A Hot Springs Honeymoon for Two

This is loosely based off the image and the ANIMATE drama when everyone went to the hot springs. Mainly SaruMi, but pretty much everyone who was involved in the hot springs trip has a guest appearance somewhere or another. Read the note first!

Note: What I've attached below is just a teaser of what is to come. I will have a few big scenes with a lot of the cast in it, but for the most part, it will be focused on SaruMi (otherwise the title wouldn't make sense now, would it!?)

Update: Finally it is done! It was very interesting to write a story focused on one couple when pretty much the entire cast was involved in the story as well. I hope I didn't botch up character personalities too much.

Rated: T for now for violence, language, and suggestive themes. Rated M for the EXTRA attached at the end. Please read the note first on the page!

Disclaimer: GoRa/GoHands own K Project

King's Game

The tension in the room was intense. There was a sea of glaring eyes attempting to intimidate any who was foolish enough to glance in their direction. Knuckles were cracked. Muscles were stretched. They were ready to rumble.

For the Red clansmen, the participants were Suoh Mikoto, Yata Misaki, Kanamoto Rikio, Kusanagi Izumo, and Kushina Anna. For the Blue clansmen, Munakata Reisi, Awashima Seri, and (unwillingly) Fushimi Saruhiko stepped up for the upcoming event. And to balance things out, two of the Silver clansmen—well, a silver clansman and a friend, came in to join the fun…or not.

"Why do I have to join in on such a pointless event?" Yatogami asked in annoyance.

"Come on now, we're all here to have fun, right?" the Silver King replied with his usual carefree smile.

"Yeah Kuro-kun! We need to step up to the challenge and make Shiro-kun and Wagahai-chan proud! We'll show these clansmen the power of Ashinaka Gakuen!" Kukuri jokingly flexed her biceps.

Over by the Blue's corner, Saruhiko clicked his tongue and muttered, "What a worthless waste of time."

The blue-eyed man scowled as he could hear a certain Red clansman talking giddily to Kanamoto. "Hey, hey! Wouldn't you think it would be awesome if Mikoto-san ended up being king, and I had the number he picks? Though Mikoto-san is a real king after all! I'll still listen to his command regardless of the game!"

Fushimi turned around in frustration as he began to open the sliding door of the room. He was quickly grabbed by the collar by his blonde-haired superior. "Fushimi, where do you think you're going?"

"Back to my room."

"Stop joking around. You need to stay here and represent Scepter 4 proudly against these hoodlums."

"Tch, when isn't this annoying woman nagging? So obnoxious," the third-in-command thought to himself.

"Fushimi-kun. Think of this as a wonderful opportunity to bond with your fellow man in competitive fellowship." Munakata placed a hand on Saruhiko's shoulder and gave a gentle smile.

With a loud sigh, he turned back around and walked over to one of the ten chairs that were placed in a circle. He plopped himself down bitterly. All of the players soon joined the circle as they were all ready to play the game.

Kusanagi cleared his throat and began to speak, "Okay, for those who don't know how to play this game, I'll go ahead and explain it. There are going to be ten sticks, where nine of them have a number on them. The last stick with have the word 'King' written on it. Whoever is the King gets to choose a number between one through nine and decide what action they are to obey. It can be anything, from having someone confess a secret, to even telling the person to do something to another number!"

"Come on Kusanagi-san, who still doesn't know how to play the King's Game?" Misaki said with a laugh.

An almost inaudible, monotone voice chimed in. "…I didn't know how to play…the King's Game…"

Everyone looked over at the young girl sitting without any sort of expression on her face. Awashima elbowed Izumo and whispered, "Izumo, is it really a good idea to invite Anna to play in a game with a bunch of adults?"

Kusanagi smirked and shook his head, "Seri-chan…does this really look like a group of adults to you?"

As the Scepter 4 lieutenant quickly scanned the room, she instantly became disgusted.

"Oi, you shitty monkey! Why the hell are you sitting next to me! You were sitting on the other side next to your Monkey King!" Misaki shouted.

"Mi~Sa~Kiiiii. Just sit down and shut up and play the game!"

"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that, you fucking bastard!"

