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Some information:

Mikan – 15, smart, cold

Hotaru, Ruka, Nonoko, Anna, Koko - 15

Natsume, Sumire, Inchou, Kitsu – 16

Tsubasa, Misaki Harada – 18

Youichi – 13

Luna Koizumi – 27

Reo Mouri – 29

Narumi - 30


Me: Oh come on Hotaru, please. *puppy dog eyes*

HOTARU: 20 rabbits. (her eyes turned into money signs)

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HOTARU: She doesn't own Gakuen Alice because she's an idiot.

Me: Hey! No need for the last part!


Me: Ouch! :/

Unexpected Encounter

written by Yuki Tomoyo


- xxx -


I was sitting on my knees beside the dead bodies of my parents. I was covered in blood due to my constant hugging of my parents' bodies which were drenched in blood. I was crying and trembling all over. It was dark and raining heavily. Suddenly, two people approached me and offered me an umbrella.

"Who did this?!" exclaimed the teenage girl who was holding an umbrella. She has blue eyes and short strawberry-blonde hair that almost reached her shoulders. She was wearing a simple black dress which flows down to her mid-thighs and a pair of black high-heeled shoes. She covered her thick lips with her hands; terrified at the sight of my parents' dead bodies.

"Beasts will only be able to do something like this." said a teenage boy with dark brown hair. He was wearing shades so I couldn't see his eye color. He was in a dark green tank top, black skinny jeans and a pair of brown shoes. He then went to check on the bodies.

"D-Don't!" I shouted; still trembling.

He turned to me and gave a reassuring smile. "Don't worry. I wouldn't touch them." He then brought out a phone from his pocket and started talking to someone. The strawberry-blonde haired girl sat beside me and leaned closer.

"We'll take care of your parents. We'll make sure to give them a proper burial."

When the boy finished talking, he faced me and said. "Hi. I'm Reo Mouri. From now on, you can call me Nii-chan."

"I'm Luna Koizumi and that idiot is my boyfriend. We will take care of you from now on." the girl smiled. "What's your name?"

I was too stunned and scared to speak so I wasn't able to say anything.

"Poor girl. Losing your parents is really hard especially at a young age." the boy named Reo said with pity.

"Come on. Let's go home and wash you." said Luna and put her arm around my shoulder and helped me stand. I glanced at my parents one last time knowing that I wouldn't be able to see them again and followed them into a black limousine. I was sitting between the two. I didn't give notice of my surroundings because I didn't care. I was still crying and trembling. Luna offered me a hanky and a jacket. I took them and wore the jacket. I wiped my tears with the hanky but fresh new ones kept on streaming down. Reo comforted me by patting my head.

When we arrived at our destination, my eyes widened because of the sight of a humongous mansion. We got out from the limousine and they led me to the living room. My eyes even got larger. The living room was in layers of silver and gold tones. The walls were a powder gold plaster. There was a large chandelier hanging in the center of the ceiling. There were two peach brown sofas facing each other and a rectangular glass table between. Reo seemed to notice my shocked face and chuckled. "You'll be living here from now on so you'll get use to this."

"Anyway, I'll take you to your room so you can take a bath." Luna said and went upstairs. I followed her. I was too engrossed staring at my surroundings and bumped into her. I didn't notice that she had stopped walking.


"That's okay." she smiled sweetly. "Here's your room."

She opened the mahogany door in front of us and revealed a large room.

"Guess I'll leave you then. Take a bath and rest. If you need anything just call me okay? Goodnight." She waved goodbye and then dashed off.

I closed the door and took in my surroundings. There was a king-sized bed at the center and a little table with a lamp and a clock beside it. The walls were painted gold with a little shade of silver almost the same as the living room. The floor has the same color. Across the bed was a wide flat screen TV. There was also a walk in closet at the corner and a bathroom. After getting over with my daze, I went to the bathroom and started to wash myself. My tears started to pour again when I remembered my parents' sudden death. After what seemed like days, I went out of the bathroom and changed my clothes. I lay on my soft king-sized bed.

'I will never cry again.' I decided and fell into a deep slumber.

