For those of you waiting for an update on one of my stories, I'm sorry and I'm working on it. This is a bit iffy. Not my best work, but most definitely not my worst. Enjoy.

Harry suddenly stood from the table, pushing his plate away, and snarling, "Fine then ignore me."

He was nearly to the doors that guarded the entrance to the Great Hall when one of his housemates called out, "Yeah run away Potter. Go kill someone else you liar."

Harry turned to him, and with a voice that was deathly silent, yet loud enough for everybody to hear it in the silence that followed that statement. "Kill the spare. That is what was said when Cedric and I appeared in the graveyard. Then no warning, no time to prepare ourselves, Cedric got hit by the killing curse." Harry pulled off his vest and started unbuttoning the buttons on his shirt, before pulling it apart and showing angry scars that were spread across his torso. "I was tied to a tombstone, and the man who betrayed my parents carved into me, as if he were carving a roast." He raised his hands. "Say whatever the fuck you want about me, but leave Cedric out of it. He doesn't deserve to have his memory decimated with your hateful words." His eyes flowed over the students, who were watching him, and listening to his every word. "EVERY year, you have all turned against me. First year, because I lost points helping save a baby dragon. Second year, because you thought I was helping the basilisk that I defeated to save Ginny's life. Third year you laughed when I fainted because of the dementors. You know I'm glad that I met the dementors. Because the screams that I hear, of my mother begging for her life, are the only memories that I have of her voice." He was holding back tears at this point, and he could hear a few snuffles from the congregation. "Last year, you all did it yet again. Because you thought that I put my name in that stupid cup. Not a single one of you has ever treated me like a human being. But when Voldemort starts attacking, you will all cry out for the-boy-who-lived." He heard the door open, and he felt the darkness approaching him, students and staff stuck to their seats in fear. "You will call for help from the person who you ostracize more than you change your clothes." He felt arms wrap around him as the tears finally started to fall. "But I won't be there. And in years to come, you will blame the deaths of your friends and loved ones on me, but it was you. You who have beat, hexed, cursed me in the hallways. Like I didn't get enough of that from the filthy muggles that I have been forced to live with most of my life. For my protection, so I've been told. The wards are Great against Voldemort. But not his death eaters or my abusive relatives." His eyes one again fell upon the student who had called him out. "Thank you, because now, I can go home."

Harry turned around in the strong arms, and emerald eyes met those of crimson red. "Let us go." So Harry Potter and the Dark Lord disappeared in a swirl of darkness.

"Wake up!" Harry rolled over, and looked at his friend Ron.


Ron gave him a half smile before glaring at Seamus. "Double potions with Slytherin. Don't want Snape to be mad."

As Harry got dressed, he sighed, thinking, 'just another day with them all hating me. Fucking bastards.' Harry picked up his bag, and walked through the common room, and down corridors and staircases with Ron and Hermione at his sides. 'If only my dream could come true. I would almost be able to ignore that he killed my parents if he loved me.'