Hi, this is my second attempt of twilight fan fiction but first attempt of darkward. [WARNING – Dark Edward]. Don't read if you don't like darkward.

I am running…panting…running at top speed, breathless. Running from the worse of my worse nightmares. I am still waiting for me to wake up, wake up from this hideous, dreadful nightmare to the safe confines of my home. But I know! I know this gruesome nightmare is the reality of my life.

And I know I have to run for my life.

I know I can't outdo him.

He is much, much faster than me…..

And I don't know the way! Where am I running? Where to go? Where to hide in this ancient forest…? There are just old eucalyptus trees everywhere. Not a soul. But there is no use hiding. He'll find me. He can find me from anywhere….just anywhere.

But even if I don't know the way, I have to run…..

There is no other option…

Fate has given me no choice but to run…

"Isabella, love. There is no use running from me. I will get you." I cringe. He is saying in his silky, velvet voice. But his voice is scary to me. Very scary…..

I am dog tired. But I have to keep my feet moving. A gasp of helpless sob escapes my mouth as soon as I hear his voice. I cringe in horror and disgust. How long is this going to continue…..? I hear a wicked smirk from behind me.

He likes it!

Me being helpless feeds him!

He loves seeing me like this….

He smirks again as I trip over a stone. I shriek and start running again…..

Yes…. I will run… destiny is playing a cruel joke on me, it has given me no choice but to run…

Ha laughs again. He is playing with me, he can catch me anytime he can but he likes playing with me… he loves seeing me like this…

Because he is…obsessed…..

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