Four weeks later at The Shield's first TV appearance in a month

"You see us tonight on Raw because we're survivors!" Dean yelled into the mic.

"We defeated the Golden Gate Bridge," Seth told the quiet crowd.

"Believe in The Shield," Roman warned them.

The three dropped their mics and exited through the crowd per usual. The crowd began to applaud slowly and the noise grew into a huge ovation. People stepped out and hugged the members. Dean, giving in to the moment, embraced the fans in return. Seth and Roman followed – shaking hands, accepting hugs.

"Face turn! Face turn!" The crowd began chanting and the three smiled at each other and shrugged.

"This shit ain't scripted, haters!" Rollins yelled and the curse word was later bleeped out.

Backstage, they shared a private moment, smiling and a few tears were shed. "I love you guys," Dean managed.

"I love you all, too," Roman replied warmly.

"I love every body in this circle. I love you guys!" Seth yelled jubilantly.

That night they felt respect from most of the roster members and received welcoming embraces. The three had not been seen by anyone from the roster since making the news. They'd been kept sequestered until the moment they'd gone Live on Raw.

It was part of a deal made with the San Francisco Police Department as they'd been charged with and convicted of misdemeanor trespassing and hit with a $10,000 fine each.

In lieu of jail time, they'd agreed to stay in a mental health facility for two weeks and perhaps, it had been good for them. Their conditional release allowed them to return to Tampa. WWE had stepped in and made further conditions which they'd agreed to as well. And now, they returned and their fate was left in the hands of the Universe who had made them heroes.

Later, Ambrose and Rollins walked together, ready to board the tour bus. Randy Orton approached. "You're looking good, Dean." He smiled.

"I know," Ambrose answered arrogantly.

"I thought you were, ya know, interested in me." Orton winked and stood with confidence.

"I thought so too," Dean replied. "But I just wanted somebody in my life. See after our news-making adventure, I realized that I don't need a lover to be complete. Hell, I am the complete package." Dean smirked and put swagger in his walk as he left a stunned Orton.

Seth stood watching his friend leave, proud of him. Orton turned to Seth. "He was totally into me. He wanted to get a piece of me in the worst way." Randy hated being embarrassed like that.

"I'm sure others want a piece of you," Seth told the Viper and raised his brows. "Wanna walk with me?"

Randy gave the young man a sexy smile. "I'd love to. Tell me about these others who want a piece of me." Rollins laughed in his throat. It seemed a new hook-up was instantly created.

Roman Reigns was a bundle of nerves, wondering where he stood with the redhead that he was so fond of. In the locker room area, Reigns caught sight of the Irishman. Sheamus approached and uttered, "Come with me." His voice gave away none of his emotion.

Roman followed Sheamus into the highest seats of the arena. Looking down made Roman feel dizzy and he savored that absolutely human reaction.

They sat and Sheamus said nothing. Roman couldn't contain himself. "If we're over, I understand."

Just as he finished the sentence Sheamus turned to him and pulled him into a deep kiss. It felt so heavenly. Reigns wrapped himself tightly around the redhead and kissed him back, moaning.

"Ya have a lot of explainin' to do about a lot of things, but I still want ya as much as I did. Maybe more," Sheamus admitted, blushing. "I was so worried."

"I didn't try to commit suicide," Roman said quickly.

"I know ya didn't," The Irishman said with sincerity. "But ya have to talk to me about all this before we move forward, okay?" Sheamus smiled. "About the rare steaks and Seth trying to rape me, kinda." He laughed it off. "And ya seem different. I don't feel you like I did."

"It's all going to sound a little too unbelievable." Roman chewed at his bottom lip absently. He felt very nervous. Being human was a tough job and looking down on people as lesser beings was certainly a stupid thing to do. Walking a mile in their fragile footsteps and making it through every day took strength he'd forgotten he had.

"Oddly, I think I'll believe ya." Sheamus simply smiled. "I'm so glad you're okay." He winked at Roman, "I'm all yours, by the way. I made that decision before ya ran off to California."

"I think you set off this whole chain of events, actually." Reigns laughed and put a palm gently on his new partner's big thigh. "I'll explain it all later."

"Okay," The Irishman said though he looked confused. But Roman's gentle green eyes made him grin.

Roman returned the warm smile. He leaned in and kissed the man he still considered his claim. It lasted a long time and warmth spread through both of them. It wasn't a supernatural presence. It was just plain love.

Hope you all enjoyed X T L. :)

The origins and the deterioration of The Shield being vampires is left unexplained. That's all red tape. In the end, they treasure their human emotions and it prevails as the strongest power of all. However, I do believe their losing their immortal state was because they made the choice to put themselves in peril, just my thoughts. Vampire experts, don't "crucify" me. ha

One more note: I had in mind for these guys to be human again from the start but wasn't sure how. And I did want to incorporate the Bridge as I have a fascination with it. HOWEVER, this story was rushed to an end without the amount of hot scenes I wanted. On April 29, I start a double shift at my job which is exhausting as it is. I lift around 5,000 pounds a day and that is not at all an exaggeration - that's three 0's as in thousand. There's no way I can manage to finish two stories. I will continue "Knock Me Out."