Raven's Mother by CertifiedAsshole

Summary: Arella Roth was looking for her daughter; luckily a certain green haired Titan was there to lend a hand.

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After nine long years of separation mother and daughter are finally able to meet once again. A teary reunion ensues in which all is forgiven and the two women are merely happy to meet each other again... not. Instead five seconds after noticing each other's presence the tower's security system came online, identified unknown presences within the common room and began to open fire.

"Get down!" Raven commanded as she set up a shield around her and Arella.

Now scared and more confused than ever Arella simply stood there dumbstruck as she watched her daughter both protect them and launch blasts of dark energy at the turrets. The security system began to initiate a tower lockdown in light of the damage being done to its defense system; steel plating appeared to cover the large common room windows and an audible hiss could be heard as all the doors locked. With more lasers to replace the ones she kept destroying Raven decided to prioritize the safety of the shockingly familiar civilian in her home and created a dome to cover the two women for the moment.

"Alright I don't know if you're really who I think you are or not but we'll deal with this later for now I will go and shut off the security system and then I will get to the bottom of this. Stay here and don't move." Taking control and using her monotone now only reserved for dangerous situations Raven left her dome and attempted to rip all twelve laser cannons off the wall at the same time with her powers. Unfortunately after years of fighting numerous villainous masterminds Cyborg had upgraded the tower's defense to the point that even the laser turrets held anti magic charms, effectively canceling out Raven's attempted attack.

"Curse Cyborg and his incessant perfectionism." Raven grumbled as she settled for dodging and solid projectiles to battle the turrets for the moment.

Unable to help -living with a pacifist for so many years after all- Arella merely watched in amazement as her estranged daughter flew around and used her powers with utmost control. Seeing the calm and poise the young women before her possessed she felt both pride and sorrow at wondering how much her daughter had grown throughout the years, and that she was forced to do it on her own.

Both women's attentions were snapped away from their respective musings as they heard loud banging coming out from the locked steel door, each bang was marked with a new dent appearing on the door. Gathering her power to her hands Raven continued to dodge the lasers while waiting for whatever was behind the door to make its appearance only to give a sigh of relief when a green Sasquatch burst into the room.

"Garfield, what the hell is going on here?!"

"Oh Raven your back, err just cover me long enough to deactivate the system" With that, the changeling morphed into a fox and quickly dodged any incoming fire as he made his way to the control panel.

Morphing back into his human Changeling began to furiously type commands into the keypad. Raven dropped next to him and formed another sphere around both of them, "Hurry up there Gar I can't keep up two shields like this for long!" referring to the other shield that was holding Arella.

"Ya I know now hold on for just a sec... just gotta rework the server... go through the back door...enter the password... aaaaaaannndddd... DONE!" Gar emphasized his explanation with a dramatic flourish before hitting the enter key and forcing the turrets and steel plating back into hiding, all ending in a sigh from Raven as she dropped both her shields.

"Dang, sorry about that Raven, but I had to go check out that bug Cyborg hasn't fixed yet so I set the defense system on since I had a random civy hear but your sudden appearance here must have set it off," he gave the computer a mild glare before resuming his focus on the woman before him, "what are you doing here so early anyway, you guys weren't supposed to get back till tomorrow or the day after?"

"Well first off it's not 'you guys' it's just me and second of all seeing as our five year anniversary is tomorrow I thought it might be nice to get here early, or is that a problem for you?" With a hand on her hip Raven gave her boyfriend a mild glare warning him that it better not be.

With a grin and a quick peck on her lips Garfield simply said, "Not a problem at all," holding her shoulder the Changeling turned Raven to introduce her to their slightly frazzled guest.

"Raven this is Angela, she came to Jump in order to find her daughter and I offered to help her out, you mind lending a hand?" though the questioned was directed at his girlfriend the changeling noticed Arella stiffening once he began to speak and had to ask, "Hey, you alright there Angela?"

"Um, Changeling is this your girlfriend you were telling me about earlier?"

"Oh, um yeah she is hehe." Glad he had remembered to put the ring case back in his pocket during the fight, he fought the urge to take it out and fiddle with right there in the open.

