Name: Amaya Yakuhan

Age: 15, then turns 16

Looks: Eyes: Blue-ish-Greenish

Hair: Jet Black, long straight

Body: Fit, in shape, curvy

Height: 5'3

Likes: cooking, music, photography

Dislikes: killing, people who can't pull their own weight

Gender: Female

Extra: Yuki/Rin are 16 turning 17

Yuki's height: 5'9

Rin's Height: 5'7

*Story Starts Here!*

"I will defeat Satan and, I WILL HAVE VICTORY!" Rin yelled well still day dreaming in the middle of one of Yukio's lecture. "Rin, will you please pay attention when am trying to teach" he said with a sigh. Yukio is still trying to get Rin to pay attention in classes and while training. "Well make it less boring, I mean we fought that kind of demon before, so why do we have to learn about its weakness, if you it if you cut off his head its dies" He reminded his younger brother. "True Rin, but you have to use your head, and I don't mean the literally." He said remembering what happened last time he told his younger brother to us his head. "Anyway, class is almost over, can we just relax for a bit?" Rin asked closing his book, and closing is notebook. "No, Rin!" he yelled as he went on with the lesson.

Class was over and Rin had to help Yukio clean up after the class. When they heard a knock at the door, it was sung wide open and a little dog come in. "Ah, I have some great news for you." It was Mesphistio , who was in his dog form, with a young girl standing behind him with two big bags and one smaller bag, then he changed back to his human form. "This is Amaya Yakuhan, she will be your new student" The girl beside him stepped forward, and smiled, "Hi, nice to meet both of you." Both brothers turned to her and Yukio was the one to welcome her first, "Nice to meet you too and welcome to True Cross Academy" then he took a paused, then again started to introduce himself. "Am Yukio, and this is my younger brother Rin." He pointed at Rin who at this point was just trying to hide is tail, that was waging all over the place, lucky for them she didn't even look at Rin until he was done putting it away, and introduced himself. "Hiay, am Rin nice to meet you..Amaya right?" he said with unsure of himself. "Ya that's right" she said smiling at both of the brothers. But leave it to Mephisto to kill a cute moment. "Oh before I forget" Mesphistio started, "She going to be staying in the same building just in a different room of course, I really don't want to pay for an entire building just for one person to live at" He finished. All three of them were in shock when he quickly turned back into his dog form. "Oh by the way, you boys should help her with her bags" he yelled from the other side of the door. "He…It…He, that dog sure walks fast" Amaya said noticing how quickly Mephiso was able to get to the other side of the door that quickly. "That's even the start of it" Rin said under his breath.

All three of the teenagers looked at the each other, finally Amaya broke the silence. "Is he always like this?" they both looked at her a give a quick sigh. "Yes" Yukio answered for them. "Well I guess I'll take this bag" Rin said getting the biggest bag out of all of them, and started to carry it. "Rin, you don't have too, I mean your nice and all but, you do know it has wheels on it right?" Amaya said taking her bag and pushing a button so that the wheels would come out. "Oh I knew that" he said with one of his signature smiles. "Hey Yukio are you coming?" Rin asked "Huh, oh I have some things to finish here; I'll go later, do worry about me." Yukio said taking a stack of papers from off of the floor. "Okay, Yukio I'll have dinner ready, when you come back." He said taking another bag that was on the floor.

The two teens started to walk towards the old build, for the most of the walk leaving the cram school was quite, that is until Amaya finally broke the silence. "So you and Yukio are brothers?" she asked trying to break the awkwardness. "Huh, oh ya, were actually twins," he said while looking back to see Amaya reaction, then he flashed a big smile, "Am the oldest." Amaya started to laugh a bit, but tried not to laugh so loud, so that Rin couldn't hear her but Rin stilled heard her. "What's so funny about that!" Rin yelled in a friendly tone. "Am sorry but that's really funny," she said truthfully. He looked at her with a confused face. "I was looking in the class when he was teaching." She said simply. "Oh, so that's it, well just because he's a teacher doesn't mean he's the oldest." He said simply. "I know, it just the way both of act, I mean surely am not the only one who tough you were the younger brother." She said with a big smile on her face. "Well, who asked you anyways!" he yelled playful "Oh by the way, what do you want for dinner?" Rin asked.

