I'm uploading this because I haven't uploaded anything in months, I feel like this may become a good thing for me to write so lets see how it does here. This story includes Ana and Christian except they meet differently, I haven't decided whether the it will stick closely to the story line or not so we'll see where this takes us.

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Chapter One

She loved to dress up for these events, charity work was her life. Knowing that she was saving lives made her feel better about herself, if she hadn't started volunteering for charities and organizing such extravagant events she'd probably be dead. Ana loved to help other people, and now she's found her place amongst the most prestigious gala organizers in the whole of Seattle. "Ana, we need you up front with Grace Grey" instantly Ana's subconscious laughed; she wasn't the only one that didn't believe the words that had just come out of her assistant's mouth.

Ana found her way to Grace Grey's side; they were co-hosting together as Mrs Grey was so kind to lend her Bellevue Mansion to the young volunteer. "Oh, Ana. You look gorgeous, are you nervous about tonight?" Grace asks, her motherly instincts kicking in. Grace adorned a beautiful deep red floor length gown, no doubt made by a ridiculous designer with ridiculous prices to match. "Thank you, as do you Grace. I'd be lying if I said I'm completely calm about tonight" Ana admitted with a soft smile, she was good at hiding her nerves but Grace always saw through the brick wall. Grace offered a smile as the guests began to pour in.

After a half hour at the entrance of the mansion, Ana and Grace went their separate ways and did the usual rounds of greets to the guests that now stood socializing in the great hall. Ana found that her guests were very friendly and more than happy to make donations on the spot, she quickly reminded them that they would need to wait for the live auction. Ana glanced around the hall looking for her best friend, It didn't take her long to pin point the strawberry blonde beauty in a breath taking royal blue gown conversing with two handsome men, she noticed that she hadn't greeted them yet. Ana quickly made her way over to her best friend with a smile.

"Kate" Ana says with a grin, Kate turns to find her best friend dressed in a simple black gown that clung to her figured. "Ana, I'd like to introduce you to my new friends" Kate pointed to the two men that stood before the two of them, Ana couldn't help but notice the scowl that the copper haired figure made as she introduced them as her friends. "Elliot and Christian Grey" Kate gave Ana a grin and Ana immediately took over. "Ah, Grace's sons, Hi, I'm Ana Steele. Co-hosting with your mother this evening, it's a pleasure to meet you both" Ana gives them both her best smile and is immediately taken a back by the man she assumed to be Christian Grey, Kate and Elliot had already launched off into a new topic of conversation and had left Ana and Christian alone.

"Can I offer you anything to drink?" Christian speaks up with a slight dark tone as he leads Ana to the bar. "Shouldn't I be the one offering you?" Ana questions with a smirk, Christian looks at her with an un-amused look and orders them both the best wine on offer. They both drank in silence; Ana hated the awkward silence between them both so she decided to kill it. "I admire your work for Coping Together" Ana threw him a smile and he laughed, he seemed arrogant. "Everyone admires my work Miss Steele, how come I've never heard of you?"

Ana wasn't surprised by his question, it was expected. No one here knew her, except her best friend. But she had the story as to why. "I've only been in Seattle about a year, before that I worked in third world countries. I decided to come back at my best friends request for Coping Together, she said it would be a great opportunity over here to make a difference so I decided to go for it" Christian looks to Ana with a bored look on his face, it made Ana feel uncomfortable and made Christian look incredibly rude.

"I have more people to greet, so if you'll excuse me" Ana left Christian behind, alone. Her heart raced as she found guests that she was yet to greet, her mind couldn't seem to wrap around the beauty Christian possessed. The rude tycoon had a pull to him that made her want more; he had some sort of electrical currant that made Ana want to jump on him and never let him go. Ana found her inner goddess perched on the chaise lounge with a look of mischief plastered across her face; she was ready to pounce too.

Ana was thankful that the night passed quickly, all that was left was to announce the grand total after the annual fireworks. Grace had told Ana that this was her job after organizing such a beautiful evening, she was honoured to be reading tonight's grand total. The crowd gathered around the small stage as Ana, Grace, Carrick; Grace's husband and Elliot, Christian and Mia, Grace and Carrick's daughter stood on the stage waiting for the total to be revealed.

The fireworks finished with a bang and Ana was handed a microphone for her announcement. "I would like to thank you all for attending tonight's Coping Together Gala, for those of you that do not know me I am Anastasia Steele, co-host with the wonderful Doctor Grace Trevellyn-Grey. It was a pleasure to organize this event along side Grace, and I hope to co-host many more. Tonight we have topped last years total by a considerable amount, along with Christian Grey's generous donation of matching the grand total we have out done ourselves. Tonight we raised Forty million dollars and the money will go to great use, as it always does. Thank you again for attending, until the next coping together Gala" Ana steps off of the stage along with the Grey family and they head inside.

"I'm so proud of you, Christian" Grace hugs her son, and then turns to Ana. "Ana, the star of the evening, it's been a pleasure to work with you, I hope to see you soon, we'll do lunch" Grace's hands hold Ana's as they beam at each other. "Of course, you have my number. I should probably get going, early morning tomorrow" Grace and Christian follow Ana out.

"Do you have a ride home?" Christian asks causing Grace to gasp at her son, she had never witnessed him speak to a female outside of his employees. "Uh, I did but Kate left me" Ana sighs realising Kate disappeared a few hours ago. "I'll take you home, it's no problem" Christian gives Ana a smile and they head out with Christian leading the way. Grace stands shocked as she watches her son and friend leave together.

"I'm sorry I was rude earlier" Christian takes a deep breath and looks towards Ana who has taken to the far side of the SUV, she wasn't taking any chances. "Its fine, I don't expect the really important guests to be nice to the poorest girl in the venue" Ana mumbles as she fidgets with the tendrils of her hair. "I'm not judging you; I was just caught a little off guard" Christian was feeling the electrical currants with Ana, he wasn't sure what it was meant to mean and he didn't want to allow this woman in his life. "Sure you're not, you're giving me a ride home out of pity" Ana snarls, suddenly angry at this man for no reason.

"I'm not going to allow a beautiful woman like you just walk home at the late hours of night" Christian states and looks down, his breathing becoming heavy. This woman was having some sort of effect on him and he didn't want her to see this side of him. Ana bit her lip in frustration and held her tongue, she didn't want to end on a bad note with the billionaire but the journey was now at an end and Ana had no choice but to leave without a word.

"Thanks" she mumbled as she jumped out of the SUV, Ana practically ran to her apartment and hoped to find Kate waiting up for her but she didn't. Kate wasn't home yet and she was left with her own thoughts and the image of a frustrated Christian Grey.

Ana hoped she could forget.