Beside the arguing duo were the Silver clansmen. "Haha! These guys are funny! How do you know all of them Kuro-kun? Are they your friends?"

"They are NOT my friends. They are a bunch of low lives who do nothing but cause violence all the time."

"OI KURO INU! I DARE YOU TO SAY THAT AGAIN!" Yata's crimson colored aura began to cover his body.

"Do you seriously think you can win against me? You and that Blue have already lost versus me in battle before."

"Haaaa? Stray dogs like you need to learn when to shut up before they get hurt." Saruhiko still resented the fact that both he and Misaki were unable to beat the Black Dog in a fight.

Watching the fight begin to escalate, Seri sighed in displeasure. "I see what you mean."

Izumo put on a stern face and shouted out, "Heyyy kids! Can we all just sit down and start the game now? You can get your vengeance or whatever when we play!"

As Yata and Fushimi both knew what would happened if they got Kusanagi mad, they both sat back down and looked away from each other. They simultaneously clicked their tongues.

"Okay now, without further ado, let's begin the game! We'll let the Silver King do the honors of holding the sticks for the first round!"

With evil glares and dark intentions, the crow and the monkey were ready to pounce on the sticks before them. Yatogami sat in his chair with his eyes closed, looking calm and relaxed. Suoh appeared to have already fallen asleep, as he was leaning back in his chair. Munakata simply remain cool and composed like always.

"Haha, alright, so let's begin…NOW!"

Everyone jumped out of their chairs to grab the sticks in front of them. Each one quickly looked at what numbers were scribbled on the wood before they covered it from foreign eyes. It was their life on the line after all.

"…So, who's king?"

Kukuri jumped up from her chair and spun around in circles. "Yay! It's me! I'm the king!"

A mischievous smile began to form on her face. "Alright…let's see…I want number four to sit on number six's lap for a minute!"

It was a bold first king's order, and a lot of people nervously looked around to see who would be the ones to raise their hand.

"Ummm…I'm number four…" Kanamoto replied sheepishly. "Who is number six?"

"Geh. Whoever number six is, they are going to be absolutely squashed by the pig man," the entire group collectively thought.

After a few seconds of silence, a female voice spoke up, "I am number six."

Kanamoto's eyes widened in horror as he realized he was to go sit on Scepter 4's Heartless Woman, Awashima Seri.

"Ummm…maybe I shouldn't do this one…" The sweat was beginning to pour down the portly man's face.

"You can't do that Kanamoto-san! You can't disobey the king's orders, and I'm the king!" Kukuri had a pouty expression on her face as she stood with her hands on her hips.

"Just hurry up and get this over with," Awashima stated flatly.

Rikio swallowed hard as he slowly walked over to the blonde woman. He closed his eyes and quickly sat down on her lap. Everyone watched to see if the Heartless Woman would start screaming in pain. But surprisingly, she remained silent the whole time. She did not move, she did make a sound. She simply closed her eyes and sat there for the entire minute. As Kanamoto got off the Scepter 4 lieutenant's lap, there was a slight look of disappointment on the onlooker's faces.

"Tch, figures the Heartless Woman would have an iron mask face." Misaki muttered under his breath.

"Woohoo! Alright then! Let's continue on with our game, shall we!? Everyone get ready for the next round!" Kukuri extended her arm out towards the middle of the circle. "…Ready…set…GO!"

Once again, there was a mass buzz of people who drew their destiny from the palm of the king's hand.

"So…who is king this time?"

There was nothing but the sound of crickets chirping in the background. "Umm…guys?" Izumo looked completely confused.

"Oh, I guess it's me," Suoh said with a yawn.

The rest of the group couldn't figure out when or how the Red King even made a move to draw the stick in the first place. The crimson-haired man—tired as always, quietly mumbled, "I want number three to…"

The group clammed up and listened attentively, curious as to what kind of command the Red King would give.

"I want number three to…to…get me a pillow because I'm tired."

The group almost fell out of their chairs. A collective chorus of sighs filled the room.

"Such a typical request from Mikoto-san," Fushimi thought. It irked the blue-eyed man to think that his Misaki would be enamored by such a lazy, boring person.

"Ah! I'm number three! I will be right back and get you a pillow Mikoto-san! You can count on me!" Yata's eyes lit up like a child entering a candy store.

