Amaya woke up the next day, she wanted to get up, but she found it a little difficult to with Rin's body wrapped around her so intricately. She carefully did her best to remove his arms from her body so she could turn over and get out of bed, but when she tried to remove his arms from her waist, Rin let out a low, feral growl, and pulled her tighter against him. Amaya tried to move away, but again, Rin kept her to him.

"Don't. Move." He growled out. He opened his dark eyes and looked down at her. Amaya looked up at him with her blueosh-greenish eyes, and he sighed, knowing he is at her mercy whenever he looked into her eyes. Rin was many things but a morning person he was not."It's morning. I'm tired. I like having you in my bed. Don't move."

"Rin, please let go" She demanded but it was no use.

"Not happening" Rin responded tighten his grip on her. "

Rin, I wanna go to the restroom" Amaya said still trying to free herself. Rin let out a low growl and let go of her.

She got up from the bed and headed over to the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. She quickly turned on the shower, she wanted to get the smell of sweat, and the dried up blood off her body.

Rin's eyes flashed open when he heard the sound of running water. Her use of the bathroom was acceptable; because he didn't have to wait long for her to come back, but if she was going to take a shower that would take too long.

He got up from his bed and went over to the bathroom. He opened the door, which she had left unlocked, and walked in. He smirked as he quietly shut the door so she wouldn't hear it. He walked over to the shower, the padding of his feet on the floor unheard over the sound of running water from the shower head. When he pulled open the curtain, Amaya jumped with a shock, covering herself.

"R-Rin!" She squealed when she saw him

"What are you doing?" "Relax it's nothing I have seen" Rin replied with a smirk

He stepped into the shower, closing the curtain behind him. He wrapped his arms around her, bringing her close to him,

"I thought you were just going to use the toilet."

"I didn't have too I just wanted to take a shower. I never said I needed to pee but, I figured I kind of stunk because I sweat so much last night oh and the dried up blood… so I thought I'd shower."

"you might be sore, so I'll help you wash up." Rin said his lips closing over the cartilage of her ear.

"Rin!" She tried to jump out of his arms, but he held her tight.

"I really liked waking up to you." Rin whispered huskily in her ear. Amaya could feel Rin's forming erection on her behind, "It turns me on knowing your hot naked body is next to me." She tried to get out of his arms, but found she couldn't. She felt his hand sliding down from its place at her waist to her nether regions.

"Wait…" She put her hand over her entrance before Rin's hand could touch it. Rin growled unhappily and moved past her hand, instantly diving his finger into her. He didn't have to worry about hurting her because she was already wet from the shower. He smirked darkly when she squeaked, her back arching, and suddenly standing on her toes.

She moaned, "Rin…"

She looked over at him through glazed eyes, "Really again..?"

"Yes, again" Rin said, he added another finger, and she moaned again, pinching her lips together to keep it from getting too loud. Rin kissed the exposed skin of her neck as he inserted and removed his fingers from her again and again, loving the way she moaned. He licked her neck in a long stroke, all the way up to her cheek. She turned to him, her clouded eyes meeting his dark, lustful ones. He pressed his lips to hers, and they shared a passionate kiss. His tongue slid past her lips to dance with hers, and she moaned again. He carefully moved her so she was back against the shower wall, with him pinning her there, their lips still together. He reached up and grabbed her breast, kneading it in his palm. He loved hearing her pleasure-filled squeak as he started toying with her nipple. He kept going, one hand on her breast, the other in her entrance, while he never stopped kissing her. When she pulled away with a gasp, he felt her clenching down on his fingers. He sped up their pace, smirking deviously as she began to shake her head back and forth, biting her lip.

"Rin…!" She called out his name as he continued, "Rin!"

He watched as her eyes began to roll back in pleasure, "Oh, God, Rin!"

She suddenly arched her back, her entire becoming stiff as her muscles clenched and unclenched around his fingers, Rin stifled her cry by putting his lips on hers, and she moaned into them as she came around his fingers. She slumped, pulling her mouth away from his as she panted harshly. Rin made sure she didn't go down to the floor and kept her up. He lifted up one of her legs, and she looked at him in surprise. "Wait…"

She was cut off when Rin kissed her passionately again. When he pulled away, she shivered at the sight of the dark lust in his eyes.

"Do you know how sexy you are when you moan like that?"

She smiled at him, "Do you know you hot you with your bed hair?" she said taking some of his hair and pulling on it. Rin chuckled and put the head of his member at her entrance.

"You're so cute." He said huskily, before going into her.

Amaya gasped, her eyes flashing open as he started to thrust in and out of her. She let out little moans and whimpers as he kept going. Rin moved her leg so it would rest on his waist, and reached down, picking up her other one and coaxing her to do the same. She did as he asked, and grabbed onto his shoulders as he pounded into her so she wouldn't fall. She felt the cold wall of the bathroom on her back while the shower water, which was still warm, poured down on them. It was a strange sensation to add to the millions of sensations she got from sex with Rin. She cried out as he hit a certain spot, and he grinned, seeing that he had hit her G-spot again. She cried out when he started pounding into it again and again, showing no mercy.

Amaya pulled herself closer to him, resting her head in the crook between his neck and shoulder as he kept going. Now, Rin was holding her up as he went into her again and again. His hands grasped tightly onto the skin of her bottom, Rin loved how supple the feel of her butt was. He also loved it when she moaned out his name, or made any sounds from their sex. It made him feel especially happy because he was the one making her make those sounds. Amaya stiffened again, arching back as she came again, her eyes rolling back, and her mouth hanging open in a silent scream. When she squeezed him, Rin came as well, his seed shooting into her. Amaya twitched as she felt the familiar warmth of him coming inside her again.

Rin, panting harshly, pulled out of her. Amaya slumped against the wall, and slid down it until she sat on the bathroom floor, Rin still standing. He smirked, proud of his performance, as he knelt down in front of her, brushing back some of her wet hair. Instantly, she threw her arms around his neck and held him close.

"You're such a pervert…" She mumbled, "Doing it in the shower…"

Rin chuckled."I can't help it." Rin said, "If you'd let me, I'd be doing you every hour of the day."

He wrapped his arms around her back in an embrace.

Amaya chuckled, "You shouldn't do that…" She faced him and finished "I'd be too happy if you did that."

Rin smirked."Now who's the pervert?" He asked with a grin. He saw her sticking out her tongue at him.

" You're the pervert, but I still love you "She said,

Rin chuckled. "I know, I know, I love you too" He stood up, pulling her with him. He smiled down at her, "Now, why don't we get you cleaned up?"

He reached over, picking up a washcloth and covered it in body wash. Amaya did the same, smiling softly up at him. The water was a little lukewarm now, but neither of them minded. Rin gently rubbed the washcloth over the skin of her shoulders and her back as she washed the skin of his muscled chest .They were both silent as they washed each other, Rin's semen started slipping out of her and down her legs onto the shower floor before going down the drain. He let the water do its job and take the soap away from their body.

"I think we should get out" Amaya said turning off the water.

"Your right let me help you get dress." He said smiling.