They finally go to the building. Rin showed her around; he showed her all the rooms. And he picked a room for her. Her room was two doors down from his and Yukio's. "Hey, Amaya you never told me what you wanted for dinner." Rin said walking out of her room, with Amaya right behind him. "I don't know what is there to eat here?" she asked "Anything you want" Rin said simply with a smile on his face. "Really?, I mean I don't want you to waste all your money, on something you guys might not even like." She tried to explain to Rin who was laughing at her for no reason. "No, am cooking dinner, just tell me what you want, so that I can go pick up the things, besides that's my only proactive skill."He said with another one of his signature smiles. Amaya couldn't help but to giggle a bit. "Ok I want Sukiyaki, my favorite!" she said with the biggest smile she has had in a while. "Am ok with that I LOVE Sukiyaki." Rin said as he started to get a watery mouth just thinking about eating his favorite food in the world, sukiyaki. Just then Rin called his friend, Kuro. "Hey boy, wanna go for a walk" he said to his friend. "Ya I wanna go!" Kuro said, but of course only Rin could hear him, he turned to look back of Amaya, that had a stocked face, while looking Kuro. Rin thought to himself Could she hear him? Did she hear him? Rin was interrupted from his train of thought, when she heard Amaya "AWWW he's so cute, I never seem a cat with two tails!" she said picking Kuro up. "Huh, oh ya, he was a rescue." Rin said, thinking of the real story, it was someone close; he was rescued by Rin, technically. "AW that's so sweet Rin!" she said putting down Kuro but still petting him. "YA wanna take him?"He asked holding the leash. "Sure let's take him." She said smiling as Rin put the leash on him and with that they walked out, and headed to the store.

"Hey, Rin do you even know where we are?" She said looking around and seeing almost no one. "Ya, I know where we're at why?" He asked with some offense taking. "Cause this place seem kinda lonely for being a big city." Rin was glad to hear it was that and not the fact that she thought he had no sense of direction. Rin looked back at Amaya, he reach out his hand; She looked at him with confusion. "Let me see your hand." Rin said still reaching out his hand. "Okay" she said holding out her had, and then Rin got the leash that had Kuro, and placed it in her hand. "Here if you ever get lost, Kura, knows the way back the building, don't worry" Rin said smiling at her and started walking slow so that Amaya could catch up to him. After walking for a bit more they got to store, and walked in, of course leaving Kuro outside, and looked for everything they needed to make sukiyaki.

After getting everything they needed, they heading back to the building. The two of them were talking non-stop. She mostly let Rin talk about his childhood with Yukio, and how long he's in attending the Cram school. He also talked about why he started cooking. Rin wanted to know more about her, but Amaya wasn't one to talk, she did however talk about some of the events that happened to her, that lead her to become a part of the Cram School at True Cross. They finally arrived at the building, Rin let Kuro off of his lease, and he ran off somewhere. "Hey Amaya, I have to get something from the storage room, hang out here for a while." He said walking out of the room, and leaving her there. Rin was looking for a bigger pan, now that he has to cook for 4 (he cooks for Kuro too) when he heard at scream. "SHIT I forgot to tell her about Ukobach! FUCK, I hope she didn't get that scared!" he thought to himself, running towards, where Amaya was waiting for him in the kitchen. He didn't wanna scary Amaya even more, so went walking slowly and quietly. He stopped in his tracks, when he saw that Amaya was talking to Ukobach. He looked at her but he couldn't believe what he saw, he thought only demons could understand other demons.

He slowly walked towards her, " can understand him?"