A Hint of Things to Come

Izzy stirred a bit as daylight peeked into the room. His eyes fluttered open and began looking around the room, which was a spacious hotel room. The events of the past couple of days came flooding back to his mind, though the events of the past twelve hours were most fresh and vivid. He thought to stretch out in bed for a moment, but hesitated as he looked down and smiled to himself.

Sora lay partially on his chest, still sound asleep and with a completely content look on her face. Stretching out would have woken her up. Instead, Izzy just relaxed and stroked her hair gently, enjoying the closeness of their nude bodies beneath the sheets. Soon enough, she began to stir a bit as well, and looked up at him through half-open eyes after a moment.

"Mmm, morning." She said sleepily.

"Sleep well?" Izzy asked quietly.

"How could I not?" she hugged herself close to him briefly, and then rolled onto her back, stretching out. "What time is it?"

"7:15" Izzy said, looking over at the clock.

"Good. I didn't want to waste our last day here just sleeping."

Izzy nodded in agreement and hopped out of bed, pulling a pair of boxer shorts on. He surveyed the room and chuckled, seeing the remnants of their clothing from the previous day strewn all over the place.

"We were sure negligent as far as our clothes went, weren't we?" he remarked as he tried to clean up a little.

"I don't know about you, but by the time the reception was over last night I only had one thing on my mind." Sora replied, smirking to herself as she sat up, holding the sheet to herself.

"Yeah, but one of my shoes ended up in the garbage can!"

"Lucky shot." Sora just shrugged at him. "Still, Emi and Hiroshi's wedding certainly was nice."

"Except for the fact that we didn't get to see each until the service itself."

"Yeah, that kinda sucked. But we certainly made up for it, didn't we?"

Izzy just smiled and nodded at her as he stepped out onto the balcony of the suite. The view was not unlike something he had only seen in travel magazines before.

The balcony overlooked a stretch of beachfront that was pure white as far as the eye could see. Crystal blue waters washed up onto the shore, the rhythmic sound of their crashing against land sounding soothing to him. A gentle breeze played by him and through his hair, almost as if the air was sighing as he gazed out over the endless blue of the ocean. The sun was still rising, and a thousand different colors streaked the sky, looking as if an artist had taken his paints to the canvas that was the sky and had painted a perfect sunrise. Sora had been right in what she had said when they first stepped off the plane. This place was something of a paradise.

Sora joined him on the balcony after slipping into a bathrobe and tying it tightly around her waist. She stood next to Izzy and sighed contentedly as she enjoyed the view as well.

"It certainly was a stroke of luck that they were able to have the wedding here." Izzy commented after a moment.

"Nothing lucky about it. One of Emi's uncles is a big time hotel owner and insisted they have the wedding and everything here in Hawaii. I guess this is the same uncle that helped her learn English to begin with, and they've always been close." Sora explained.

"Well, I say we get cleaned up and get some breakfast, and then let's enjoy our last day in paradise."

"I agree wholeheartedly. You want the shower first?"

"If you don't mind."

"Well, if you take too long I'll just come and join you." Sora joked, slugging him gently in the shoulder as she headed back inside.

"Hey, you won't hear me argue." Izzy replied as he headed for the bathroom.

"Izzy, we need to get out of the room at some point."

Izzy just nodded at her and headed into the bathroom for his shower. Sora turned on the TV in the meantime as she set out some light clothing for the day. All the stations were in English, and although she'd gotten some good tutoring from Emi and Hiroshi before school had ended she still didn't really understand much of what was being said. It was at least background noise. She grabbed her diary quickly and looked over her last entry, which had been yesterday before the wedding.

'Well, another year of college has come and gone, but so much changed this past year that looking back I can't believe how much different things are now.' Sora thought as she read the same in her diary. 'Izzy and I have been together for half a year now officially, though I have a hard time remembering when I didn't have him in my life. I find myself loving him a little more every day, and he tells me the same as well.

'Ever since Christmas time, too, our physical relationship has just blossomed. Everything just feels so good and right with him that I just can't compare it to anything I ever felt with Matt. Of course it helps that Izzy's a quick learner.

