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So, without further ado, Merlin! Get your vengeance!

Gwaine threw his sword to the floor in a drunken rage.
"This is so boring!"
He was referring, of course, to the fact that they were, yet again, on the training fields. And were, yet again, sword fighting. And they were, yet again, losing to their prat of a king.
The others looked at him as he sulked, and he shrugged.
"What? You can't tell me you're not bored. Same thing every day?"
The others started nodding, and Leon sighed.
"But what else is there to do?"
As one, they all shared looks and looked over to Merlin, who blinked and took a step back.
"Oh no... No way..."
Gwaine gave him puppy eyes,
"Pleeeaaassseeee Merlin? I was never involved in the destruction of Neckie? What have I done to deserve this doom? You can't tell me you enjoy to see Arthur winning?"
He realised that Merlin wasn't listening, and his face fell as Merlin gave a look that told them he was thinking of his deceased neckerchief. Then Gwaine took a step away from the others as Merlin got an evil glint in his eye and an evil grin split across his face.
The others glared at him, and he shrugged.
"Erm... Oops?"

Twenty minutes later and they were all stood in the courtyard, as Merlin explained the rules of their new... training schedule.
"It's called capture the flag," the warlock said, grinning, "And it works like this..."

The rules were simple.
Each party, namely Arthur and all of his knights (well, those loyal or stupid enough to side with him anyway) vs... Merlin (possibly with... well...everyone else) had to pick a base of operations.
Each team then had a flag to protect and the aim of the game was to capture the others flag and take it back to their base, whilst preventing the other team from doing so.

First order of business, find your base.
Arthur and his men spent a couple of minutes discussing this, whilst Merlin took off immediately.
Arthur eventually got his men to agree to the Throne room, namely because it was so simple, Merlin wouldn't think they would choose it. He couldn't think they were that stupid?
Apparently, Merlin believed they were that stupid, and watched from the balcony above the throne room, his own base of operations, as they all traipsed in, stood their flag against the round table, and started discussing their plans. Right under his nose... Literally.

Step two. Come up with a plan and carry it out.
As the men below him were discussing what way to approach this, Merlin used his, uncanny and unrecognised, rope skills to toss a rope around the edge of the chandelier, above the table. Then, swung himself so that he was sat on the edge of the chandelier. Unknown to... well, everyone, he actually had really good balance. He tied the rope around, just as he heard Arthur say,
"No hurry. He will have to come up with a plan too, you know..."
Merlin sighed, so little faith... And tied one end of the rope around his waist.
He then proceeded to lower himself. Silently, down, using the other half of the rope.
He masked his humming, with a little magic, to the tune of Bedivere's very catchy song,
"I'm lowering myself down,
I'm lowering myself down,
I'm using ropes and I've got high hopes,
As I'm lowering myself down."

He silently, as the knights were in a discussion about how he would try to capture theirs, most believing he would, in some way, make it big and showy with loads of magic and illusions and the like, lowered himself onto the table and gently lifted up their flag.

