A Honeymoon Night to Remember

IMPORTANT NOTE: So, this is the chapter as intended to be written. Warning: smut ahead.

When Fushimi began to awaken from his slumber, his face felt warm, but he was extremely comfortable. He was in a dark room that was only lit by the moon that came in through the glass panel. It was calm and quiet—not a single person's screams or chatter could be heard. The blue-haired man began to reach around for his glasses, and as he put them on, he noticed a familiar face hanging over him. As the Blue clansman quickly sat up, he noted a cool, wet towel fall off from his forehead. Saruhiko realized that the warm, comfortable thing that his head was resting upon was Misaki's lap. He also observed that the little crow had fallen asleep in sitting position. There was a small basin of water by one side, and there was a pile of hand towels on the other.

Saruhiko began to blush as he gazed at the amber-eyed man. For once, Misaki was not yelling or cursing or being violent. He looked calm and relaxed. The moonlight gently kissed his body, as one side of his yukata seemed to be slipping off his shoulders. His pink and moist lips were slightly open, as he was taking slow, deep breaths in and out as he slept. To the blue-eyed man, there was nothing more beautiful than the person in front of him. Even though the two fought more than they actually got along, there was no other person in the world that could make Fushimi's heart race like Yata.

It mentally wounded the Blue clansman to know that Misaki didn't understand his love. It hurt that he wanted to express his love in every way possible, but he couldn't find a way for the two to connect. The biggest fear in Saruhiko's heart was the thought that one day the two would separate and live in completely different worlds, never to talk or see each other again. The blue-haired man believed that if that day ever came, he would no longer want to live in such a worthless world.

He had been afraid to admit his love in the past, but after seeing his beautiful Misaki sleeping so peacefully after taking care of him, Fushimi felt like he could no longer control his emotions. Tears began to fall from the Blue's eyes, and he quietly sobbed beside the chestnut-haired man.

Hearing the sobs, Yata began to stir, and he slowly began rubbing his sleepy eyes. "…Saru, is that you? Are you awake now? Do you feel any better?"

The sound of Misaki's voice was too much for Fushimi's heart to handle—he needed to take action or else he would explode. Without uttering a word, the blue-eyed man quickly pulled the Red clansman close to his body, and he held onto him tightly.

Misaki's eyes widened in surprise. "Eh? What? Saru, is everything okay?"

With two trembling hands, the taller man cupped the crow's face and brought his lips gently against his. The kiss was soft and warm. It was pretty ordinary as far as kisses go, but to Saruhiko, the mere contact between the two was enough for the Blue clansman.

The Scepter 4 officer whimpered out his beloved's name over and over, worrying over how the Red clansman would react. Fushimi was expecting the smaller man to begin yelling at him and pushing him away, but to his surprise, he also felt two trembling hands upon his face as Misaki leaned in and kissed him back.

"Saruhiko…" the amber-eyed man whispered in between his kisses.

As their lips locked together, the two began to give each other harder, more passionate kisses, Fushimi slipped his tongue into Yata's mouth and gently stroked it against his. The little vanguard moaned out softly as their tongues danced together. With their mouths still latched on together, the blue-haired man slowly laid Yata onto the futon. As the two stopped to catch their breath, Saruhiko saw the most stunning image in front of him.

There was Yata Misaki—his pale skin reflected the moonlight shining in; his slim physique was now well-exposed, as the sash on his yukata was completely loose; his entire body was blushing a pretty peachy-pink glow; a slightly embarrassed, but happy expression was on his face. Fushimi knew that he was in love with this man, and there was nothing in the world that could ever change that.

As Saruhiko began to open the folds of Misaki's yukata, he stopped to admire the body in front of him.

"…Saru…stop looking so hard…it's embarrassing." Misaki averted his eyes away from the blue-eyed man. Fushimi then proceeded to lie on top of the smaller man, bringing his face back toward his.

"Misaki, don't look away from me. Keep your eyes on me and only me."

Saruhiko continued to give fiery, hot kisses, but this time he began to move to various different locations on the crow's body. He would occasionally stop to suck on the flesh, leaving his mark on the flawless skin below him. The Blue clansman's large, smooth hands wandered up and down Misaki's body, caressing every crevasse of him. Fushimi made sure to run his fingers across every inch of his body, as he wanted Misaki's entire body to be his and his only. His mouth eventually reached the area between the chestnut-haired man's thighs. Saruhiko began to suck on the skin, which sent tingles throughout Yata's body. The Red clansman could feel his lover's wet tongue begin to trail up to his hip bones, where he felt warm lips kiss the entire curve of the bone.

The vanguard gasped out as he felt Fushimi's hand brush against his already erect member. "Saruhiko…" Misaki quietly whimpered.

The Blue clansman grinned as he replied, "I got it, Misaki."

Fushimi let his hand begin to wander around the base, as he brought his mouth over to the opposite end. The crow cried out as he could feel the blue-haired man begin to kiss the tip, while his hands were stroking up and down the shaft. As his tongue began to stroke the tip, the Blue could already taste the dribbling of pre-cum escaping from the slit.

Yata brought his hands down to Saruhiko's head and began to run his fingers through his soft, blue hair. Suddenly he moaned out and gripped onto the Blue clansman as he felt him take the entire length into his warm, inviting mouth. Feeling the tongue stroke the underside while his lips sucked hard, it wasn't more than a few minutes until Yata realized that was beyond his limit.

"Saru…ahh…I'm going to…ahhhhh!"

