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Link vs. Sir Daniel Fortesque

Link: (Intro)

"Well Link, once again with your help we were able to stop Ganondorf from taking over the throne of Hyrule and peace has once again been restored." The princess was sitting on her throne with Link kneeling in front of her. Zelda was thanking Link for all his loyal years of service to herself and to all the people of the Hyrule Kingdom with a celebration on this day he defeated Ganondorf.

"Thank you Princess Zelda. It was my privilege and honor to aid my country and yourself in our times of need." Link felt like he will be able to grow stronger everytime he won against the dark sorcerer. But how would he go about doing it? He felt that now the Kingdom of Hyrule was safe again and Ganondorf was no longer around, he wouldn't be able to grow in strength anymore and improve his power. All he could do now was be the errand boy of Castle Town or become a permanent Hyrule guard and protect the princess and her people from raiders and ogres. He needed something new, something exciting, something…

'BAM BAM BAM!' There was a gigantic banging at the castle entrance and there was a muffled voice behind it. It was urgent from the sound of how desperate the voice was. Zelda quickly ran to the door and opened it as if it were barely taller than her. Zelda saw what the commotion was all about. There was a simpleton with an escort of her guards, all wounded and beaten.

The man ran inside the castle walls and Zelda told all her guards that were injured to go bandage their wounds and take care of themselves. As soon as the guards limped their way to the doctor's facility, Zelda closed the huge door and turned around to see that simpleton clinging to Link's leg, trembling in fear and shock.

She allowed him to take some time to settle down and after a while she knelt next to the man and tried to calm him down more. "Hey, don't worry. You're safe now, nothing can get to you. Will you tell us who you are and what happened?" She gently placed her hand on his shoulder, in which he flinched slightly but he slowly got the fact he really was safe.

His grip had loosened on Link and he eventually was calm like the fire after its rampage. And not long afterwards he finally spoke to them. "I…I was out… f-farming and I received a vision."

"What was in that vision?" Zelda asked.

"D-Darkness. Nothing but darkness… but…then a light appeared and I felt strong for a second or two…but it was covered by s-shiny rocks…and it was an evil creature with nothing but a face…and it…it attacked me! When I-I came back your guards saw me freak out and they brought me here! And we…we were attacked by a band of raiders believing I was of royalty!" He started to lightly shake as if he were cold from a chilling winter breeze.

"Do you still have a good memory of the vision?"

He nodded slowly. They made eye contact and she saw in his crimson-shot eyes, the horror and pain this traumatizing experience was for the poor man.

"I'm going to read your thoughts and see this vision for myself. You'll see it again so I need to make sure you're ready." He eyes grew a little wider from what she wanted to do but he knew she needed to see this. He was barely able to mouth the word but she could tell he was saying yes. "Alright, just don't move and concentrate on nothing but the vision."

She then placed her hands on his temples and closed her eyes and the man's eyes also closed. Link noticed it was beginning when the triforce symbol appeared on Zelda's right hand. She tensed up a little and then screamed as her eyes shot opened and they were glowing completely white. Link was worried she was going to hurt herself from doing this so he went to pull her away. But when he touched her shoulder, he got dragged in as well. The triforce symbol on his right hand started to glow and his eyes shot wide open and became white beacons.

Then he saw it. He saw the vision the man described. First darkness, then a light that made him feel stronger, but then stones that glimmered in that light engulfed that light and the voice of it sounded purely evil. Link saw the face and he could've sworn the face looked familiar. When he thought of something horrible, the figure attacked him. Link broke away from Zelda and she did the same to the man.

They looked at each other with the same horrified expression. They then took the man up to Zelda's room and placed him in her bed so he could rest. Zelda closed the door and they talked about what had just happened.

"Zelda, that face. It…it looked like Ganondorf! But…"

"I know what you're thinking," Zelda interrupted. "But I cannot believe that was him. He couldn't have been able to…" This time it was her turn to be interrupted.

"But we don't know anyone who could be able to pull something like that. It has to be him and I'm going to find him. So, are you coming with me or not?" He held out his gloved hand to her, waiting for her answer, whether it is through words or physical contact.

Zelda looked sad and looked as if she was going to grab his hand but pulled away. "I can't Link. I need to stay and tend this poor man's mental injuries and his physical injuries too. But please, promise me you'll be careful if you do leave Hyrule by yourself." Link simply nodded as his response and with that he ran out to the castle stables to get Epona. And soon he was galloping off on his quest to prove to Zelda that the evil head was indeed Ganondorf and slay him once more.