Step Three, Get enemy flag back to own base.
It took him a few seconds to manoeuvre it so that it was secure, then he began to pull himself up again, slowly.
That's when he had a problem.
Gwaine, not faintly interested in Leon's ideas that Merlin would do some kind of weird thing where he burst through the ground under their feet, started aimlessly glancing around the room, and caught sight of the rope. And Merlin. He blinked a couple of times, majorly impressed with what he was seeing, and then caught Merlin's 'oh crap' face. He turned to Arthur.
"Err... Sire?"
"Not now Gwaine."
"But this is imp-"
"I said not now! We are coming up with strategies and trying to figure out what Merlin is doing! So unless you can tell us where the scrawny git is at this particular moment in time-"
"Well... I"
"Exactly. You don't. So shut up."
Gwaine shut up and looked back to Merlin, shrugging, before they started one of their silent conversations.
Gwaine shrugged, gesturing to Arthur incredulously,
Translation, "He's insufferable. Ah well, I tried."
Merlin shrugged and raised an eyebrow.
Translation, "You're only just realising this now?"
Gwaine glared, then grinned, motioning upwards.
"Oi... Ah what the hell. Are you gonna get moving or what?"
Merlin shrugged, and shot him a grin.
Translation, "Good idea. Cheers buddy, I'll buy you a beer..."
Okay, maybe not the beer part, but Gwaine got the message.
He watched, out of the corner of his eye, a Merlin hoisted himself up, not using any magic, and roped himself around the chandelier again. That's when Gwaine heard Arthur speak again.
"So, Bedivere, you, Tristan, Erec, Daniel and Kay protect the flag and-"
"Sire?" Gwaine butt in, "What flag?"
At that, they all span round and noticed the ropes, their eyes following it up to where Merlin was getting to his feet on the chandelier. The young man looked down, giving them a grin and a snappy, yet ridiculously sarcastic, salute, before swinging through the air and landing, deftly, on the banister on the edge of the balcony.
He swayed a little, almost looking as though he were going to fall, then regained his balance, jumping onto the balcony. He span around, spinning the flag like a baton.
Then he called down.
"Showy magic and illusions, huh? Drilling through the floor? Nope, just me and a rope and skills that every country civilian learns as a child... Oh wait. Nobility."
Elyan and Gwaine, trying to diffuse the pulsing vein in Arthur's forehead, called up.
"We're not noble..."
"One of you is a blacksmith and one of you is a drunk."
Elyan and Gwaine looked at each other and Gwaine shrugged.
"He has a point."

Arthur glanced around at his knights in exasperation.
"The best fighters in the whole Kingdom and you are out witted by a servant-"
"With magic Sire" Leon added, and Merlin snorted,
"But I didn't use magic."
Now Arthur snorted.
"You're telling me that you swung from the balcony to the chandelier, lowered yourself down, grabbed the flag, hoisted yourself back up and swung back onto the balcony, without magic, without several of the most well trained men in the kingdom noticing and without making a sound? Again, without magic? Just on your own? Preposterous!"
Merlin shrugged, looking sheepish. "I've already said I had a rope..."
Gwaine spoke up.
"He's not lying Sire. He did it without magic."
"And you know this... How...?"
"I did try to tell you... and you didn't notice either Princess..."
"It's not my job to notice you imbeciles!"
Arthur slumped into his chair, grumbling, and his mood was not made better by Merlin calling out to him.
"Yeah but you're the one who has trained them, Prat."
Then, ignoring Arthur's gnashing teeth, Percival spoke up.
"Sire, he still has to get it to his base..."
Merlin gave a shocked gasp, then a panicked expression.
"Oh no!" He gave a dramatic show of calming his breathing, then, ceremoniously, placed the flag on the floor at his feet and took a deep breath.
"Phew... That was a close one... Soooo... Round two?"
With a flash of gold, their flag was back in place and Merlin was flexing his fingers
Leon blinked,
"You're telling me that your base is... there? Well, this makes life much simpler Sire."
Arthur nodded, and got to his feet.
"Men, with me."
They raced to the door, poured through it, and launched themselves forward. Percival, first there, wrenched open the door to find... a wall. Too slow to stop, he ran straight into it and fell backwards, the others tripping over and falling on top of him.
Gwaine, having left a bit after the others, and in no mood to rush, came across the sight of a pile of groaning knights a few seconds later and grinned his 'I'm drunk so I will get away with this' grin.
"PILE ON!" he cried, and ran up, jumping on top of them all and earning several pained cries and a 'Gwaine I will kill you!' from Percival, still beneath everyone else.
Gwaine considered those words, then got up.
"Ah well, better make it worth it then."
He got up and, jutting out his elbow, took a few steps back. And then ran and took a diving leap into the air to land with his elbow driving into the small of Arthur's back. Arthur let out a pained cry, that sounded not girl-like in the slightest, and yelped.
"Gwaine, I'm gonna kill you!"
Gwaine sighed and rolled off the top, a huge satisfied smirk across his face, and accidentally stepping on Arthur's and Leon's hand.
"Get in line Princess."
Leon spoke up, his voice a growl, "Why do you think I'm not going to? The bloody queue is too long..."

