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I though a lot about how I wanted to end this story and me and Angel spent nights...and nights sitting around contemplating it. We came up with this...

(Warning: long ending Authors note but I ask you read it anyway)

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Several things had happened that day back a few months ago. Asura had been captured alive and locked back under the floors of the DWMA. Soul Eater Evans had become an offical Death Scythe and all of the team had been moved to four star meisters. Tonight there was a party to celebrate the settling down of everything. Kid had healed up well enough to go and stood in a pristine white suit at the edge of the stairs of the house. He had told the girls they didn't need to match tonight they could wear what they wanted.

Patty was the first to appear at the top of the stairs. She slid down the rail landing next to Kid and smiled. "Like it" she asked in her girly tone spinning around till she got dizzy. She looked pretty in her ruffled pink cocktail dress. "It looks nice Patty". Liz sighed from the top of the stairs. "Patty how did I let you talk me into this". Patty laughed and Kid gawked. Liz stood at the top of the steps in a pearlescent blue dress that came down to her ankles and it was strapless. "You both look lovely". They smiled at Kid and he summoned Beelzebub as they transformed. "This way we wont mess up your hair".

When they arrived at the DWMA their friends were waiting. For Kid it was the first time he'd seen them since the incident. Maka and Soul gave him a hug and Black Star was to busy being a jackass to notice though Tsubaki assured Kid he was glad to have Kid back just as much as she was. He let Patty and Liz run off and told all of his friends he'd join them soon. He had somewhere to go first.

The walk didn't take long and the place had no effect on him as it would others. He already knew what he was looking for and where to find it and when he did he put his hands in his pockets staring at it. "Why are you here". Kid reached a hand out resting it on a seal. "I'll probably visit often from now on". "Just peachy while you're at it you could tell Death to let me out". Kid smiled and sighed. "I'll relay the message". He turned to walk away but felt the madness stop him for a brief second. "Leaving so soon". Kid sighed and turned back. "I'll be back tomorrow...". There was a brief silence before Asura let him go.

The walk back upstairs hurt his spine where it had cracked but he bared it. He wasn't going to miss hanging out with his friends for anything. They were waiting. Soul and Black Star patted him on the back and went off to dance with their partners and Liz and Patty danced together as Kid watched. He couldn't be more happy than just to be here and be alive.

There was a soft touch to his arm and he blinked looking to his side somewhat lazily. Crona was standing next to him as if she had magically appeared. She looked down as she spoke and talked fast. "HiKidit'snicetoseeyou". He laughed and offered her a glass of punch. "A little slower". Crona took a deep breath " Hi Kid it's nice to see you cause you were gone for a longtimeandIwasstartingto...". Kid put a hand on her shoulder and smiled. "I'm bored do you wanna dance. Crona lit up and nodded vigorously.

Kid felt like all of this was somewhat surreal. He had since he had tried to kill Asura but the shot had glanced off the blade so it only hit Asura with half the force. Mabey Asura wasn't meant to die yet but what did he have to live for...Kid didn't need to think about that now though he just had to get through tonight have fun with his friends and dance with a very shy girl named Crona.

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