Link: (Rival)

Link came walking into the most bizarre place he had ever seen. It looked like the same crystallized world where the vision took place. "Is this the area that I saw in the man's vision? If so, then where's Ganondorf? I'm getting tired of fighting off all his minions he sends out."

And as if on cue Link saw a skeleton in knight's armor come running in and slipping to a stop when it noticed him. Link couldn't believe his luck. How many random people were in Ganondorf's army? "Great, another one of Ganondorf's freak soldiers," he said to himself. He then thought of what this could be and what he came up with wasn't a good thing. "A Stalfos? Great, this is just what I need right now."

He approached the Stalfos cautiously. Also they never had this much armor and never looked as odd as this one but he pushed that thought to the side as he got closer. Soon he was pointing the Master Sword at it just in case it tried anything funny. "Tell me what you are doing here, Stalfos."

Sir Daniel had no idea what a Stalfos was but he saw this human was one that probably knew his way around. He figured he would know where Zarok was hiding. "Do you know where I can find the evil wizard?" he mumbled.

Link was surprised this one could actually speak for its own. And even stranger was the fact he understood what the mumbling Stalfos said. Well actually, from being around Navi for so long he assumed he could now understand any annoying voice. But then something hit him. What did it say about an evil wizard? With suspicion in his voice he asked, "Would you repeat that again?"

Sir Daniel moaned out of annoyance and repeated himself again. "Do you know where the evil wizard is?"

Link knew it! He was looking for Ganondorf! He would make sure this creature of death told him where he was. "So you are in league with Ganondorf!" Sir Daniel looked confused. "I'm not going to ask you! Tell me where he's hiding or I'll put you back into the graveyard where you belong!" He yelled, swinging his sword around. Sir Daniel thought he would've been a valuable ally but he guessed not. Now taking their stances, they got ready for one tough battle.

Link: (Outro)

As Link came riding back into Castle Town, he saw the entire town was out in the square. They were all celebrating something, but what? When everyone noticed him arrive on Epona, there was a sudden burst of cheering that startled him. "What's going on here?" he asked.

"Why, can't you tell?" Link looked by the fountain to see Zelda sitting by its edge. "This is your celebration," she simply put it.

Link completely forgot this was happening just for him. He smiled as he jumped off Epona and walked over to Zelda. "Thanks for everything, Zelda." She smiled back at him and they were getting closer to each other as Link was about to kiss her. But of course someone had to interfere. Someone grabbed Link's shoulder and greeted him from the side. He sighed as he looked over to see…it was the simpleton he encountered before left left on his quest! "Oh hey, are you doing better?" He asked.

"Yes, I've been able to sleep again thanks to her royal highness." He said while bowing to Zelda.

"I was more than happy to help one of my people. That reminds me, what happened when you left? Was the creature really Ganondorf?" she asked.

He felt pretty bad that he didn't believe her when she said it wasn't him. "No, it wasn't. You were right though." He bowed his head in shame.

Zelda smiled softly and lifted his chin so their eyes met. "I don't blame you for not believing me. I also thought it was Ganondorf at first but he would've had the triforce symbol on him."

"Yeah that's true. But at least it wasn't all for nothing."

"What makes you say that?" she asked in confusion.

"Well the head was pure evil and he had so many weird minions attack me. Also after I defeated him, I got…" That was all that was said before a woman carrying her small child came running in, crying for help. Link and Zelda ran to her as everyone else gathered around. Link grabbed her before she fell down and set her on her knees. He left a hand on her shoulder and asked, "What's the matter? What has happened?"

The woman looked up with tears in her eyes. "My husband and I were on our way home to Kakariko Village, when we were jumped by both raiders and ogres! They took my husband when he helped us escape! Please you must save him!"

How ironic for Link. Link looked over to Zelda and she nodded, knowing what he was asking. He smiled back and gave the woman his attention again. "Where are they now?"

"They were heading towards Lake Hylia from the direction they were going," she responded with a trembling voice.

Link nodded with agreement saying he got everything he was told. He stood up and stared at Zelda for a while. Then he whispered in her ear, "I'll tell you all about it later." He ran over to Epona and saddled her. "You'll like how much I've grown in strength," he yelled to her. With the Epona reared up as Link was now emanating a blue force around his body. Everyone was amazed with this sight and cheered even louder than before. Zelda smiled at him as he rode off to face another challenge.