Annoying, annoying, annoying. The word began to loop in Saruhiko's mind. He scowled as he watched the crow run out of the room like dumb mutt fetching a ball for his master.

"Mikoto-san! I'm back! Here you go!" Misaki's face was glowing a soft pink color, as he grinned like an idiot. Fushimi clicked his tongue and turned his head away from the amber-eyed man.

Reisi noticed his subordinate looking unhappy. "Fushimi-kun, is there something that is bothering you? You appear to be upset."

"Tch, that's none of your concern Captain. Even if it were the case, I wouldn't come to you for any help." The third-in-command always locked up true emotions and feelings deep within his heart and refused anyone to see it. As a man who prides on keeping all eyes and ears on every situation, Reisi was curious, and he wanted to know more about his young subordinate.

"Alright…let's get this over with." Suoh extended out his arm, not standing up from his seat. "Ready…go."

Once again the numbers were drawn from the hand of the king.

"Looks like I'm king this time," Awashima said coolly. After Suoh Mikoto's tepid command, the Scepter 4 Lieutenant wanted to liven things up.

As a closet fujoshi, the blonde woman had an evil though enter her mind. Amongst a large group, primarily composed of men, the Heartless woman could only imagine the possibilities her command could deliver. "I want…number one…to give a kiss to number eight."

"What!? What kind of shameless command is that, woman!?" Kurogami showed a face of repugnance.

"Haa…it couldn't be that you are number one, could it Kuro Inu?" Seri teased.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but I am not either of those numbers."

Kusanagi peered over at Suoh's stick, as he had already fallen asleep in his chair. "Ah! Looks like Mikoto is number eight, Seri-chan."

"Ummmm…I'm number one," Anna's soft voice said. She slowly got off her chair and walked over to the sleeping man. She climbed up beside Mikoto and leaned over to kiss him on his cheek. Without saying a word, Anna quickly climbed back down and sat her chair again, her cheeks stained with a rosy pink color.

Although her plan backfired, Seri couldn't help but smile at such an endearing moment. "Alright, let's move on."

As the sticks were distributed again, the man with the Kansai accent spoke up, "Finally! It's my turn."

The blond-haired man wanted nothing more than to call out Seri's number and have her do something that would cause her ice-cold expression to blush in embarrassment. "Hmmm…let's see! I want…number nine to lovingly and passionately embrace number two in his or her arms for two minutes!"

A glimmer shined off of the Blue King's glasses. "I am number nine."

Misaki instantly turned red hot and jumped out of his seat, dropping the number two stick out of his hand. "Haaaaa? T-t-t-there is NO WAY I'm g-g-g-g-going to do this! Stop fucking kidding with me! I'm out of here!"

A strong hand gripped onto the crow's arm firmly. "Yata-chan," Kusanagi said with a smile, "Are you going to disobey the king? You know what would happen if you disobeyed me right?"

Misaki began to shiver at the thought. "F-F-F-FINE GOD DAMMIT! TWO MINUTES RIGHT? I GOT IT!"

The vanguard of HOMRA pulled his arm away from Izumo and marched over to the Blue King. He swallowed hard and shut his eyes tightly. The height difference was laughable. Reisi stood tall at 185 centimeters, while Misaki was a measly 167. Saruhiko began to feel his blood boil at the thought of his commanding officer touching his Misaki. But he quickly calmed down. "He wouldn't do more than just hold him like a he would a puppy or some other animal," Fushimi thought as he smiled.

Suddenly, the Scepter 4 captain lifted the little crow off of the ground and held the man close to his chest. Munakata held onto the chestnut-haired man as if he were carrying a princess or a bride on her wedding night. Misaki began to blush furiously as he realized his face was only inches away from the Blue King's.

Reisi, always a serious and honorable person, never did anything half-heartedly. If he were to be given a command, he would do the best he could to the furthest extent to fulfill his duty.

Misaki was so embarrassed that he couldn't even spit out any curse words from his mouth. He simply stayed still as his head rested against the taller man's chest.