'We're not the only ones who've had our situations change dramatically over the past year, though. Kari's been dating Ken since around Valentine's Day. I guess they patched things up from the mess from before and decided to pick up where they left off.

'TK and Yolei have grown really close as well. Cody tells me that they act a lot like Izzy and I do around each other. Here's to hoping they wait a while before they decide to take things to the next step, though.

'And then there's Matt and Mimi. Boy, none of us saw that coming. They're still mostly maintaining things long-distance, but with Mimi's new focus on the culinary arts she has a lot more free time on her hands, and she comes to visit whenever she has a break at school. I wish them nothing but the best.

'I also hear that Tai's seeing a girl from his school, and Joe got hooked up as well. Love seems to have sprung up everywhere among us Digidestined. I guess I'm just a trendsetter.

'Of course, love hasn't been isolated just to my Digidestined friends. No sooner were Izzy and I back at school than Emi and Hiroshi told us they were getting married! I wasn't so much shocked to find that out as I was shocked that Izzy managed to keep it secret from me for so long. I got some good tickle-based retribution out of him for that one, though.

'Anyhow, I write this as I wait to be picked up by Emi and the other girls. We're all going to get our hair done for the wedding. I am her Maid of Honor after all. Hiroshi made Izzy an usher for the wedding too, so he could be a part of things. It kinda sucks that I have to dance once or twice with Hiroshi's best man, Ryuunosuke, but at least I'll get to see my Izzy in a tuxedo. Mmm...I'd better stop there, or I'll leave drool marks in here. Yuck!

'The best part of all of this is that as I write this I'm in my hotel room...in Hawaii! This place is an absolute paradise! I can't wait to go with Izzy for a walk on the beach sometime. It will happen. Oh yes, it will happen.

'Still, all of this wedding stuff makes me think about Izzy and me, though. I mean, I don't expect anything to happen soon, but I can't help but wonder if the question is running through his head. Maybe when we're done with college, but not now. I think we've both got enough to deal with without getting married anyway. Besides, we're having more fun together than two people should be allowed to have as it is, so I won't worry about it.

'Still...Sora Izumi...kinda sounds nice to me.'

Sora closed and locked her diary, and put it back into her night stand's drawer as she giggled in delight, thinking about her and Izzy. She then heard the water go on in the bathroom and heard Izzy stepping into the shower.

'We should get out of the room and have fun today...' she thought. She then smiled slyly to herself as she headed for the bathroom herself, shedding her robe as she entered and closed the door behind her '...but then again, when are we going to have another opportunity like this for time alone?'

_ _ _ _ _

The hotel had an extremely nice buffet breakfast, and Izzy and Sora decided to eagerly partake in it considering neither of them had eaten much the previous day due to being busy with helping with the wedding. Once done, the two headed out for a day of traveling around the island of Maui, armed with a disposable camera, a couple hundred dollars in American money, and their gradually improving English skills. It was a recipe for fun if ever there was one.

Sora hadn't brought a swimsuit with her, and they did want to hit the beach later that day, so she pulled Izzy into a store and proceeded to model about a dozen different swimsuits for him. After about a half an hour, and seeing many different levels of reactions out of her boyfriend, she decided on a red, string bikini and also bought a multi-colored wrap to go with it to wear around her waist. Izzy let her know as they departed the story that she could do something like that with him again anytime she wished.

They stopped at several other stores along the way, looking over trinkets and making sure to get souvenirs for everyone back home. Izzy also picked up a pair of cheap sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt, which he wore and posed for Sora in. Sora couldn't help but bust up laughing, and managed to get a photo of him posing like the goofball he was acting like. He wore the shirt and shades for the rest of their time about.

After a quick lunch, they hopped onto a tour bus and rode around, seeing the sights of the island. It gave them a chance to rest their tired feet, and the many sights of Maui were interesting to see as well. They got back to their room at about 4:00 PM and saw to packing some of their acquisitions and clothes. Finally, both of them grabbed a chair and decided to relax for a while.

"Maui in a day...well, now we can say it's possible!" Izzy pronounced.

