This fic is based on the first spoilers that were revealed for episode 5x21. At the time, all we knew was that Kate and Castle would have to remain still because of a bomb.

It's just something I had on my mind that I needed to get out. I hope you'll enjoy it.


Castle had a bad feeling about this. He wished there were some back-up, just in case... Their investigation had led them to suspect a man who was pretty fond of explosives. It was almost a passion for him. The guy was unpredictable.

They parked the car in front of a hangar, probably a stake out for his munitions. They had no idea what to expect and were ready for the worst as Kate cautiously walked in first, holding her gun. Castle sneaked his head from behind her and did not look reassured as he glanced inside the room. This time he would have gladly waited in the car. But he couldn't let her go in there alone.

"Clear," Kate whispered as she put her gun away. "He's not here."

"Yeah well this guy is a former mine-clearing expert," he said walking to an even darker part of the hangar. "He could have filled the room with C4 and other traps, just waiting for us to walk right into his little-"

"Castle," Kate said.

"Yeah I know, I'm paranoid. But you've got to admit-"

"Castle!" she exclaimed with a shaky voice.

He turned around and saw she hadn't followed him. She was still feet away, a look of utter panic on her face. He followed her eyes as she looked down. Kate was barely able to breathe as she saw the device beneath her foot.

She had felt it. She had stepped on a little metallic plate that was even smaller than her foot. It wasn't totally stable as there seemed to be something else beneath it.

"Okay don't move," he said walking slowly towards her.

"Thanks for stating the obvious!" she said nervously.

"What the hell is that?"

"I think I just stepped on a triggering mechanism. I step out of this... it goes off," she said looking to her right where there was a casing with wires connected to it, where a red light was now shining.

"How do you know?" he asked with a lump in his throat, hoping she would be wrong for once.

"Okay, call Esposito tell him we have a situation. He needs to send the bomb squad. Right now!"

Castle obeyed without questioning her this time. He had been right. There could be traps anywhere and Beckett had just stepped on one.

# # # # #

What a smart move. This way, every evidence would be destroyed. Every weapon, every munition... and every witness.

"What is it?" Castle asked scrutinizing the piece.

"It looks like a combination between a land mine and a standard bomb. Basically, I'm the detonator... taking my foot away is like pushing on the button," she explained.

"Really? They make those?"

"This guy does... We knew he was pretty inventive when it came to explosives."

"Yeah, that's why I asked we don't go alone!"

"Look, Castle, I need you to walk out of here," she said trying not to show her panic.

"No way," he retorted.

"Castle, get out! That's an order."

"Are you serious? You really think I'd leave you alone like this? No," he said looking deep into her eyes. "We're partners," and much more he thought. "I'm not leaving you."

She had mixed feelings about this. She wanted him to get out, in case the worst happened. Kate didn't want him to witness her possible death. What would be worse, she did not want her careless act to cost his life too. And yet she couldn't help but feel relieved to have him by her side.

"Fine. But I need you to step back. Just a little," she said softly.

She thought it was a good compromise. He would be there, with her, but maybe far enough to stay out of the deathly blast in case it blew up. But given how strong-headed he was, he wouldn't see it that way. Castle stepped forward.

"I am not leaving you. I am not stepping back. We're in this together," he said holding out his hands. "It's okay, they're on their way."

"It's gonna take a few minutes for them to get here..." she sighed.

Kate did not know how long she could remain still. Her leg was already itching. A cramp would come soon. It was just a matter of time.

"Let me take a look," Castle said ready to kneel down.

"Castle..." she said nervously, as though someone was about to pull on a Band-Aid.

"I won't touch, I promise," he reassured her.

"Really? 'Cause you've got the habit of touching a lot of things you know... and being a little clumsy. It's not really a good combination next to a bomb... Just saying."

"Thanks for your trust," he said getting down at her feet to take a closer look at the wires. He couldn't help it. Kate winced when she saw him take a wire in his hand and go through them, trying to see what each of them was connected to. "Why can't they just put an on-off button!" he grumbled. "It would be so much easier..." he sighed.

"Maybe that's why they don't do it... It would be a little too easy."

"I mean who uses wires and cables nowadays? Don't they know we've invented wifi, bluetooth-"

"Okay Castle, could you be a little more serious?" she called to order.

"Sorry, my coping mechanism is rushing back. You know me."

"Yeah well... as much as like you staying light and fun in such a critical situation, how about you look at those wires you hate so much. What do you see?"

"Okay, hold on," Castle said going through them one by one. "Hm, I see a blue one going from beneath that little plate to the casing... a red one, I don't know where it goes. A white one... Why not just pull them all at once?" he suggested.

"Sure!" she mocked him.

"Yeah?" he asked seriously, looking up at her.

"No!" she yelled. "Don't!"

"Well, it worked pretty well last time I did it..." he said remembering how he had saved New York City from a certain deathly fate. "Oh, by the way, you could have worn a dress today... That little adventure would have been even more enjoyable! At least from my point of view," he said smiling, as he eyed up to her.

Kate was not laughing. She was scared and he could feel it. He nodded as he understood that they were past the little laugh phase. They needed to face it. The chance to get out of there was slim. Castle stood up again, not leaving sight of her.

"Castle..." she said in a murmur. "I need you to know-"

"Shhh, don't do that. You sound like you're about to do your last confession. You're gonna make it."

"How can you say that when I have my foot used as a trigger for a bomb?"

"Because I'm not losing you today, I can tell you that," he said more seriously than he had ever been that day. Or even that week. "And we still haven't tried that number six on our sexy Bucket List. So we can't die yet. Okay?" he said, taking her hands. "Breathe normally," he told her seeing she was holding her breath at times. "That's good," he said cracking a little smile.

To Be Continued...

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