The blue-eyed man welcomed his lover's hot, sticky release into his mouth and down his throat—it was a part of Misaki after all. After the shivering had ceased and the crow finally began to relax, Saruhiko looked up and grinned again. "Misaki, that was fast. Did it feel that good?"

"Shut…up…" Yata said between pants. He blushed furiously.

The Blue wasn't done yet though. As he coated two of his fingers with saliva, he began to circle them around the chestnut-haired man's entrance. "Misaki, I'm going to make you feel even better soon, so please bear with me."

As he pushed the first finger in, Fushimi could already tell that this was going to be a tight fit. Misaki groaned out as he felt the long, slender finger push in as deep as it could go. Saruhiko stopped to re-position himself so that his face was close to Yata's. The next part was going to be uncomfortable to say the least, as he began to push in a second finger.

The Red clansman cried out in surprise as he felt Fushimi wiggling his fingers around to loosen up the area. Saruhiko gave a kiss of reassurance as he began to spread his fingers further until they moved easily in and out of Yata.

Saruhiko was at his own limit, as the lower half of his body was crying out desperately for contact. As he began to kiss the crow's cheek and neck, he softly whispered, "Misaki? I'm going to put it in now."

Before the amber-eyed man could even respond, Misaki could feel his insides stretch as the Blue clansman pushed himself in. "Fuuuccckkk…" Saruhiko groaned out as he felt Yata's body clench tightly against his.

Misaki immediately began to tense up and as he cried, "Saru…wait! It hurts! It's too big!" Tears began to drip down Yata's face.

The blue-haired man gently ran his fingers through Misaki's chestnut-color hair as he kissed his lover repeatedly. He then looked straight into the smaller man's eyes and said, "Misaki…relax and trust in me. We'll take it slow to start off, alright?"

The Red clansman's face turned a bright red, but he gave a little nod. Fushimi smiled and kissed the crow on his forehead before he slowly pulled out and pushed in again. Keeping eye contact the entire time, the taller man continued to give gentle thrusts. He could feel Misaki's legs tightly wrapping around his waist—his arms hugging him from under Fushimi's.

After a few minutes, the blue-eyed man could tell that his beloved was more relaxed as he began releasing sounds of pleasure. "Ahh! Saru!"

Fushimi began to move his hips faster and firmer against the body beneath him. The two were in a state of total trust in each other—they knew they could give their bodies to the other without any fears. The two exclusively belonged to each other, and no one would ever be able to see them at this level of intimacy.

Without any notice, Saruhiko lifted Misaki off of the futon and sat upright. His own yukata began to slide off of his shoulders, the cloth now pooling down at his elbows. Fushimi could feel Misaki grab onto his bare skin in astonishment as he felt the Blue's entire length penetrate him. As the taller man took Yata by the hips and began pounding away against him, the two would cry out each other's name in between heavy breaths and hard kisses.

"Misaki…haaa…you're causing…haaa…me to…burn up…Fuck."

The friction between the two bodies caused a warm, sensuous feeling all over. Their bodies were drenched in sweat, but it felt too good to decrease their pace and intensity. As they were approaching climax, Misaki was no longer able to simply hold onto the tops of Saruhiko's shoulders.

His arms wrapped tightly around the blue-haired man's back as he held his chest firmly against Fushimi's. "Saru…nnnnn…I'm really close!"

Saruhiko could feel the crow's fingernails digging into his back. It hurt, but it was a trivial price to pay for the Blue clansman. He couldn't have asked for more as their bodies both began to tense up from all the pleasurable sensations circulating within them. As Misaki moaned out the Blue's name, his small figure began to arch against Fushimi's chest. Saruhiko himself knew that he was also on the verge of release, as he gave his final firm pushes into his lover. The two of them felt each other's bodies shiver furiously in ecstasy. Loud, elated groans were released from their vocal cords as they reached orgasm together. The two bodies intertwined, and it felt like they somehow became one being instead of two.

After coming back down to earth, Saruhiko laid Misaki back against the futon and quickly collapsed beside him. The two began to kiss each other repeatedly until the shorter man fell asleep. Although Fushimi was exhausted himself, he didn't want to miss the opportunity to watch his beloved sleeping. He propped his head up with his arm as he stroked his fingers through Yata's hair with the other. He was in a state of euphoria—if at that moment he was struck by lightning and died, he would leave the world without a single regret.

Suddenly, he began to hear loud voices coming from right outside the door. There was a lot of laughter and chit-chatting.

"Hey Yata-san! Is Saru alrigh—" Kanamoto ceased to talk as he realized what had transpired. There stood the two Silver clansmen along with Kanamoto. As they peered into the room, they all saw Fushimi laying on his side—his yukata exposing everywhere but his waist downward and seeing Yata curled up naked against the Blue's chest.

Before they could even shout out in surprise, they were able to see the most threatening, menacing glare coming from the blue-eyed man. It was as if he were telepathically saying, "If you interrupt us and wake him up, I will rip you apart limb from limb and then slash your body into shreds."

Without saying another word, Kanamoto closed the sliding door and the group began to walk away. "We should probably go sleep somewhere else tonight…I don't really feel like getting murdered in my sleep."

The Silver clansmen nodded in unison as they disappeared down the hall with Kanamoto.

Misaki began to stir as he mumbled, "Mmm…Saru? What's going on? Did someone come in here just now?"

Fushimi kissed Yata's forehead and replied, "No. It's just the two of us here. So just go back to sleep, Misaki."

Saruhiko pulled the covers over the two as they snuggled against each other and fell asleep.