"Yeah, though my feet aren't going to forgive me any time soon for this." Sora said as she tossed her sandals off.

"So what do you want to do for dinner?"

"I think the hotel has a cookout of some kind on the beach that starts in an hour or so. We'd be able to hit the beach and get something to eat at the same time."

"Sounds good to me. I say we just take it easy until then."

"I couldn't agree more." Sora said, closing her eyes as she rolled her head back in her chair. "You know, it might be fun to do a trip like this sometime with the others along with us."

"Definitely would be fun. Not much chance for alone time, but fun nonetheless." Izzy said in agreement.

"Well, we're creative enough. I'm sure we could figure out a way to disappear for a while if we just wanted to be 'us' for a while."

Izzy looked over and could hear in her voice that Sora was really very tired. He stood back up and stretched his arms our a bit.

"I think I'll go down and do some beachcombing for a bit, see what I can find. You can relax and take a nap or something if you want."

"Oh, do you mind? I'm sorry, Izzy, I'm just kinda zonked right now is all." Sora said sleepily.

"Have a good nap." He said, leaning down and kissing her forehead gently. "I'll meet you down there for the cookout, okay?"

Sora nodded at him and watched him leave before getting up and flopping onto the bed, quickly falling into a pleasant afternoon nap.

_ _ _ _ _

The sun was just beginning to set as Izzy took a seat a ways away from the roaring bonfire that was now going on the beach. There was food of all kinds to be had, but he didn't want to partake in anything until Sora arrived. He took a moment to look over the collection of shells he'd managed to find while he'd been down on the beach. As he took to meticulously cleaning away bits of sand from the shells and admiring them, he didn't immediately notice someone approach the opposite side of the bonfire and look across the way at him. After a few moments, he finally put his shells aside and looked up

Sora was smiling at him from the other side of the bonfire. She was in the red bikini and wrap she'd bought earlier that day. A white lei hung around her neck, as well as her locket, and a wreath of flowers adorned her head. As she stepped around the fire towards him, Izzy thought for a moment that he was being approached not by Sora, but some kind of island goddess. He quickly stood up and brushed himself off as she neared him.

"Did I keep you waiting long?" Sora asked sweetly.

"N-n-no! I just sat down a minute ago and..." Izzy said stammering as he spoke. He regained control of himself a few moments later. "Sora, you look absolutely beautiful."

"Two of the girls on the way in insisted on giving me this treatment." She said, indicating the lei and the flowers.

"I mean it, though. I've never seen anyone more beautiful than you are right now." Izzy said, taking her hands into his. Sora blushed at his flattery, and smiled at him warmly. She could tell the feeling behind his words was genuine.

"Thank you, Izzy. I've never been quite so complimented."

"Well, uh...want to get something to eat or something?"

"Could we walk for a bit?"

"Sure! Absolutely!"

Sora smiled and stepped alongside him, taking his hand in hers as they walked the beach, just beyond the reach of the water that was washing up onto shore. They were silent for some time until they reached a relatively secluded section of beach.

"Can I talk to you about something...Koushirou?" Sora asked, a hint of nervousness in her voice. Izzy stopped in his tracks as she spoke. She had called him by his name, not his nickname for once. It had to be something important.

"You can talk to me about anything, Sora." Izzy said, facing her.

"I thought about this for a while after I woke up from my nap. Bear with me, because this is kind of hard for me to talk about." She said, taking a deep breath. She did her best to meet his gaze as she spoke, though her heart was a mixture of anxiousness and fear.

"Take you time. I'll listen." Izzy said, reassuring her.

"Yesterday, just before the wedding, I was helping tend to the final touches on Emi's dress before she walked down the aisle." Sora began. "At one point, she asked Rei and Kimiko to leave the room so she and I could have a moment alone..."

_ _ _ _ _

Rei and Kimiko left the room, making sure the door closed behind them. Sora stepped around in front of Emi, who was smiling at her, her own nerves notwithstanding.

"Well, this is it. After this, everything changes." Emi said. "You've been the best friend I could ask for through all of this, Sora. I'm glad you agreed to be my Maid of Honor."

