Author's Foreword

NinjaCody: Gather around, everybody! It's time for another one of Lowrider's stories! You know, the guy who writes
stuff that makes you go, "Why the heck would anyone write about that couple?"

(Lowrider steps up behind his assistant and delivers his patented Boot-to-the-Head™ to him)

NinjaCody: Owww….you booted me in the head!

Lowrider: Can the commentary, arubaito-boy*, and get on with the disclaimer. (*arubaito = Japanese for "part-time job")

NinjaCody: The things I do for a buck. Lowrider doesn't own Digimon, any of the characters, or a sense of humor for
that matter.

Lowrider: Spoken like a guy who really does want to be in a Yaoi fic sometime.

NinjaCody: I already called your bluff on that one. You said you didn't write that way!

Lowrider: There's a first time for everything, kid. Don't tempt me.

NinjaCody: (gulps audibly) Umm…anyhow, he doesn't own Digimon or any of the characters and stuff, and is a really
snazzy dresser to boot!

(Lowrider smiles widely, adjusting his shades and smoothing out his all-black outfit including trenchcoat.)

Lowrider: Much better. You'll get the hang of this gig soon enough.

NinjaCody: And for those wondering, I am available and my resume can be seen at…

(Lowrider delivers another Boot-to-the-Head™, knocking NinjaCody off the stage)

NinjaCody: (dazed) Mind if I just lie down here for a while…??

Lowrider: Don't worry, folks, I've made sure he has good medical coverage. He'll be fine. On with the pre-fic commentary!

In my quest to find a coupling that just hasn't been written about I came up with the idea for this one. This one may
be even more out there than Miyakeru (that's Miyako/Yolei x Takeru/TK), which means I have a moral imperative to try
and make a story about it. If you're of an open mind, I think you'll find this to be a fun, entertaining, and sweet
story. Like my other stories, it's mostly about how love has a tendency to happen when and where you least expect
it. Such has been my experience in life.

Here's my cast of characters, as well as ages for your reference:

Sora and Matt - 19
Izzy - 18
Yolei - 17
TK, Kari - 15

The rest you can figure out for yourselves. And once again, no Digimon in this fic, just the human characters. That's
just how I am. Comments and e-mail is always welcome, and flames…hmm, well considering I have yet to actually be flamed
for anything I've written I dunno how I'll deal with them. Eh, who cares. Enjoy the fic, folks!