Raven's Mother by CertifiedAsshole

Summary: Arella Roth was looking for her daughter; luckily a certain green haired Titan was there to lend a hand.

A/N: David would never write this shit (the intro, not the story. He may be lazy, but he's still writing this thing) because he's too damn lazy and would procrastinate. ಠ_ಠ

Beast Boy (Changeling): 21 Cyborg: 24 Everyone else: 22

Pairings: BB/Rae

Disclaimer: If he did own this, the world would burn.

Warning: Nope


That was the first thing that came back to her. The sound of water dripping was so foreign to her after nothingness.

Then... it was memories. Only brief snippets at first but soon larger chunks of the woman's life began to return to her. Her name was Arella. Arella Roth... she was in Azarath. She had a daughter! But as quickly as that joy came it left when she remembered her daughter's upbringing; her daughter's "father". With those memories came the gut-wrenching guilt Arella felt when she thought of the life she had forced on her daughter, on her poor Raven.

Before she even realized that she couldn't move her limbs, she felt something akin to rust flaking off her whole body. It came off in thick layers as more and more of her sensations and thoughts came rushing back to her until a sharp breath of air greeted her lungs after so long. Finally able to open her eyes Arella slowly adjusted to the soft light of the cave she was in and felt oddly serene, until she looked at the body laying next her.

"Oh Azar..." she gasped and clumsily shuffled to the old woman's side "Azar are you awake?"

"I see you finally woke." the old woman stated with a deep monotone in her voice. "As you may have guessed the frozen sleep spell is finally wearing off."

"Azar why were we in the frozen sleep spell" Arella had a look of confusion on her face.

"Concentrate child, focus on getting all your memories back first." Azar spoke in a sharp but patient tone.

"Ok, ok... it had been a few years since Raven left... it was getting close to her sixteenth birthday... oh no... Trigon came... he destroyed everything... and... and we came here to wait out the prophecy..." Arella's voice became very quiet at that last part.

"Good, now I don't have much time left but..."

"What do you mean you don't have much time?!" Arella immediately interrupted.

"Hush now child I need to speak." Arella simply nodded to Azar "Now then, we've been in this spell for about six years and due to my being the caster I could sense what happened out in the world for that time. As we feared the prophecy did come to pass," at this Arella gave a choked gasp "BUT, strangely it feels as though it was undone or that Trigon was sent back. Even stranger I believe I could sense Raven's soul self repeatedly over the years."

"Does that mean sh-she's alive?" for the first time in many years Arella began to feel hope.

"Yes... I believe so. Take this Glacialem fang and activate it, it'll take you to earth." While saying this Azar pulled said fang from her robes and it was then that Arella noticed then the blood staining the old woman's side.

"Azar what's wrong!?" Now scared, Arella pulled back the old woman's robe and saw a large rock imbedded into her side.

"This happened right before the spell, I've already felt my life force die out and now the only thing keeping me alive is this spell. Now hurry child I don't have much time left... I hope you find Raven." For the first time in ages Azar smiled.

Before Arella could even speak she could see the final layers of magic leave Azar's body and her life went with it. She sat and cried over the old woman's body- for hours or minutes she couldn't tell anymore- and then slowly took the magic fang in hand. Walking over to the wall Arella brought the fang against the wall and spoke the words "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos." opening a black portal to earth, to her daughter.

It was a spring day in Jump City, around two o'clock, and the streets were mildly full with people going through their day. Unbeknownst to the citizens of the city a black portal opened in the middle of a deserted alley, releasing a very distraught looking woman. She looked to be about her early forties with long black/violet hair and wearing a worn brown cloak. She was immediately disoriented and simply stumbled out of the alleyway looking very much out of place.

'So I'm back on Earth, I hope I can find Raven amongst all these people.' She carefully walked down the street until she realized with a start 'I don't even know where on this planet I even am, all I know was that Raven was supposed to be in a place called Jump city.'

Worried and confused Arella didn't even notice that she wasn't looking where she was going and bumped into the man emerging from a coffee shop.

"I-I'm deeply sorry." Arella mumbled but the man continued to rant about his ruined suit.

"You damn clumsy woman! Do you realize how much this suit costs?! You damn well better pay for this!" the man looked at her while pointing at his white suit currently covered in freshly spilled coffee.

"I'm sorry but I don't have money..." She was afraid since she had just arrived back on Earth and was already being threatened.

"Well I'm sure there's other ways of paying me back." At this point he roughly grabbed her chin and began to examine her face. "You don't look too bad for an old hag."

