Here's the last and Final chap in this story, and as you see it's in ABE POV! fun huh?!

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There are so many epic love stories out in the world. Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, Jack and Rose. Even Pocahontas and John Smith.

There are so many stories known to mankind, but only the most epic ones, the ones people will always remember, are the ones with an unhappy ending.

The one were the love is so strong they die together. They die for one another, or they're separated by far distances. By their love will forever be alive, within one another.

All the above mentioned couples were fighters. The fought for each other, along side each other, they even fought each other.

But in the end they all found the same thing.


Rose and Dimitri were two of the most feared people walking this earth. They were known to be ruthless, heartless criminals. Killing and stealing in cold blood, the society was unsure they even had a heart in their body.

What they didn't know was they in fact had a heart, they had feelings and they in fact both knew love, because they loved one another.

It was a deep passion and a love that was hard to compare to anything else. But they shared it, even though they wanted to admit it or not.

Sometimes it's hard giving into something that will make you look weak, to make yourself vulnerable. Both Rose and Dimitri shared this sort of problem. A problem admitting their feelings to both themselves and to others.

But I knew they would find one another.

As Rose's father I haven't gotten to know her quite as good as I would've liked to. It's partly my own fault. But even though I never knew about her day-to-day happenings, I always knew she was strong. That she had a spark, a fire within her no one could ever take out.

Dead or alive, that fire lives on.

Standing on my daughter's grave is something a father never should have to do. Not even his daughters boyfriends grave.

But I am.

I feel Alberta's hand squeeze mine as our eyes meet. I lick my lips as I put the red roses down on both their graves.

I might not have led my daughter to the healthiest path in life, but known she has done great things in life to.

And looking at both their gravestone next to one another I know one thing about Rose and Dimitri.

Here their story ends, but their love lives on.

They were two great lovers and no matter what they went through. No matter what happens, in the end nothing will tear them apart.

I even got that on their gravestones.




Rosemarie Hathaway Mazur & Dimitri Belikov

Not even death could make us part.




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