Somehow, Aragorn, Pippin, Merry, and Eowyn are all in the same room.

Merry: Pippin, you are a turd.

Pippin: Why?! What did I do?

Merry: You kept trying to steal the magic orb thing.

Pippin: Oh. Yeah.

Both of them burst out laughing.

Pippin: You are a turd, too.

Merry: Why?

Pippin: Because your related to me.

More laughter. Aragorn enters.

Aragorn: Aren't you to suppose to be asleep?

Merry: We're too awesome to sleep.

Eowyn yells with delight in the background, then rushes in with a poorly built cake.

Eowyn: It took me five hours but I'm finally done!

She offers some to Pippin and Merry.

Pippin (to Eowyn): Go away. Your cooking sucks.

Eowyn looks upset with them.

Aragorn (to Pippin and Merry): Don't be so mean to the girl.

Eowyn feels reassured and offers some to Aragorn. He smiles akwardly and shakes his head. She becomes furious.

Eowyn: You're just as bad as they are!

She smashes the cake in his face, then storms off.

Eowyn: I hate all of you!

Aragorn wipes frosting out of his eyes.

Aragorn: I probably deserved that.

Merry dips his finger in frosting and tastes some, then thinks for a moment.

Merry: I think she put a rabbit carcus in this.