"You called her Raven correct?" when he gave her a quick nod Arella turned her attention the female titan who was giving her an inquisitive- with a bit of suspicion, timidity, and hope thrown in there- look and said with a soft smile, "Then I don't think you'll have to help me search for my daughter now."

"Wait, but… he said you went by Ange—" Raven started out.

"I'm sorry about that but I wasn't fully comfortable with being back on Earth as I was so I told him my old name, but I've gone by Arella for the past Decade or so."

Arella saw tentative realization dawn upon her daughter's face but it was the young man beside that responded first. "Wait you mean… but that was her… if you look like that then… does that mean… are you…Raven's… mom?"

"Yes?" The question in her response was as though she was responding to being called and Garfield was immediately reminded of the exact content of the conversation he had unwittingly had with his girlfriend's MOTHER this morning; he gave a nervous chuckle hoping that the teasing meant she approved of his intentions. Ignoring the suspicious exchange between her boyfriend and her mother Raven stepped forward in order to examine the woman before her better with a look as though she was afraid getting any closer would cause her image to disappear again.

"Mother, is that really you?"

"Yes Raven, I'm truly here." She wanted to go up and hug her daughter but couldn't unsure if she even had a right to anymore.

"But, when I went back to Azarath everything was destroyed by Trigon… how did you survive?"

"When Trigon came to attack the two of us fled to an underground cellar, Azar then used a frozen sleep spell to preserve us and she kept it up for at least six years but… Azar, she didn't make it."

"Oh," it was the only response she could when she was unsure how to mourn for the woman who's guidance had given her both the power to protect other and the emotional shackles that had bound her down for so many years. Looking at the women in front of her whom she thought she could never see again Raven gave a small smile and said, "I'm glad you lived," surprising the women to tears Raven went to hug her mother.

"Oh Raven, I'm so sorry for everything… I-"

"Don't be. Though it may have been hard everything brought me to where I am now and I wouldn't want to change any of it."

"Even the prophecy?"

"It happened." At this point Changeling joined in on the conversation with a large grin on his face, "Raven turned sixteen, became the portal, and then put Trigon back in his place."

"You made it sound all so easy."

"Yea well it ended up like that Rae and that's all that matters."

Giving an amused look at the banter between her daughter and the green skinned young man she couldn't help but pry, "So Rae huh?" Her daughter could do nothing but blush at the smile her mother now wore.

"So you banish your father, get greater control of your powers, and from what I saw from that kiss you managed to fall in love after you left. I'm happy for you."

Backing up a bit to stand by the shape shifter Raven had a light blush on her face from what she did next, "Well, I never imagined myself ever having to say this but I guess a proper introduction is in order. Mother this is my boyfriend Garfield Logan."

"Uh, hey again… I guess." Gar's voice had gone up a few notes and could only replay the fact that he showed his girlfriend's mother the ring he planned to propose with less than a half hour ago.

"Logan, hmm… it's interesting that when I come back to Earth the first person to meet me is your boyfriend just a day before your five year anniversary."

"True but I trust him with everything and anything, so you couldn't have asked for a better person to help you than him."

"That's funny considering when we met one of the first things we discussed was that he didn't plan to have a girlfriend for much longer. After four years with him the day that changes is the day I come back."

The loving smile on Raven's face was immediately replace with a look of pain and betrayal at hearing her mother's and looked at the equally shocked face of the man beside her.

"…Gar… is that true?"

"Uh, well… yes but-" With the fear and vulnerability on her face he couldn't just lie to her and while everything Arella had just said was technically true he never imagined that his giddy words could be twisted to sound so horrible.

"I knew it was too good to be true." Her voice was so soft and defeated as a single tear escaped her before her eyes held righteous indignation to cover her pain.

"I can't believe you Garfield! Apparently I just flew twelve nine hours straight just so I could teleport here a day earlier for an anniversary that doesn't mean anything anymore!" Gar could do nothing to interject as her anger fueled her approaching rant and was causing many lose items in the tower to float, break, and melt.