Bedivere, luckily, for him, only on the outskirts of the pile on, rolled off as well.
"Who's at the front of this line? He could make a fortune selling his place?"
Gwaine considered, then nodded to himself.
"Some bartender called Jack. Annis's lands. I kinda burned down his pub..."
"How the hell did you do that?"
"Hey, I was five... and a half... give or take a day. I'm not too sure, the entire time is a bit blanked out... It was my first drink. I wasn't always this resistant to alcohol."
Bedivere blinked,
"Okay... How about a little closer to home? Who's furthest forward in Camelot."
"Hmm... I believe it was the stable boy. Apparently pushing someone into horse crap isn't funny for the pushee."
"Oh..." Leon's face fell. "Even if he remembers that, Stable boys hold grudges for years... He'll never sell his position in the 'Kill Gwaine' line. Who's next Gwaine?"
"Rosa. You know? Head of laundry?"
"Why? I thought she hated everyone?"
Gwaine's face fell into a brooding expression as he fell into a horrifying memory.
"So did I... But not Merlin. No... Not Merlin... I accused him of getting my clothes dirty and..." Gwaine gulped and subconsciously rubbed his ear. "I still have nightmares... Scrubbing... scrubbing... Gods the SCRUBBING!"
He fell against the wall, muttering under his breath about scrubbing and ears and 'Not Merlin', wringing his hands feverishly. Then he cried out "No Doris! No! Scrubbing and Doris and NO! Merlin I am going to kill you!"
Merlin grinned from where he was lounging against the wall a safe distance away.
"Now you remember me. Anyway, you'll also have to get in line, Gwaine?"
Arthur spoke up, finally having disentangled himself.
"What? Merlin, aside from everyone evil and all that, who wants to kill you?"
Leon coughed slightly.
"I'm seventh in the queue. I believe Merlin has our names on a list for our convenience."
Percival spoke up,
"Twenty-Eighth. After a few evil doers"
Then Kay, Bedivere, and Tristan,
"Eighteenth. Again, evil doers come first"
Then Leon spoke up again.
"Then there is Gwen, sixth, but I believe she had forgiven him. Elyan? Aren't you on the list?"
"Yup. Eleventh. I said it just before Bedivere did that day he dropped a hammer onto the floor and caused us to trip into the mud. Where are you Arthur?"

The King blinked. And so did Merlin.
"Actually," the younger man said, still leaning against the wall, "He's not on the list. He's never actually threatened to kill me. Goblets thrown at my head, yup. Stocks, threatens me with them, on average, twice a day. Pillows, being fired, target practice, yes, yes and yes, but never to kill me. I think he's saving it for a special occasion... One where I do something absolutely off the Merlin 'irritation scale'. Like a level... Eleven or something."
The knights all flinched at the thought, and Erec whistled softly.
"Is there such a thing...?"
Merlin grinned,
"Try me..."
"It may just occur today..."Gwaine said, still glaring at the raven haired idiot.
"You really think it exists...?" Percival asked, looking terrified, ad Gwaine nodded, opening his mouth to speak again. Before he could, however, Erec spoke up.
"Men, the flag is gone again..."
Merlin rolled his eyes as he took it out from behind his back.
"Yeah I took it whilst you were arguing, Prat"
"When did you have time to do that?" Arthur asked, incredulous, and Merlin shrugged, raising an eyebrow.
"Magic. I just... you know... badda-bing, badda boom and I was next to it. Then I picked it up and walked out the door. Just in time to see you fall over yourselves like the morons you are. But, you know what? I'm gonna be fair and say this doesn't count."
A flick of his fingers and it vanished, followed by Erec calling over.
"Oh, it's back."
Arthur rolled his eyes.
"Wow, that's such a surprise... So, Merlin. Where is the door?"
"What door?"
"The door to the tower that has been there since the castle was first built."
"Ooh, long time then."
"Merlin! Where. Is. The. Door?"
"Funny you should ask that. Because I'm not quite sure... It wanted to go for a walk..."
Arthur blinked,
"What did you do? Doors don't just get up and go for a walk... Right?"
Merlin shrugged,
"All I know is that it decided to go for a walk, and did so, leaving a magical trail behind it."