- xxx -

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty." Rei uttered. I frowned because he was inside my room standing in front of me. As if reading my thoughts, he said. "Sorry if I have to barge in without your permission but I have to wake you up. I really thought that you would never wake up since its lunch time already. Well, get dressed. I'll see you downstairs." He ran outside.

'It's lunch time already!?' I thought frantically and checked the clock on the table beside my bed. My eyes widened and quickly got up from the bed and showered, got dressed and combed my hair. Mom usually tie my hair in pig tails but since there's no one who would tie it for me and I didn't know how to, I just let my hair down running through my shoulders.

I went downstairs and headed for the dining room. Good thing I didn't got lost. I was surprised to see ten maids standing at the corner of the dining room. I didn't see them yesterday or maybe I was just too preoccupied with my thoughts that I didn't notice. The dining room has the same color as the living room. It has a long rectangular dining table at the center with six tall chairs each side. It also has a chandelier hanging on the ceiling.

"Oh there you are!" exclaimed Luna who gestured me to sit. I sat and saw several different types of luxurious food that I've never tasted before. I only saw them on TV and drool over them.

"Hey, close your mouth or a fly might fly in." Rei snickered.

I didn't realize that my mouth was open. "S-Sorry."

"I bet you're hungry. Shall we eat?" Luna offered.

I nodded and started to dig in. When my stomach was finally full, they invited me to go to the living room. Even though I already saw it yesterday, my eyes still widened. I couldn't help but to admire the glamorous room. They sat on a couch and I sat across them.

"So, are you ready to tell us your name?" Rei asked.

"Uhmm, er, I-I'm Mikan Yukihira." I answered nervously.

"What a cute name! It suits for a cute face like yours." Luna said cheerfully.

I blushed.

"Anyway, your parents passed away so I was thinking to change your surname if that's okay with you." Rei continued.

"I-It's okay." I answered.

"Then would you like your surname to be Sakura? I thought of it last night and thought that it really suits you well." Luna said.

I nodded and smiled a little.

"Sorry Mikan-chan. I know you've been going through a lot with your parents' death but.." he paused then continued. "We would like you to know that you will be a new member of the AAO."

"AAO?" I asked; confused.

"It means Anti-Alice Organization. It opposes the Alice Academy. You know, that prestigious school where people with alices study." he explained.

I nodded. I heard that school before. Students there have supernatural powers called alices. My parents wanted me to go there once they discovered that I'm an alice too but I refused because I didn't want to leave them. Now, they had left me.

"Don't worry Mikan. We're here." Luna interrupted my thoughts. I noticed that tears were forming on my eyes and wiped it immediately; commanding myself not to cry.

"Just as I thought, you still aren't ready. Well, we'll talk about this when you're ready." Rei stood up and was about to take his leave.

"Wait!" I shouted. Their eyes were on me. "P-Please continue."

Rei was shocked but he sat down and asked. "Are you sure?"

I nodded.

"Many people say that Alice Academy is an amazing school but it really isn't. They are actually using their students to do unbelievable missions. They don't have mercy for them. They don't care if they'll die. For them, reaching their goal is the most important." he continued.

"What is their goal?" I asked curiously.

"They wanted to dominate the world starting here in Japan." Luna said.

"Why would they do that?"

"To take control of the world of course." she replied.

"So we as members of the AAO try our best to stop them." Rei said.

"And I'm going to be a member?" I asked; though I already knew the answer.

They nodded.

"B-But I don't even know how to use my alices." I answered.

"We will train you until you got better and then we'll send you on missions when you're ready." Rei said. "What are your alices by the way?"

"Nullifying, SEC and Insertion."

"What very useful alices." Luna said sweetly. "Are you ready to train?"



I sighed and nodded. Though I wasn't in the mood, my thirst for revenge hyped me up. I wanted to get stronger, stronger in order to avenge my parents' death. I will find those who killed them and make sure they go to hell.

"Oh and Mikan-chan." Rei interrupted. "I forgot to tell you. The Alice Academy was the one who killed your parents."

- xxx -

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