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All I could do was smile.

Soft smoke slowly evaporating into thin air as my gun was still burning after firing off a perfect shot.

Sweat was dripping down my forehead. Blood splattered all over my white blouse. Smudge covering my hands.

He was dead.

I smiled.

Suddenly there was a strong pain in my left thigh, then the right one.

I dropped the gun.

They were coming.

A smile formed on my lips as everything went blank.


"Get the fuck out of my face Zeklos!" I growled and shoved his ass down on the ground. He grunted trying to get up when I shoved him back down, my foot against his chest. Adding extra pressure, he groaned from underneath me.

"If I ever see you close to my shit again I'll cut your fucking balls off and send them to your mama, you hear me?" My eyes were hard on him before adding extra weight on him making him scream out in pain, "I hear you!" His voice cracked resting his head against the ground again as I stepped back before crouching down speaking in hushed tones, "Now I know you're new and you better be having a fucking brain in that skull of yours and not come close to my cell again without my permission. And since I'm such a nice guy I'm going to let you off the hook, but you better not go against me, otherwise that pretty little head of yours will be crushed in so many ways even your mama ain't want to you afterwards" I growled before straightening up and walking away.

Crossing the big asphalt clad ground I could hear feet coming up behind me and a small smile appeared on my lips as I recognized Ivashkov's light feet.

As they came closer I spoke, "If you think you can sneak up on me, you know I'll cut your balls off"

He chuckled falling into step with me, "I wouldn't dream of it, so you took care of Zeklos?" He looked back over his shoulder.

"Yeah, he got the deal. Good thing you told me, thanks"

"No problem"

I looked both ways before I spoke again, "Spoken to Ozera yet?"

Adrian huffed, "He won't say shit. I tried over and over, even gave him offers no other fucker in here would ever reject but he continued to deny me any information"

I narrowed my eyes, pursing my lips as he spoke, "He seems very loyal, I like that" Adrian's and my eyes met, "But not when it's not to me" Adrian gave me a quick nod before I continued, "Rumors say he was one of his closest"

We stopped by the fence to the gym yard. I could feel Adrian's eyes on me as I stared off into the horizon. "Do you think he was one of his top men? One of Mazur's?"

"Yes" I said meeting his gaze, "And I want to know whatever the hell he knows about his whereabouts. Mazur is the most wanted person in this world since Bin Laden died and I'm sure that Mr. Ozera has some pretty good knowledge on his brain. He's just too loyal to talk yet" I looked over my shoulder seeing him sit all alone on a bench in the corner of the yard. "I want him on our side"

"There's nothing I can say or do to make him-"

"Try again" I told Adrian giving him a stern look, "I need the information and I'm not feeling very patient. Having him on our side is better than having him raped like a piece of shit by Jesse. I know he'd like his filthy as fuck hands on him but I won't tolerate that" I took a warning step towards Ivashkov narrowing my eyes as I spoke, "Give him your special fist treatment and hopefully then he'll talk. And he better feel like joining, I won't take no for an answer." I snapped before I walked away. Nobody would ever tell me no, the only person ever to have that power was my mama, and she was long gone.

Being loyal or not, Ozera would join my side inside this hell hole, or I will make sure he regrets it, every day, every minute for the rest of his 25 years in here.

The grey walls on the inside of my prison cell were the most familiar things in my mind. My eyes had wondered over them several thousand times during sleepless nights. First arriving here I didn't sleep at all the first week. I was too busy concentrating on all the new noises, hearing footsteps walking past me. I could hear every single drop of water against the concrete floor and I thought everybody was out to get me. I was waiting for somebody to kill me the second I turned my back towards them.

But it never happened.

I realized that even though it was my first time in prison people feared me. This wasn't the ordinary prison you can find all over America or which ever continent. This was Tarasov, an island prison somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Only the people working here and the most high up people in the CIA and FBI knew the exact coordinates to this place. And only they send those of the most twisted people from all around the world. The worst bunch of people you can find on earth were caught and placed them all together on a large island in the middle of water, water and more water. The closest island I've heard of is more than 100 miles away. The water is so cold that you won't even make it half way if you ever thought of escaping.

There are a total of 23 prisoners placed on this island along with 69 permanent guards. That's three guards per prisoner, so we're nothing close to the ordinary. And no one is more honoured than Chief Stan Alto to be in charge of this ship. He is just as fucked up as all of us sitting here. But he has the badge, the papers and gets paid to bust our asses around and make sure we know who's the boss. Although through my five years here I've come to an agreement with him. A small ounce of respect started to grow between us and although I knew he was the boss. Though he knew he could work with me to keep the guys inline. I wasn't some fucker who snitched on anybody; Jesse was that kind of a guy. I was more like holding information and he wasn't getting anything if he didn't give me something in return. So a small bond of trust was former by small favour that's still going strong. I have thirty years left in here so I might as well do the best I can and enjoy the ride.

Alto was also a great source of information from the outside world and he also updated me about prisoners that were discussed about being sent here. Not many made it, but there were a few of them. Christian Ozera was our latest I don't know exactly what he'd done but the rumor says he was involved with some sabotage of the US election and then the Russian election at the same time. He also was known as one of the top men for no other than the well-known Mazur.

Mazur was a completely different matter. He was known for everything major during the latest 40 years. Nobody knew where he was and he would always appear to his deed and then disappear within seconds. He was a veteran in the criminal business and I would gladly sit down and talk to that man someday. I bet we have many things in common.

He'd killed several well-known mob bosses all around the world along with hundreds of men and women in cold blood. He is also known for the big Swiss bank robbery two year ago. Within 24 hours he emptied three of the largest underground banks. The amount of money the man had was so absurd I've always wanted what it would be like. I have my fair share to, but spending money on expensive hookers and call girls was blowing off money alright. Not that alcohol was cheap either, not if you wanted the good stuff. But I'm sure Mazur had more than enough money to spare for that. Hell the man might as well have fifty different wives he can fuck whenever he likes all over the world and he wouldn't have to pay them a single dime.

Lucky bastard.

Familiar footsteps came closer bringing me back to the reality that I was in a cell.


Sitting up I saw his narrow eyes and smirking lips. I raised a single brow in his direction before speaking, "What gives me the honor of your smiling face this utterly ordinary morning?"

"I take it that your crappy attitude will never change?" His brows rose as he crossed his arms over his chest. The corner of my mouth tipped up just the slightest.

"You're assuming correctly" I got out of my bed walking towards the cell door crossing my arms in an equal pose, "Any interesting news for me?"

I knew he had something for me, he never came around for no reason. He always had a purpose.

"Or do you need another favor?"

His eyes narrowed slightly but his smirk stayed on, "Your mood won't get to me today Belikov, no matter how hard you try you won't get to me. You want to know why?"

"Please" I said leaning against the cold wall, "Enlighten me"

"They've caught Mazur"

My brows shot up and small smile disappeared. Body ridged. I walked closer to the door, "Really?"

His smile grew and he spoke confidently, "This morning, that son of a bitch ain't even going to court. They've agreed to send him here before they find a more suitable punishment."

"I didn't even know there was a worse punishment than this" I smiled slightly feeling more relaxed. Alto snorted and shook his head, "I can think of a few things worse than this. But first I just want to see his face. What he looks like. Then he can go to hell or where ever they chose to send him."

I just chuckled seeing his face that was covered with the want of revenge.

"Make sure you tell me when he arrives"

"Oh you'll know when that fucker will arrive, everyone will know"

My smirk grew, "I'm looking forward to it"


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