Leon took a step back, his face falling, and he started blabbering.
"No no... No, I can't go through it again! No! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!"
He turned to run, but Percival yanked him up, so his feet dangled in the air, and shook him.
"Get a grip on yourself Leon! We have done it before. We can do it now. We'll get through this!"
"NO! I suffered through Rosa! You don't know what that's like. I can't do this! I CANT DO THIS! LOOK AT HIM!" At this, he gestured to Merlin, who looked half concerned, half trying not to laugh.
"HE'S DEADLY! HE'S VISCIOUS! LOOK AT THAT GRIN! IT'S EVIL! HES EVIL!" Leon's voice dropped to a whisper,
"He wants us to follow the trail! It's all part of his plan... We will end up in Rosa's lair... or in the stables... or..." he gulped, "the chamber-pot washers rooms... Or... or" his voice got frantic, and everyone wasn't sure how to react to Camelot's greatest knight having a breakdown, at Merlin's expense. "Or..." Leon continued, now limp in Percival's hands and wringing his hands, "In the dressmakers stores... all that lace and ribbon"
Gwaine turned his shock to a glare,
"Oi. There is nothing wrong with pink."
Arthur sighed and slapped Leon across the face.
"Get a grip! Merlin? What on earth did you do to Le-."
He trailed off as he turned to see Merlin blasting at a hooded figure.
The figure went flying into the wall and Merlin brushed off his sleeve, which was covered in dust.
"Sorry. Evil bad guy shot a spell at you, but it hit Leon. Hang on..." He clicked his fingers and Leon seemed to come back to himself with a jerk.
"What happened?"
"Nothing at All..." Merlin said, smirking, then turned as Gwen ran into the hall.

During the randomness...
Gwen and everyone else in the courtyard had had their eyes glued to the wall of the castle where Merlin had set up a spell so that everyone could follow his and the others actions. As one, the crowd had gasped and cheered as Merlin had done his acrobatics in the air, laughed at the other's failed attempt at a first round, and the resulting pile-on.
Then they had rolled their eyes at the conversations about who had who on who's hit list, and then gasped as Merlin had fought the evil sorcerer, whilst the others were focused on Leon's breakdown.
Then, as Gwen noticed the early signs of another banter-thon, she thought she had better step in and remind them of their actual objective.
Hence her arrival on the scene.
"Oi! You lot! Stop the arguing and get back to work. You've only had one round of the three, and Merlin didn't even have to try. Heck, he didn't even have to use magic. Now all of you shut up and get back to your training, or, so help me, you will regret it. Am I clear?"
They had all took a step back at her rant, and Arthur nodded, hands up to placate her.
"Of course, sweetie. We're getting right back to work."
She raised a finger and wagged it.
"Good. Because Merlin set it up so that we are all watching on the side of the castle. So I'll be keeping my eye on you..."

With that, she left, the others all staring after her, then rounding to have a go at Merlin only to find him gone. They ran back into the throne room, and, sure enough, Merlin was lounging back upon the balcony.
"You heard her. Back to work."
Arthur closed his eyes, then took a deep breath, before opening his eyes and snapping his head up.
"Okay. Bedivere, Erec, Kay, Daniel, Tristan? Stay and keep an eye on the flag. Leon, Gwaine, Elyan and Percival, you're with me. Merlin has showed us how to follow a magical trace, and no doubt the idiot has made it patronisingly easy. And booby trapped the entire way. We go, find that door, put it back in its right place then go and get the other flag."
Merlin widened his eyes marginally.
"That's not a half bad idea Arthur... For those who are staying... Just remember, this is my vengeance for Neckie. And vengeance is going to be sweet..."
Arthur nearly bolted at the look on Merlin's face, but instead steeled himself and walked out, the others he had ordered following hesitatingly, half expecting something to jump out and eat them.
The others grabbed the flag, Bedivere holding it to his chest, and all had their swords drawn.
No-one would take this flag.
Merlin, seeing this, grinned and settled down. A quick spell and he had a view of Arthur and the others on the wall opposite him. A quick alteration on the other spell and the courtyard had a small view of him, but the main image was taken up with Arthur and the others.
Merlin settled back, making himself comfortable.
He was going to enjoy this.

Step Four, Repeat steps One to three.

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