenly she felt the breath returning and the pain in her ribs stopping. She saw Po pry the tree away from her and caught her just as she fell. He placed Tigress near a safe clearing and fought the tree with a good kick in the face the tree turned to purple dust. Po looked back at Tigress and held her.

"Tigress please be okay please just open your eyes", he begged shedding tears.

"Po is that you?" Tigress asked in shock as she placed a paw on his face.

"The one and only", he assured. "I am so sorry I left Ti", Po said.

"Po I am sorry I didn't mean what I said I do need you and I never want you to leave. The reason why I was so angry at you is because I loved you and I was afraid that if I told you that you wouldn't love me back", Tigress said crying. "Please forgive me and come home I can't live this life without you", she said.

"I love you too Ti and I will never leave you again", Po vowed and kissed her lips. Soon a cloud of mist came and Violet appeared.

"No Po is mine!" she shouted. She aimed an energy ball at Tigress ready to kill her.

"No Violet I belong to Tigress and I want to stay with her", Po said. "And what was that you said of letting people choose to come with you or not?" he asked. And Violet knew she couldn't do anything for if she did she would be tampering with free will.

"This isn't over Po will be mine", she vowed and disappeared. Po just smiled at Tigress and carried her home. Everyone rejoiced of Po's return especially Tigress as she kissed him. When Po kissed Tigress it felt right like his heart became whole again. Later that night Po was sleeping with Tigress in his arms and he was truly happy.

The end

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