Sir Daniel: (Intro)

(A.N.: Italic is the scene being described and 'these are for the narrator'.)

Sir Daniel is lying inside his coffin that is giving off an eerie green light from inside.

'Ah, Sir Daniel Fortesque. Having somehow defeated Zarok and banished his dark minions from Gallowmere…'

Sir Daniel now sits at a table with his fellow knight of Gallowmere that aren't in his stature of afterlife, celebrating together with cups of wine.

'…he has taken his…improbable…place in the Hall of Heroes.'

One of Sir Daniel's companions is whispering a rumor that has been floating around in what would be his ear.

'But after centuries of revelry and mirth, word has come that a new threat gathers in distant lands.'

Sir Daniel looks shocked at what he has been told and what he thought was the cause of this news.

'Zarok, again? Could the evil wizard somehow have returned once more?'

Sir Daniel now sit up in his coffin, wondering what is needed to be done.

'No, come on. That is ridiculous. But whatever has caused these creatures to gather together, a true hero is needed to defeat them.'

Sir Daniel is now standing outside the Kingdom's gate and is about to set out on his quest.

'Unfortunately, all we have at the moment is a skeletal knight of dubious courage. But bravery and folly are often confused, and so is Sir Daniel…'

(A.N.: Well, throughout this entire story, I can tell somebody doesn't have much faith in Sir Daniel.)

'Well excuse me! Now where was I? ...Oh yes, now I remember. Ahem… who sets forth, ready to meet the challenges ahead of him head on, if not exactly jaw on.'

(A.N.: Oh brother.)

Sir Daniel: (Rival)

As Sir Daniel walks on with confidence the narrator decides to put himself in this plot again. 'Having defeated all the villains he had encountered thus far, a result which was…well, rarely in doubt…the brave knight continued on his quest. And what's this?' Sir Daniel looked over to see a swordsman wearing a skirt and tights examining his sword.

Sir Daniel started to walk over to the man. 'Another scoundrel, some abomination sent by the mysterious force," This is when Link notices Sir Daniel approaching him. 'which Sir Daniel must dispatch with-' the narrator stumble a bit after that being that Link is now pointing his Master Sword at Sir Daniel and he has stopped dead in his tracks. 'Oh. Well...I'm sure we can all just see for ourselves.'

With that Link spoke up. "Tell me you serve under Ganondorf and I'll make sure you don't hurt anyone else, you ugly Stalfos!" he yelled at Sir Daniel in anger.

Sir Daniel was offended by that but didn't show his own anger just yet. He responded to this elf warrior. "I'm no, what you call a Stalfos, and I have hurt no one except for evil." He mumbled his explanation to Link.

Link didn't know if he should trust this skeletal thing or not but he had to ask, "I not sure if I believe such a load of nonsense you're claiming is true."

Sir Daniel was determined to show him and he knew just how to do it. "It is the truth because I am the hero of Gallowmere." He mumbled in a brave tone. Link started to snicker which left Sir Daniel confused.

"You, a hero? Sure even if that were true, you're not one anymore." Link remarked laughing.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"A hero's time is during his 'LIFE', not his afterlife. You can't be a hero after death. It's when you are breathing and have flesh and blood and not bones and a missing jaw."

That was it. Sir Daniel was mad now. He jumped in the air with a mumbled scream as he came down on Link with his sword. But Link defended himself with his own sword now kneeling on one knee. "A hero's a hero and I have been placed in the Hall of Heroes for saving Gallowmere from Zarok… while I was like this! I'll prove to you I am a hero and a better one than you'll ever be!"

With that, Link pushed Sir Daniel off him, obviously pissed off at the last comment Sir Daniel made, and they pointed their swords at each other in a threatening matter. And then you could hear the clanging from their swords colliding over and over again.

Sir Daniel: (Outro)

Sir Daniel has returned to Gallowmere once more after his exhilarating adventure filled with evil and unusual characters.

'Sir Daniel has once again successfully defeated those he set out to fight, a result not…wholly unexpected.'

Sir Daniel now walks towards his coffin that is still radiating a green light.

'The Kingdom of Gallowmere is safe once again…though was it really ever threatened? Nevertheless, Fortesque regains his well-deserved place in the Hall of Heroes.'

Sir Daniel is now lying down in his resting place with what could possibly be a smile on his half-of-a-mouth.

'And while he hopes this will be the last time he is called back to duty…Deep in his…'

And then the skeletal warrior glowed with a blue aura of power.

'gallant heart, he knows this will not be his last adventure.'

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