"You know what hurts worst isn't all the promises you broke, the rejection I feel when I know everything you told me was a lie and not even the fact that the man I loved just decided I wasn't worth it anymore after four years. No it's the fact that I had to discover this from someone else, that you were more than willing to announce your plans to a complete stranger than be honest with me. I thought you were a better man than that but apparently a lot of what I thought of you is wrong. I hate you." With all the damage around her getting worse and tears streaming down her face those three words held every ounce of pain she was feeling. She turned on her heel and began to make her way to the door and her room. No pain she had ever felt could compare to what she was experiencing now. No knife could have ever struck deeper than what she just found out. She was never going to forgive him for this. She would hate him forever for the way he toyed with her heart. She would-

"Raven will you marry me!"

-turn on her heels to stare in utter confusion and disbelief at what she had just heard.


"I meant to do this in a more romantic fashion but I'm pretty sure this is the only to get through to you now." This comment was given with a glare at the woman smiling off to the side at the whole situation.

"Raven nothing would hurt me more then you hating me because I love you more than I ever thought possible. Yes I had told your mother that hopefully you wouldn't be my girlfriend any more, that's because I was hoping you would want to be something more. I couldn't imagine my life without you in it anymore and if I can I would want to spend eternity with you. You once asked me how long I thought this relationship would last and I'm hoping forever sounds as good to you as it does to me. I don't want you as JUST my girlfriend any more Rae, I want you as my wife, my partner." Knowing his part to play Garfield Logan got to one knee before the shell shocked woman in front of him and pulled out the ring he had kept in his pocket the whole time.

"Raven Roth will you marry me?"

To say Raven was stunned would be an understatement, absolutely flabbergasted sounds more accurate; she had just gone on the biggest emotional rollercoaster she had ever experienced in her life and so could care less about all the appliances currently smoking. Her attention kept cycling between her grinning mother, the man she had known for years proclaiming his love for her in the most significant of ways, and the absolutely gorgeous ring presented to her that symbolized so much more. After a few moments of silence Raven gave the only response that felt right considering her emotional turmoil. She grabbed him by the collar of his uniform and kissed him.

That single kiss was one of the happiest moments of his life because it gave him every answer he was longing to hear and kissed her back with everything he was worth. When they finally broke for air he gazed lovingly into her amethyst eyes before asking, "I guess I can take that as a yes?"

"Yes you can. I would love to marry you Garfield Logan."

"Then make sure to put your ring on properly Mrs. Logan"

Actually beaming at the phrase Raven merely offered her finger as she felt her engagement ring on her finger for the first time. Looking she noticed the happy tears and vibrant smile on her face a realization came to her. "You knew, you knew what he really meant and just set this up."

"Yes I did and I merely wanted to see my daughter getting proposed to; Garfield your words let me know she'll be in good hands."

"I promise you she is, and I guess thanks for the push but seriously Rae, who'da thought you got your manipulation and sarcasm from your mother's side.

After the shock of being back together finally wears off mother and daughter will finally be able to talk. Arella will be able to hear what happened to her daughter over the years and cry all the tears the emotional bondage of her daughter's powers never allowed her to shed. She will get to talk with and begin to know her new son-in-law, understand the type of man that loved her child with such intensity. She will get rest after so many years inside one of the Titans many spare rooms. She will get to meet her daughter's friends/adoptive family that raised her Raven better than she ever could. She will feel pride and awe at the stories of her daughters exploits from the mouths of her little girl's teammates. Arella will feel sympathy for the group of young men and women in that tower that were forced to experience too much too young yet still ended up stronger and more worthy of happiness than most other people in the city they protected. Arella will smile softly at the normality as she and Starfire helps her daughter plan her wedding while laughing at stories of the bride and groom in their younger years. She will cry when her son-in-law thanks her for all the pain she went through that led to the birth of her daughter because it allowed him to meet the love of his life and promises to always be there for her. She will look at her daughters beaming face on her wedding day. She will even get to stare in wonder as she holds her grandchild.

But right now none of those matters, for as Arella looks at her daughter held in her fiancés arms, she realizes that the job she had been given over two decades ago had been accomplished. Her daughter had grown up to be a happy and healthy young woman who even managed to fall in love; her daughter had been allowed to live a happier life than she had. She knew her daughter would be alone nevermore. As a mother she couldn't have been happier for her little Raven.

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