The people of Rohan are resting for a little bit while on their way to Helm's Deep.

Aragorn stirs a fire and tends to his horse.

Eowyn walks up to him, holding a bowl. She gives him one of the dark, bite-sized snacks. He smiles and takes it, then pops it into his mouth, chewing.

Aragorn: Oh, it tastes very interesting. Pretty good. What is it?

Eowyn: Swine liver.

He chokes and coughs in disgust but tries to supress a smile in order not to hurt her feelings. He nods to show approval.

She smiles and leaves to pass out her creation.

When she's not looking, he takes the liver out of his mouth and chucks it, then turns back around when he hears her coming back.

Eowyn: Would you like another?

He shakes his head and smiles.

Aragorn: I think you should give one to each person in this camp.

Eowyn looks pleased.