Realizing what the man was insinuating she immediately jerked her head out of the man's grasp.

"You wanna fight huh? Boys!" with a snap of his fingers three men filed out of the coffee shop and began to subdue the now fighting woman.

"I'm sure you're gonna sell real well on the black mar-"

"Hey! It's my day off and I really don't wanna deal with small fry like you," the small time gangster stopped at this and began to turn around.

"Who the hell you calling..." but he stopped in his tracks upon seeing the green skinned man that had called out to him. "Shi-shit it's a Titan! Drop the woman and run!"

The green man gave an exasperated sigh as he saw the pathetic gangsters run off and began to make his way to the woman; at least until she started screaming at him.

"G-get back! I won't let you take me back to that demon! Stay away from me!" She was absolutely terrified that this green man was an agent from Trigon.

"Hey, hey calm down. I'm Changeling from the Titans. I'm one of the good guys." He slowly approached the woman hoping to look like less of a threat to her.

Arella didn't know what to think of this "Changeling", he certainly didn't look human but all the other humans seemed comfortable around him and even cheered him for his acts; she didn't even feel any form of the dread she normally felt from demons. His skin, hair and eyes were all different shades of green with a small fang and pointy ears next to his spiked up hair; he also wore a purple and black sleeveless jumpsuit with grey gloves. She was so deep in thought she didn't realize that the green man was still talking to her.


"I said not to worry about those thugs anymore. What's your name by the way?" he gently offered his hand to the woman who was now sitting on the pavement.

Confused on whether to take his hand or not and panicking on what to say her name was she looked at the cafe she was currently in front of and noticed it's name was Angela's Coffee House; jogging her memory of her birth name, she hastily replied that her name was "Angela" and eventually decided to take his hand to stand up.

"You must be new to Jump City if you don't recognize me, mind me asking what you came here for?" Changeling asked, his natural curiosity getting the better of him.

"I-I am um... trying to find my daughter," she still continued to gaze at the ground

"Do you need my help, how old is she?" he was suddenly worried, thinking perhaps she had lost a young child.

"No, I'm fine. She's in her twenties and she moved to Jump City many years ago, I simply hope to find her again."

"Oh, well if that's all then good luck. I hope you find her," the young man turned on his heel and continued to walk down the street. Half a block away he decided to look back and stopped in his tracks. The woman was walking very slowly and examined everywhere she passed with a wary eye and looked as though she had no idea what most of those buildings were; simply put she looked well and truly lost. With a sigh the young man began to make his way back, the woman looked too much like Raven and was acting too similar to Starfire for him to just leave her alone.

"Hey I can pretty much tell that you're REALLY new to the town. Do you want some help?" the changeling asked, once again right in front of her.

"No, no, I don't want to be a bother."

"Nonsense, c'mon Angela you can use the population sweep back at the tower so we can hopefully find your daughter. Besides you remind me way too much of my friends to just leave you hanging here." He once again made a motion for her to follow him, and though every ounce of her intellect told her not to go, that he looked too much like a demon to trust, but for some reason she merely followed the green man down the street.

It was silent at first as Arella merely looked around dazed at all these familiar but still new sights. With a slight chuckle Changeling asked, "So, how long you been in the city?"

"A few minutes maybe."

"Wait-how... never mind. That explains why you're over there gawking at everything," she quickly looked away embarrassed, "anyway what does your daughter look like?"

"... I don't know," at this Arella took a very somber tone in her voice, "she left when she was just thirteen and... and she used to look like me but... I don't even know how she's grown up or if she even wants to remember me."

"Then why are you looking for her?"


"Don't get me wrong I think it'd be great if mother and daughter could meet again but if you're this hesitant about meeting her why are you going to her now?" Changeling's face began to take on a look of seriousness that had only been known to exist there in recent years.

"W-well you could say she left because of some problems with the... father," the odd tone of voice she used when saying father made it that much more apparent how strained the situation must have been, "even though she's all grown up now, I just hope to make up the wrongs I did to her in any way I can."

"Good. My parents died a long time ago and not many people in my family have any relation to their parents anymore so I always like to see some effort for a family to get back together."

"Your family?"

"Yea, the Titans; you may remember us as the teen titans and me as Beast Boy though. Anyway, we're a rag tag group of people but they're the best family I could ask for." as he said that last sentence he began to fiddle with a small black box in his hand.

"What's that?" Arella was shocked that no matter how much her brain told her not to trust this man she was now comfortable enough to be nosy!