"I was happy to be there for you. And don't worry, you two are perfect for each other, Emi. Everybody can see it. For that matter, I can't think of two people I'd rather see tie the knot." Sora told her encouragingly.

"Really? Funny you should say that, because I can." Emi told her. Sora looked at her with a puzzled look for a moment before she grasped what Emi was trying to tell her.

"Emi...it's way too soon for us." Sora told her, shaking her head.

"How long have you known him, Sora?" Emi asked.

"Izzy? Practically my whole life. We grew up together, after all."

"Is he your friend?"

"Of course! He always has made a point of saying that he's my friend before anything else. And I've always been his friend for that matter, too."

"Do you love him?"

Sora closed her eyes and thought of Izzy, smiling a little as she did. She opened her eyes again and smiled at Emi as she gave her answer.

"With all of my heart."

"Can you honestly see yourself loving anyone more than him?"

"No, not ever. Emi, what're you getting at?"

Emi smiled at her friend after she was finished with the questions and approached her a little bit more.

"My mother asked me those four questions after Hiroshi proposed to me, and I answered them just about the same as you did. Do you know what she said, then?"

"What did she say?" Sora asked, intrigued.

"She said, 'Then Emi, dear, you've found your one and only, and I wish you nothing but happiness and love.'"

Emi stepped up to Sora, placing her hands on her shoulders before she spoke to Sora from the bottom of her heart.

"I may have gone first, but the next wedding I want to be at is yours and Izzy's. Sora, dear, you've found your one and only, and I wish you nothing but happiness and love."

"Emi...I-I don't know what to say." Sora said, stunned at Emi's pronunciation. "All I guess I can say is, if it's in the stars, then you'll be first to be invited."

"You won't need luck, Sora. Trust me."

The two friends hugged briefly before Emi stood back up straight, pulling her veil into place.

"Well, let's do this thing, shall we?"

"Absolutely." Sora nodded and opened the door, then taking place behind Emi to help get her train out of the door and onward to her new life.

_ _ _ _ _

"...every word I spoke then, every answer I gave her was the utmost truth that came from my heart." Sora said, finishing her recap of her conversation with Emi. "I love you that much, Koushirou. What I want to know is...how do you feel?"

"Sora, I..." Izzy felt his throat go a bit tight and dry. Words seemed to escape him for a moment, but he summoned up his willpower and forced himself to have the courage to answer her.

"I'd be lying if I didn't say that I love you back every bit as much, Sora. But I think you're right in saying it's way too soon for us."

"Right. I understand." Sora said, smiling a little at him. She looked down a little, feeling embarrassed about bringing the topic up.

"That being the case, let me also say this." Izzy said, stepping closer to her. He cupped her chin in his hand gently, lifting her head so he could look into her eyes. Sora felt her heart flying as she looked at him again, feeling like she was hanging by his every word.

"There's no other person I'd want to spend the rest of my life with than you." He told her. "You are my one and only as well, Sora."

"Koushirou..." Sora's voice was barely a whisper as she said his name. She felt tears of happiness fall down her face as she smiled at him. Izzy reached up to brush her tears away, but she caught him up in as loving a kiss as she'd ever given him before. He kissed her back just as lovingly for a long moment. They broke off the kiss, smiling at each other a little sheepishly.

"If I had the means, I'd make it official here and now, Sora." Izzy told her.

"Don't worry about that now." Sora told him, smiling as she dried the last of her tears. "We'll get around to that soon enough. Besides, we still want to have some fun together before we start worrying about things like that, right?"

"Absolutely. Well, shall we head back and get something to eat?"

Sora took a moment to look out at the setting sun and took a deep breath that seemed to cleanse her entire being. The conundrum had been solved, and all had been resolved at last. Love had finally found her after she had tried to blindly search for it for so long. She stepped back alongside Izzy and took his hand in hers, lacing her fingers between his.

"That sounds...prodigious!" she told him, laughing a little after she spoke.

Izzy laughed along with her and started to walk back with her. The future could wait for now. They were both too busy just having fun together.