Saruhiko clenched his fist and grit his teeth hard as he saw the scene in front of him. It was unforgivable. He wanted to slice up and burn his commanding officer until he was nothing more than dust in the wind. How dare he make his Misaki blush so cutely and be shy like that. It was unacceptable. Before he could jump and intervene, he heard the voice of the Silver clansman.

"Wait…Isn't this like, sexually harassing a minor? Is it alright for a government official to be doing such indecent things?" Yatogami said, once again disgusted at the thought.

Yata quickly snapped out of his daze, rising up in anger. "I'M NINETEEN GOD DAMMIT! I'M PROBABLY OLDER THAN YOU, KURO INU!"

"Don't joke around. With that height and personality of yours, you can't be older than fifteen."

The captain of Scepter 4 could feel the body in his arms trembling and burning up. "Yata-kun, are you—"

Reisi's words were cut off as the little crow jumped onto the ground and released his fuchsia fire. "KURO INU! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

The room, which had remained silent earlier, was now overflowing with screams and shouts and the sounds of furniture being tossed about.

"Yata-san! Please calm down! You're going to destroy everything in this room at this rate!" Kanamoto pleaded.

"Kuro! What are you doing! Stop fighting! This is a game remember?" the Silver King grabbed onto the Black Dog's arm to try to stop him from attacking the Red clansman.

"Hey you two, cease this argument at once!" Awashima went into full-on nagging mother mode.

"Kuro, nya! Beat up that shorty, nya!" Neko chimed in gleefully.

"WHO THE HELL IS A SHORTY? AHHHHH, I'M GOING TO MURDER EVERYONE FROM THE SILVER CLAN!" Misaki prepared himself to attack as the fiery blaze danced all around him.

"MI-SA-KI! WHY ARE YOU BOTHERING WITH THE SILVER CLAN SO MUCH!? YOU SHOULD BE BUSY ARGUING AND LOOKING AT ME!" Saruhiko finally snapped as he pulled a knife from his sleeve, pointing it at the crow in front of him.


"Ahahaha! Now this is more like it! A hot springs trip filled with excitement! This is what youth is all about!" Kukuri said as she laughed.

Then, the room suddenly became swelteringly hot. Even though the Red clansmen were controllers of fire, they still began to feel their skin burn as the temperature rose sharply in the room, making it hotter than a cloudless day in the Sahara Desert.

"Ugh…so noisy. Everyone. Shut up." The Red King's words were laced with pure aggravation—his eyes were silently threatening the group.

Everyone instantly shut their mouths and sat back down quietly in their seats. As the burning heat began to dissipate, Suoh fell right back asleep in his chair.

After sitting in complete silence for a few minutes, Kusanagi cleared his throat again and said, "Ummm…why don't we just do one more round and then call it quits for the night?"

Everyone silently nodded in unison. As they all grabbed the final sticks in their hands, Saruhiko got a quick glimpse of Misaki's number before he covered it. As he looked down into his own hands, his heart began to race as he saw the word 'KING' written. Fushimi held the king's power, and he could now ask Misaki to do whatever he wanted. The crow would have to obey him no matter what. He could feel a rush of happiness swirling within him. "I'm king," the blue-eyed man said in his usual bored tone.

He couldn't let others see this expression of overwhelming delight that he was feeling. He couldn't make it obvious to the crow that he had seen his number. The best way was to act normal.

"…Number four…"

Saruhiko could see the amber-eyed man flinch out of the corner of his eye. "Number four…I want you to…"

Stay by my side always. Look at me and only me. Those were the words that Fushimi wanted to scream out more than anything else.

"I want you to…know that you are a complete idiot with a stupid face."


"So what if I did Mi~Sa~Ki?" Fushimi smirked at the little vanguard in front of him.

The noise had returned as everyone began to jump out of their seats and joined in on the argument. Once again, things were being thrown, cuss words were flying out a mile a minute, and blood was ready to be shed.

Anna sat quietly beside Suoh, staring at the scene in front of her. The Red King slowly opened one of his eyes and peered at the little girl beside him. "Are they all too noisy for you?"

Anna shook her head. "No…I had a lot of fun tonight though…"

Mikoto smiled as he began to pat Anna on the head. The two sat in silence as they observed the fighting clansmen. Although it was only the first night at the hot springs, the two could tell that it would be an interesting few days in front of them.