"O-oh this... this is... um... it's a- well here look," his calm demeanor quickly faded as he flustered with the case and then just decided to open it. Inside was a simple silver ring with a rather impressively sized diamond, lightly surrounded by specks of amethyst.

"It's beautiful," she said while gazing at the ring.

"Y-you think so? Well good, I plan to propose to my girlfriend today if I don't lose my nerve first. Hopefully after today she won't be just my girlfriend, so long as she's crazy enough to say yes." he gave a nervous chuckle and scratched the back of his neck at the last part.

"You think she'd say no?" For some reason Arella was becoming amused by his nervous behavior.

"NO! I mean...er- I don't think so. I hope not. I really do love her and I know she loves me too, I just don't..."

"You don't want to imagine what you'd do if she says no," she gently finished for him "what's her name?"

"Oh, uh... even though most tabloids kinda guess I just don't wanna say anything in case it doesn't work out or she doesn't want everyone to know yet. Sorry," he said once again scratching the back of his neck.

"It's ok. I hope it works out for you though. Maybe my daughter could have found someone too..."

"Everyone deserves a shot at love, I'm sure she'll find someone," he said reassuringly.

"I can only hope so..." Arella said quietly, once again thinking of her daughter's lineage.

They continued to walk on in silence, although while not truly comfortable this silence was nowhere near as awkward as the first. Arella continued to debate the pros and cons of following this man but still could not come up with a solution, though the pros side was suddenly becoming more convincing; Changeling just looked thoughtfully at the box. After another two blocks the pair finally reached the bay to clearly see Titans tower.

"Well Angela we're pretty much there, you ready for the last stretch?" he said while stretching lightly.

"Almost where?" Arella asked incredulously.

"To the tower," a quick point with his thumb to emphasize the point.

"Well then, how do you expect we get past the water?"

Changeling merely stood there staring at the woman "You really don't know who I am do you?" when she shook her head no he said "I'm a shape shifter," he then began to demonstrate said power by going from a dog, to a parrot to a seal.

To say Arella was shocked would be an understatement; she was beginning to think that Earth had become a stranger place than even Azarath. Changeling though, was greatly amused; being a celebrity for so long meant that it was now rare to actually shock somebody when he morphed, and the woman in front of him had given a priceless expression.

"Relax, I'll take care of the flight," he immediately morphed into a pterodactyl and carried the still shocked woman by her shoulders.

"Wai-ah... uhhh..." though she eventually stopped struggling, this was quickly becoming one of the strangest days of her life.

In less than a minute Changeling had set them both down by the Towers entrance and led the woman to the door. After a quick password input the pair began to make their way through to the Tower.

"All righty then Angela, as soon as we get to the common room we can begin the city search for your daughter," he said as they walked leisurely down the hallway.

"How exactly do you plan to search for her?"

"A quick facial scan should do the trick. Even though your daughter ran away I highly doubt she went and got plastic surgery, all I have to do is match facial records of the city residents with yours and we can start from there," it was around this time that the two reached the common room.

"Sorry about the place being so empty," Changeling said while making his way towards the room's computers, "there was a mass breakout at Steel city jail and the Titans East needed some help so the rest went to do so, I just drew the short straw of staying behind to watch the city." Arella gave a curt nod and continued to examine the new room.

"Sorry I couldn't meet your soon-to-be non-girlfriend."

"Yeah, hopefully. Oh shit... I'm gonna kill Cyborg when he gets back!" the changeling muttered obviously irritated.

"Why what's wrong?"

"Nothing just an annoying bug he hasn't fixed yet. It keeps showing a random heat signature in the villains' artifact room, I know it's a bug, but I can't just leave it unchecked. I'm sorry but I gotta leave you for just one sec so I can make sure everything's secure." He was holding his hands apologetically as he made his way to the door, "you can grab something from the fridge if you want- if it moves don't touch it, it's probably Starfire's food which means it's NOT edible- oh and just don't mess with any of the techthanksbye." he rushed as he ran through the waiting doors before Arella could even reply.

She continued to look around the common room after the changeling's hasty departure until she felt a sudden chill in the air. Turning around she noticed an obsidian dome that appeared from the ground and began to fade away revealing a somewhat short and petite woman with gray skin, long amethyst hair and matching eyes wearing a black leotard and flowing midnight blue cloak. Upon seeing the sudden appearance of this woman Arella could only give off a single shocked question.


Upon hearing her name, Raven turned around to notice the new presence and responded in kind, "Mother?"

And then the lasers started firing.

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